GM CEO Says "Nobody's Showing Money For Saab"

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GM CEO, Whitacre Says “Nobody’s Showing Money For Saab” according to a recent report by Reuters and other news sources.

Just show up with the money, that’s it? It appears that Spyker Cars are showing up with the money and are about to submit their revised by tomorrow with the “money” most certainly outlined there for them.

This was a premature statement as the revised bid has not yet come in to them. This is it, GM best take the message and to the right thing once the bid arrives and seal the deal.

Whitacre is pessimistic about finding a buyer for the Saab brand.

“It’s real easy,” he said today in a meeting with reporters. “Just show up with the money and you can have it, and nobody’s showing up with the money.”

Whitacre said he didn’t see how GM could have tried any harder to sell the brand.

The automaker said earlier that it will continue to wind down the brand as it entertains bids for Saab.

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3 Responses to “GM CEO Says "Nobody's Showing Money For Saab"”

  1. Jim Haynes

    07. Jan, 2010

    Sounds if SAAB owner’s are getting under Whitacre’s skin or maybe his comments are savvy setting the tone for his meeting next week with Sweden’s finance and industry ministries:

    Reuters is reporting that representatives from Sweden’s finance and industry ministries are meeting next week with the General to discuss Saab. State secretary Joran Hagglund reportedly told Reuters that the Swedish government wants to “make sure they (GM) have all the information they need.” Hagglund added that GM has not completely closed the door on Saab, intimating that there could yet be some hope for clemency or perhaps a deal. We’re not exactly sure what information the Swedish government has that the General may need, but since there are 3,000 Swedish jobs hanging in the balance, we’re guessing this last-minute trip is probably a good idea – if only to make sure no stone is unturned.

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  2. Markc

    07. Jan, 2010

    What have Koenigsegg, Merbanco and Spyker been showing then, goodwill? Seems really hard to do deal with GM when it keeps moving the goalposts all the time. Ford can sell car brands. GM just wants to slash and burn. GM even turned away Geely which found enough money to buy the considerably larger Volvo. Something doesn’t smell right…

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  3. marcin

    07. Jan, 2010

    “Juts show up with the money” what a ridiculous statement.So what have been all the bidders doing lately?! Huh?!It just gets to a point where I’m really starting to think that Saab is doomed.With a treatment like that from GM it’s very easy and naive to think that GM doesn’t give a F@%!!!! about SAAB.

    Sorry for the rant and the language,but it just gets harder and harder to swallow as the deadline approaches.

    SAABspeed to all of us……………

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