Swedish Minister Maud Olofsson Visits Saab In Trollhattan

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Photo Credit: SVT

The Swedish Minister, Maud Olofsson is visiting Saab in Trollhattan today according to TTELA

The last time she visited Saab in their home town was back on February 23rd, the day after the company filed for reconstruction, which ended up lasting six-months.

Maud Olofsson in place at Saab

TROLLHÄTTAN Maud Olofsson came together with the Minister for Employment, Sven Otto Littorin to Saab on Tuesday morning.
– In this mode, it is about to see how we can work short-and long-term at the same time, “said Alfredsson, at a brief meeting with the media.

The two ministers were then going into a meeting with Saab’s management and its union branches. The meeting was expected to go on all morning.

Later in the day to Olofsson and Littorin meet, among others, Governor Lars Backstrom, Regional Council Kent Jackson and Alderman Gert-Inge Andersson (S).

– The automotive industry is very important for Sweden. While we are clear that the state should not take over Saab, “said Alfredsson, before meeting with Saab’s leadership.

The Minister is in Trollhättan, Sweden to discuss the government’s role in the acute situation that Saab now finds itself in. If she has some new cards to play out is not known.

At the gates outside Saab’s main port in the morning, she ruled nothing in the case of Saab’s future fate.

– We want to see what role we can play at a sale of Saab. Either Saab live on and flourish, or you find other ways, “said Alfredsson, who not only sees it as a pure Saab question but also what you can do for the wider region of Saab affair may not be a happy ending.

Saab union representatives had hoped that the meeting with the government to give Saab the help you need in this vulnerable position.

– We expect to show a positive attitude and want to help solve this. I understand that it demonstrated a more positive attitude the last time, “says Paul Akerlund, IF Metall Club President.

If it then is a bridging loan, the promise of research efforts or something else entirely to be to, wanted Paul Akerlund not speculate in.

– But I want to see a coordinator who is available day and night. We must have a fast communication around this issue, because time is so short now, out Akerlund.

Union union chairman Anette Hellgren thought to raise the issue with the 28 billion that the government played out in their large vehicles package a year ago. Still has only a small portion of the money was spent.

– What was intended? It sounded great, but what has become of it? wonders Hellgren, and continues:

– Five billion of that package was an emergency loans, intended for Volvo and Saab. But it has not been paid since none of them have been in emergency mode. But now of course is actually the Saab says Hellgren.

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