Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller In Trollhattan Today

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TTELA reports, that Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller is in Trollhattan, Sweden today.

Muller met with the folks for the Saab Automobile union, IF Metall and discussed the deal with them. Evidently, all that is needed are the contracts to be completed by December 31st according to Muller.

Here’s hoping all contracts are completed and the sale is finalized. I’m sure there will be more updates today.

In the meantime, here is the article below:

Spykers president in Trollhattan

IF Metall’s chairman Stefan Löfven met Spykers president and founder Victor Muller in Trollhättan, Sweden on Tuesday and discussed the possible deal between GM and Spyker. [updated 15:40]

The meeting took place with local Metall Chairman Paul Akerlund and Union Anette Hellgren.

– We met him for a good half hour and he reported thoughts about the business plan, including financing, and how they see the production and development in Sweden. It was a good conversation and we were clear to us that it is a most serious buyers who want to do business. And now it’s hurry, “says Löfven.

– GM needs to show that they want to do business, then it also depends on the government and the Debt Office makes what is for them.

Do you consider that Spyker is a good buyer?

– Yes, with the funding is available. We want the production and development in Sweden with the Swedish management and business plan is the same as the Koenigsegg and the Saab-developed. And it was tested on the length and breadth of both the Debt Office and the Bank and the Government’s own consultants, so it is sustainable.

There is much speculation about the financing. Muller gave no information about it?

– They have, after GM broke off last week, made on the parts that GM had questions about. With it may be considered that the funding is resolved enough.

Muller reported the people behind the funding?

– I will not go into details, but now it’s between the GM and Spyker. It is important to us that GM really wants to sell because there is speculation in another direction. If all parties are now working quickly and concentrated so it may look good, “
says Löfven.

Although the Union representative Anette Hellgren was cautiously optimistic after meeting with Victor Muller.

– My perception is that he seemed to be a very enthusiastic and committed person who is eager to buy Saab.

Anette Hellgren says he is confident that much will be ready before 31 December.

– Only contracts and such are clear, so do not need all the pieces be in place at that time.

But she is difficult to predict the timing, saying only that it is in a very intensive phase.

– I wonder if anyone has a clearer view, “she says.

– There will be a Christmas with leaps and bounds, and if we do so we will download and work.

Anette Hellgren has no comment on the revised and updated bid from Spyker to GM, nor who is behind the funding.

– It says I am not, nor what we talked about.

– However, it was important for us to get to know the person Victor Muller.

Hellgren has no comment on the negotiations between GM, which was not represented at the meeting on Tuesday, and Spyker goes, but she finds that the new speculator actually buys the bulk of the business plan in crafting of the interested party defected Koenigsegg.

– I got good vibes. Muller has been infected by the enthusiasm.

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