Saab History Urges You To Contact Your State Senator & US House Representatives To Save Saab This Week

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As Saab Automobile’s fate is to be determined in 4 days (January 7th), it could be ultimately up to you in the United States that ensure that Saab is saved and here in the United States, the dealership network is preserved and all of the related business continue.

While some of us are able to make to Detroit to show our Saab spirit, others are gathering in Europe, you in the U.S. need to take action if you cannot make it to Detroit by contaacting your State Senator and U.S. House of Representative to tell them to Save Saab.

Saab History’s colleague Saabs United are also stating that you can make also help make a difference, so check out their site too for the additional talking points and letter.

I sincerely urge you to contact these people by e-mail today, and by phone on Monday. Each Senators and Representative’s office needs so many phone calls that it is overwhelming that they do something on Monday. Please take this initiative.

Here is the contact info and talking points.

Call Your US State Senators and US House Representatives TODAY!!!!!

Every US citizen who is concerned about Saab’s future needs to ACT TODAY! Time is running out. A decision by GM not to sell Saab is unethical, injurious, arbitrary and simply bad business. This needs to be made more public! We need to alert the media and our elected politicians about this while there is still time to prevent GM from injuring all of us. Please follow the links below to find the US Senator and House Representative for your State. For your Representative you will need your zip code +4. I have included the US Postal link for your convenience.

Contact Info for Officials from the President to State Legislators:
Phone, Email, and Snail Mail for Your Congressional Representative:
Phone, Email, and Snail Mail for Your Senators:
Send an Email to the White House:

Saab Talking Points

* Important note! : Two deals exist (Spyker and Merbanco). Both match GM’s initial offer for sale as well as address all the additional concerns raised by GM!

* What’s At Stake?: As a result of GM’s decision to shut down Saab, about 5,000 jobs will be lost at the dealership level in the US. It is not a very large number, but each of those losses can be avoided.

* Additional Information: The US taxpayer currently owns 61% of GM via $30+ billion of bailout funds and outstanding loans of an additional $4.5 billion.

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4 Responses to “Saab History Urges You To Contact Your State Senator & US House Representatives To Save Saab This Week”

  1. Johan

    03. Jan, 2010

    Now that is the true Saab spirit! I like this idea to go to Detroit and show them the Saab spirit. I will do the same here in Trollhättan Sweden the 17 Jan. The 7 Jan will I go back to work at Saab. I hope that GM will sell Saab to Spyker, so I have my jobb left.

    Cowboys Up!

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  2. Ryan

    03. Jan, 2010




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  3. Martin W

    04. Jan, 2010

    I sent a letter to Canadian PM. Can’t make it to Detroit though. Hope enough people can.

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  4. Clay McNeely

    05. Jan, 2010

    Well, I’ve e-mailed, faxed, and sent snail mail to every office for all of my appropriate elected officials, the President, and every major news service that I can think of. I sent e-mails several weeks ago, but did it again for good measure. Now I feel helpless…wait, wait, wait. Hopefully everyone else in a position to write, call, e-mail, fax, etc. will pursue every possible opportunity. Drive safely and KEEP ON SAABING!!!

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