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The Fourth Era For Saab Automobile Has Started

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The recent news marked a need to communicate the eras of ownership for SAAB, Saab-Scania & GM/Saab so we can see that there is a bright future for Saab, with the next era of Saab Spyker Automobiles.

This ownership began in 1947 when SAAB began an automotive manufacturing facility to offload the facilities and continue the SAAB company after the War.

The SAAB Era 1947-1969

The SAAB era, or Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bologet had just over 20 years from 1947 until 1969.

The products produced at this time included the SAAB 92A, SAAB 92B, SAAB 93, SAAB 93B, SAAB 93F, SAAB 93 GT750, SAAB 94 (Sonett I), SAAB 95, SAAB 96, SAAB 96 MC850 and SAAB 97 (Sonett II)

The Saab-Scania Era 1969-1989

The Saab-Scania era began in 1969 and went until December of 1989.

The products produced at this time included the Saab 97 (Sonett III), Saab 99, Saab 99 Combi Coupe, Saab 90, Saab 900 , 900 Notchback, 900 Convertible, Saab 600, Saab 9000 CC, and Saab 9000 CD.

The GM/Saab Era 1989 – 2010

The GM/Saab era began on December 15th, 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden and effectively went until January 25th, 2010

The products produced at this time included the Saab 9000 CS, Saab 900 NG, Saab NG Convertible, , Saab 9-5 Sedan, Saab 9-5 Wagon, Saab 9-3, Saab 9-3 Convertible, Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, Saab 9-3 SS Convertible, the Saab 9-2x, Saab 9-7x, Saab 9-3 Sport Combi, Saab 9-3X Cross-Combi.

The New Era For Saab Spyker Automobiles 2010 – ?

The new era for Saab Spyker began on January 26th which took place at the Cafe Opera in Stockholm, Sweden.

The first product of this new era will be the all new Saab 9-5, followed by the Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-5 NG Wagon, and then the All new 9-3 and more.

The products possible during this time could be infinite but should reflect their heritage in aircraft design and small car philosophy while being safe and very capable. These products could include a full range of BioPower/ Hybrids, Fully Electric Vehicles, along with true hatchbacks and others just to start, with the recent partnerships announced.

Ironically, if we look back at all of these eras, we see basically a twenty-year ownership cycle. During these twenty year cycles, we’ve seen a noticeable trend in global sales as illustrated here as well. I believe from what we know about Saab Spyker plans, they will meet and exceed these previous sales figures in the peak years during their first 2-3 years alone.

We’ve been urging GM to sell Saab for over a year now, and over the past three weeks with the global SAVE SAAB campaign they finally have. While we look forward to the fourth era for the Saab Automobile brand, let’s hope that a deal closing on February 15th becomes another good milestone for the ongoing history of Saab.

Saab is well positioned today to continue as a leader in just about every category that consumers need and want, so here’s hoping that the new owners/investors make certain that Saab returns to the top, beginning with an immediate global PR campaign leveraging the help of the entire dealer network and the loyal owners and enthusiasts alike.

This is good news for Saab Automobile & Spyker Cars, so here is to a bright future ahead.

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Saab Cars North America Post Q & A On Website

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Saab Cars North America Post Q & A on their website.

Updated January 28, 2010

Q: What is happening with the sale of Saab?

A: Good news! General Motors and Spyker Cars NV have confirmed that they have reached a binding agreement on the purchase of Saab Automobile AB.

Q: When will the sale be completed?

A: The next step in the process is approval by the European Investment Bank of loans to fund the operation of the new company during the transition. The sale is expected to close in mid-February, and is subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of applicable regulatory, government and court approvals.

Q: Will there be any impact to current customers?

A: Our end goal is a seamless transition for current and future customers.

Q: What is the situation with dealers in the USA?

A: All current Saab dealers will be requested to become franchise dealers of Saab Cars NA.

Q: I’ve heard that Saab will be under new ownership. What happens to my Saab vehicle warranty and no-charge scheduled maintenance?

A: Saab vehicle coverage will be unchanged. Saab vehicles will continue to be covered by current warranty and service plans, and customers should continue to have their vehicles serviced at Saab dealerships.

Q: Will parts continue to be available for my Saab product?

A: Yes, Saab genuine parts will continue to be available through your authorized Saab dealer and authorized service point. This includes models: 9-2X, 9-3, 9-5, and 9-7X.

