Swedish Government Prepared To Support Jobs In Trollhättan For Saab Employees If Sale Falls Through

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Photo Credit: Jerry Lövberg, TTELA

The Swedish Government held an emergency meeting yesterday about the support of job creation in Västra Götaland region of Trollhättan, Sweden as a quick and swift response to GM’s unexpected decision on Friday.

The results of the meeting involve an effort to provide 542 million Swedish Krowns ($75 million USD) that will help drive innovation, education and social action according to Sweden’s SVT.. While the Swedish Government continues to state that they will not be the owner of Saab or support the company, they will support the employees of the wind down does in fact take place.

Of course, they are hoping that the situation turns out differently given the renewed bid from Spyker Cars and other interested parties over the weekend.

Emergency plan for Trollhättan: The Government is investing 542 million

Published 21 December 2009 – 16:57

The government is now making an extra effort to 542 million crowns to support job creation and conversion against Trollhättan and the Västra Götaland, writes in a press release. The drive is about innovation, education and social action.

Minister for Employment, Sven Otto Littorin assured that the department has been working on preparations for a long time.
“We are fully prepared and we’re ready.

“Plenty of resources in the region”

-The information we received from GM is an orderly liquidation, but what it means we need more clarity, “he said.

Littorin also assured that there are plenty of resources for different types of social activities in the region.

“Very difficult situation”

“It was new information yesterday about the potential new stakeholders in the Saab, but there are things that GM will manage,” said Maud Olofsson, when she opened the press conference at the Ministry of Industry on Monday.

“We hope, even if it is a small straw, to make it possible to resolve the issue of Saab, but I want to stress that it is a very difficult position,”
said Olofsson.

During the day, she has had several meetings, both in Trollhättan and Gävleborg.

-Both towns have been hit by large ‘notice and we are now working for a decentralized model where resources should be close to people.

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