Saab History Arrives In Detroit Ready To "Save Saab"

Posted on 05. Jan, 2010 by in 2010-2019, Events

I finally arrived in Detroit late tonight, and will be resting up for a good day tomorrow where I plan to join others for the “Save Saab” gathering.

Some of the Saab enthusiasts will be traveling as far as Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Iowa to attend the “Save Saab” gathering. I want to sincerely thank all of the individuals that are attending, you are really showing your Saab spirit and now the whole world is watching!

For those are unable to attend, particularly here in the United States, please contact your state Senator or U.S. Representative as soon as possible. I managed to connect with my own State Senator, Susan Collins in Maine as she was passing by me in the Airport on my way to Detroit this morning. When I spoke with her, she said she already knows about the ongoing “Save Saab” campaign and said she’s doing all she can. That’s great that one of our Senators is well aware of the initiative, and here’s hoping the rest do too!

I also want to thank the press who are doing a continually outstanding and unprecedented job at reporting this Saab gathering as of late. Please keep up the great coverage and we hope to see many of you in Detroit tomorrow along with us!

I lastly want to thank my contacts recently at GM for being supportive of our initiative and I hope that we’re able to do our very best tomorrow in communicating our message in our gathering outside that Saab needs to be sold.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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7 Responses to “Saab History Arrives In Detroit Ready To "Save Saab"”

  1. karen

    05. Jan, 2010

    Congratulations Ryan on making the NYT Wheels blog just now.

    Here is the comment I posted in response:

    “Excuse me Mr. Wilkinson, but if GM had continued to refine the Saab Classic 900 as the best winter car in the world these past ten years, then Saab would not have lost so many customers to Subaru, especially in New England.

    Is Subaru a \”boutique car\”? I think not.

    Thanks to Ryan Emge for believing Saab can once again conquer black ice.”

    not that I want anyone driving on black ice to detroit today, but if GM’s spokesman Tom Wilkinson really sees Saab only as a “boutique brand”, no wonder we have reached this stage in Saab History!

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  2. L

    05. Jan, 2010

    well-done Ryan, keep it up.

    F150, GET A LIFE (judging from your nickname).
    keep dreaming sunshine, u r so ignorant.

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  3. Bob

    05. Jan, 2010

    F150 I’d think you hide yourself better…GM shill… in case you didn’t know better…which obviously you don’t this a Saab blog not a Hog blog

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  4. Jamie

    05. Jan, 2010

    F150. Saab has not been profitable in years due to creative accounting on GMs part. All of GMs remaining “brands” need to be broken up for GM to survive. They have learned nothing. As far as forcing a sale . . . with the amount of TARP funding GM snatched up, yeah the government is still a majority owner so, yeah . . . they can force a sale. As a taxpayer I would rather them receive something for a sale (one of the offers on the table) rather than loose millions shutting it down. Like L said get a life. Happy New Year.

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  5. Steve

    05. Jan, 2010

    We are unable to attend to Detroit support rally / convoy due to work and distance from New England.

    We are with you all in spirit and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is able to make it for being there on our behalf.

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  6. Richard Schalij

    05. Jan, 2010

    Great work Ryan, and SAABers ! I wish I could be there with you right now.

    Richard Schalij, AKA Rennsport1
    “Thor” 2008 9-3 Aero SS Snow Silver Metallic/Black/Parchment, CWP 16k miles.
    Your Texas Realtor since 1995

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  7. dino

    05. Jan, 2010

    Thx for doing this (and to all who participate). If I were closer (I’m out in Calif. I’d have gone).


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