Spyker Cars Expects Response From GM Before Friday

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Sweden’s SVD published a recent interview with Spyker Cars CEO, that indicates that he expects a response by GM with a decision before the end of the year, even if the author of this article doesn’t believe that December 31st is valid any longer.

In my correspondence with Mr. Muller of Spyker Cars tonight, he indicates that “things are moving along with GM.” This is good to hear and it’s the first news of the week about the status of Spyker Cars progress with GM since last week.

The end of the year is Friday, December 31st, so a decision would have to be made tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Spyker expect a decision this year

Last update: 28 December 2009, 19:07

Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller is expecting that General Motors, GM, to answer whether the new bid to be accepted before New Year’s day. But GM has already decided on the closure and the deadline for the New Year is no longer valid. It says Hakan Danielsson, Board of Saab, the Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv.

On Christmas Eve, leaving the last Saab speculator, sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller, Sweden, Trollhättan, and returned to Holland. It was just before Christmas he last spoke with representatives from GM. Since then there has been silence from across the Atlantic.

– We expect a response from GM this week. Since the deadline is December 31 so I expect very much that they are of themselves very soon,
“said Victor Muller, but he believes that it is difficult to predict whether the deal will go through.

– I’m very hopeful, I have been since its inception. We have done everything we possibly can.

What reactions did you get in Sweden by Saab representatives?

– To date the response has been very encouraging. Everyone wants to of course make sure that Saab will survive and if it can happen thanks to Spyker, I believe that people can be very happy.

Have you been in contact with former speculator Koenigsegg Group?

– Yes, I know Christian very well, “said Victor Muller and admits that he and Christian von Koenigsegg has talked a lot with each other on the Saab.

– We have definitely, he has been very helpful. He did not give me the business plan but it’s the same business now as they worked on with Saab. So our business plan is basically the same.

As SvD Business said last week, had a shorter Saab board meeting the day before Christmas, when representatives from GM was present via telephone from the United States. The discussions then focused entirely on the closure of Saab.

– We have received the order and then GM may make a counter-order if it would not be so and it has not done so, says Hakan Danielsson, President of Academics Association / Swedish engineers, who sit with the Saab board.

He declares that it has not happened on any new Saab-front without all that might work with the closure or the total bids have Christmas holiday.

But New Year’s is coming soon and Victor Muller seems to be focused on this important process, according to Hakan Danielsson.

– New Year’s limit was whether it would sell Saab from GM’s side. But then you came to this decision to close down well before year end. And then they said, while that in the closing phase was willing to look at the interesting quotes. So I do not think that the date 31/12 is as sacred anymore.

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