Saab History Emphasizes That You Can Make A Difference!

Posted on 28. Dec, 2009 by in 2000-2009

Saab History has just received the following information that from a colleague in the United States stating that you can make also help make a difference.

As Saab Automobile’s fate is to be determined in now less than 4 days, it could be ultimately up to you that ensure that Saab is saved and here in the United States, the dealership network is preserved and all of the related business continue.

Here is a writeup from a colleague below:

Call Your US State Senators and US House Representatives TODAY!!!!!

Every US citizen who is concerned about Saab’s future needs to ACT TODAY! Time is running out. A decision by GM not to sell Saab is unethical, injurious, arbitrary and simply bad business. This needs to be made more public! We need to alert the media and our elected politicians about this while there is still time to prevent GM from injuring all of us. Please follow the links below to find the US Senator and House Representative for your State. For your Representative you will need your zip code +4. I have included the US Postal link for your convenience.

U.S. Senate
House Of Representatives
Zip Codes

Saab Talking Points

* Important note! : Two deals exist (Spyker and Merbanco). Both match GM’s initial offer for sale as well as address all the additional concerns raised by GM!

* What’s At Stake?: As a result of GM’s decision to shut down Saab, about 5,000 jobs will be lost at the dealership level in the US. It is not a very large number, but each of those losses can be avoided.

* Additional Information: The US taxpayer currently owns 61% of GM via $30+ billion of bailout funds and outstanding loans of an additional $4.5 billion.

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5 Responses to “Saab History Emphasizes That You Can Make A Difference!”

  1. Keith R Bujak

    28. Dec, 2009

    Done and done. I also sent a message to

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  2. Ryan

    28. Dec, 2009


    Thank you. Every little bit can surely help.


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  3. S Fales

    29. Dec, 2009

    I too, thought to send a message on to the president, after all, wouldn’t the government care about the economy being affected by ALL the Saab owners (and there are a tremendous amount of us who feel strongly about this. All who read this are encouraged to do the same.

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  4. S Fales

    29. Dec, 2009

    On second thought, since my tax dollars support GM, maybe I’ll move out of the USA!! I won’t support GM in any way!

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