Saab History To Saab: Please Release All New Saab 9-5

Posted on 20. Dec, 2009 by in 2000-2009, 9-5 NG

A few years ago, Saab Automobile debuted “Laura Oh’s” hit single “Release Me” as an indicator of their interest in leaving GM at the 2007 60th Anniversary Saab Festival.

That release me song ended up being used in a television commercial with the facelifted Saab 9-5 sedan initially and became quite the hit.

While this song subtly indicated Saab’s road to independence, it was on February 20th this year at the press conference where Saab officially indicated that they were beginning their independence in what became a 6-month reconstruction process.

This year, the all new Saab 9-5 flagship model symbolizes this new road to independence for Saab Automobile and as we’ve learned about, it’s a hit and it too needs to be released upon Saab’s independence.

As we cannot consider the idea of Saab Automobile nor this vehicle not seeing the next era around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to make a video showcasing the all new Saab 9-5 since it’s global launch in September.

This video includes music from a rather new Swedish artist to the Saab community, Agnes Carlsson (not related to Erik Carlsson), who also has a song titled “Release Me”.

I hope you enjoy watching this video, perhaps it may help channel our energy while also sending a message that this vehicle needs to be released and thus, Saab Automobile ultimately needs to be rescued.

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  1. William Blomquist Jr.

    20. Dec, 2009

    Yes, my name is Blomquist. Yes, I am a Swedish American. Yes, I am related to Stig Blomqvist, (If you know SAAB, then you know who he is). Yes, I drive a Saab that I adore. Yes, I learned to drive on my Father’s 99EMS. Yes, my cousin and her husband only own SAABs.

    Yes, I just watched the video and had to fight back the tears when listening to the words of the song, “Release Me”, combined with the video of the new 9-5. Why? Because all I could see was the incredible spirit of a group of talented individuals, a country and a culture trying to break free from the stranglehold of mismanaged corporate America.

    Please Europe, Sweden or Spyker, don’t let this dream die. I want to believe. Call me what you will, but I will always drive a SAAB.

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  2. Ryan

    20. Dec, 2009


    Thank you so very much for your comment here today. My wife inspired me to put the video together after seeing my face on Friday morning when GM broke the news. She found the song, I got the video and late last night I hammered out the video to inspire us. I am so glad it’s working.



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  3. Maol

    22. Dec, 2009

    Very, very nice video. = ) Thanks.

    I read all i can find about GM vs Spyker and Merbanco and wants to read good news.

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