Göteborg, Sweden Newspaper Reports GM’s Reasons

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Goteborg, Sweden’s newspaper reports that the news on Friday morning broke at 6:45am when GME’s Nick Reilly called JAJ to tell him that the deal would be scrapped for the following two reasons below.

This is reported, so here’s hoping we get more reports to confirm this shortly.

But a quarter to seven on Friday morning called GM’s European Director Nick Reilly to Jan-Ake Jonsson with news that the deal be scrapped.
The reasons should be two, according to report:

• GM discouraged by Spykers Russian partner. GM’s technology might come to Russia.

• GM’s new management wanted to show decisiveness.

Although sales of Opel should have been stopped for fear that the technology would fall into Russian hands, the New York Times

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  1. On My Fifth Saab

    21. Dec, 2009

    So let’s see…GM doesn’t want Saab’s technology to fall into the hands of Russia so instead they’re selling it to communist China. Yeah, right GM.

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