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Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller Interviewed After Saab Employee Event At Saab Car Museum

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Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller Interviewed After Saab Employee Event At Saab Car Museum, here’s a good video of their responses.

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Saab History Receives Group Photo From Saab Museum

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Photo Credit: Ola Bolander

Saab History has just received a great bird’s eye photo from the Saab Car Museum showing the group that gathered yesterday listening to Jan Åke & Victor Muller’s thank you speech to the employees at Saab Automobile AB.

What a great photo and what a great day. Thank you Ola for the photograph!

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Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller Thank Saab Dealerships

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Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller Thank Saab Dealerships and have reached out with this video above and letter below.

To: All U.S. Saab Automobile Dealers

As you have heard, GM has announced that it has reached a binding agreement to sell Saab Automobile AB to Spyker Cars NV. Saab Automobile AB will remain the parent company of the newly formed U.S. operating company, Saab Cars North America (SCNA). General Motors, Spyker and the Swedish government worked very hard to create a deal that would secure a future for our unique and iconic brand. All of us are extremely pleased with this outcome. We anticipate closing the sale in the mid-February timeframe subject to certain closing conditions, and applicable regulatory approvals. Please be aware that all wind-down activities have been suspended at this time.

The following is a link to a leadership video from Jan-Ake Jonsson, CEO, Saab Automobile AB and Victor Muller, CEO, Spyker Cars NV with their thoughts for you on the future of a new Saab. The video can be viewed at and no password is required. Please view this video and share it with your teams.

We know you have many questions regarding the new Saab and how it will operate in the U.S. markets. While we cannot possibly answer all those questions in a letter format, I want to let you know now that it is our intent to assign all current Saab dealer contracts to the new SCNA Company at the time of the sale. In the near future, we will schedule an all-dealer conference call to answer as many of your remaining questions as possible.

Thanks for your patience and commitment during this long process and we look forward to creating a new chapter for Saab together with you and your team.

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A Reflection On The Global Save Saab Campaign

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I have compiled this video for our reference, to reflect on all of the hard work the global Saab community put into the Save Saab campaign.

Thanks to everyone, over 30 countries and 50 locations worldwide over the course of 3-weeks, took part in this historic and important event.

It is important to acknowledge each and every one of you who participated and/or supported the Saab convoys around the world. Due to all of our efforts, we showed our true Saab spirit

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All 218 Saab Dealerships In The U.S. To Remain

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It has been confirmed again to Saab History, even after we all learned this with Mr. Muller earlier, that all 218 Saab dealerships in the United States will remain.

This is much better scenario than the previous plan with Koenigsegg.

Here’ the news below:

We have received word that under the Saab sale by GM to Spyker Cars the entire US dealership network will be retained. That is a far better outcome than had Saab been sold to Swedish’s Koenigsegg Automotive which sought to reduce the dealer network to less than half of current.

The Saab sale is due to consummate on February 15 so something could still fall through, as it has so often in the past. Yet as it currently stands, Saab dealers who seek to retain their franchise under Saab’s new Spyker Cars ownership should to be able to do so. Seems to be better news for ALL Saab dealer than some wind-down dealers with go-forward GM brands – Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

Today is a brighter day for Saab dealers, their employees and their unique brand and customer base!

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A U.S. Saab Dealership Acquires A Spyker C8 Laviolette

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Photo Credits: Andrew G. Martelon

Tynan’s Saab, a recent advertiser of Saab History this past year and a supporter ensuring the coverage of both the 2009 Saab Owners Convention in Copper, Colorado as well as the all new 9-5 launch in Frankfurt, Germany, thought it was about time to showcase their Spyker C8 Laviolette.

This vehicle, initially discussed back in the summer way before the Spyker-Saab deal came about, involved dialogue with Victor Muller, who helped him facilitate the acquisition. This particular model is a silver 2008 Spyker C8 Laviolette #162, silver with MY 09 additions such as a charma sound system, ipod adapter, lamborghini steering wheel, etc.

As you can see in the photo, the vehicle proudly stands in the showroom alongside his recently restored 1992 Saab 900 Turbo that was also present at the recent convention. It’s a very suiting photo of quite possibly what other Saab dealership showrooms around the United States may look like in the near future.

A special thanks for Tynan Saab’s support of Saab History and recent information about this acquisition.

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