Saab Owners Account Of The "Save Saab" Event at GM's HQ

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Keith Coleman of Cape Cod, Massachusetts made the trip to the “Save Saab” event at GM’s HQ earlier this week and had some incredible coverage.

I thought it was very important to show his coverage here with you about what kind of experience it was to him and what he thought about it overall.

To visit more of Keith Coleman’s incredible photography and videography work, please visit his website at

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8 Responses to “Saab Owners Account Of The "Save Saab" Event at GM's HQ”

  1. Carter Bishop

    09. Jan, 2010


    great job my friend. Liked the video , especially the part you filmed out your windshield as you were driving in the dark of the night on your way to Detroit blowing by semi’s and other cars.

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  2. Sandy

    09. Jan, 2010

    Good Job, especially all of you who went.
    The end of the video was an excellent analogy, another door but shut with concrete. The Saab door to the future…???
    Let’s hope that door will open, again, pushed open by many of us…

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  3. Ryan

    09. Jan, 2010


    Great job! Thank you for coming and nice to meet you! I too like what you are saying at the end. It appears we’ll find out next week!

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  4. Ted Y

    10. Jan, 2010

    Nice video. Couldn’t help but notice, that was me in the merlot 9-3 at the 1:17 mark.

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  5. Richard Schalij

    10. Jan, 2010

    I’ve emailed GM’s board and my senator/government regarding SELLING SAAB instead of closing it as have many SAABers worldwide ! SAAB will need an HQ in the U.S. if it survives. We can make it happen! SAVE SAAB ! Let GM know you want SAAB to survive! European SAAB caravan of support for SAAB in about a wk. SAAB/Swedish Government contingent meeting with GM in Detroit! Several offers are in to GM to sell SAAB for hundreds of millions of dollars instead of closing it. Don’t let GM just use killing SAAB to post losses and save on their taxes ! We as U.S taxpayers have bailed out GM Sell SAAB GM !

    “SAAB is a great marque, not just “quirky”. SAAB is an innovation leader in automotive engineering and safety since 1947 founded by aircraft engineers who wanted to make great cars using a new way of thinking. SAAB was first with std. safety belts in 1958, turbocharged sedans for maximum performance and efficiency, ignition key between the front seats to prevent serious knee cap injuries in high speed accidents, always focused on aerodynamics, headlamp washers, heated seats, etc. ahead of Volvo, Mercedes BMW, etc. Don’t let GM shut down SAAB, it deserves to go on, as do SAAB’s thousands of employees and dealers worldwide. There are bidders offering hundreds of millions of dollars to GM for SAAB instead of just closing SAAB, but GM continues to drag its feet and wind down SAAB. You can help, even by just posting your support on the web, or on GM’s official pages, or on SAAB forums which are very active like SAABCENTRAL, SAABSUNITED and SAABHISTORY(all dot com) and SAABLINK.NET to name a few.

    Go Spyker/Victor Muller!

    Go Genii/Ecclestone!

    Go Merbanco/CJ!

    Go Samuelsson-Jan Nygren

    Go Ryan Enge of SAABHISTORY!

    Go Steven Wade and wonderful moderators of of SABBSUNITED

    Go SAABKEN and wonderful moderators of SAABCENTRAL!

    Go hard working Jan Åke Jonsson of SAAB

    Go SAAB for F1

    Go SAAB employees who have been through so much !

    Go go go !

    May the best bidder win; you’ve all …worked very very hard on this and we are pulling for you all, heak make a joint bid ! Best wishes !
    Your Texas Realtor since 1995

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  6. regnisfon

    10. Jan, 2010

    Great video, Keith! I must say, that car at about the 57 second mark is pretty awesome. Oh.. wait.. That’s my car! haha



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  7. Beatrice

    28. Apr, 2016

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