Merbanco Officially Indicates They Are Out Of The Bidding

Posted on 14. Jan, 2010 by in 2010-2019

Merbanco Officially Indicates to Saab History that they are out of the bidding for Saab Automobile.

This leaves Spyker Cars N.V., Genii-Ecclestone and Nygren-Samuelson as the remaining three bidders.

I give Chris Johnston at Merbanco my best and thank him for his long 9+ month commitment to this process.

This is Chris Johnston’s message regarding the news.

All: Despite our best efforts and meeting the Sellers requirements, we were just notified we were not selected to buy Saab. We are disappointed and quite tired and simply want to tell everyone here how grateful we have been for the support. We will now turn our efforts to other opportunities and support of whomever is selected, if anyone is selected.

After 9 long months and a ton of money, this is our last effort on Saab. Many thanks to all who shared the dream with us. Sometimes the best deal is the one you don’t do.

We did our best and are proud of the effort.

BMW is a car brand.
Cadillac is a car brand.
There are many car brands…

WE are Saab!

Chris Johnston

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3 Responses to “Merbanco Officially Indicates They Are Out Of The Bidding”

  1. joey

    14. Jan, 2010

    CJ Thanks for all the help, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!!!

    We can only hope that GM will actually do the right thing, and Sell Saab!!!

    I can’t imagine the US taxpayers know how much GM stands to gain in future revenue by Saab continuing. They would be outraged that GM closed Saab and took additional expense rather than saving jobs and long term revenue gains for the corporation.

    Ryan at Saab history has done an great job covering all these breaking stories!! My thanks to Ryan too!

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  2. FAW

    14. Jan, 2010

    Chris- Thanks for all of your very hard work these past months. We truly appreciate the work you have done, and wish you nothing but the best. Hopefully, one of these days, we can meet out in on the ski slopes in your backyard.

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  3. karen

    14. Jan, 2010

    CJ: Thank you for your tenacity in keeping a sale of Saab alive.

    at some point, the geo-politics of Saab’s story will make for a facinating read.

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