The "Save Saab" Gathering In The United Kingdom

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Photo Credits: UK Saab Club

It was quite impressive to see the U.K. Saab club put together an outstanding turnout, even with Erik “On The Roof” Carlsson in attendance!

Click here for more photographs, absolutely incredible!

Press statement Save Our Saab Support Convoy, 17th January 2010, the follow up

!7th January has been a remarkable day for Saab Supporters all over the world.
In a very short span of time many Convoys have been organised in the period wherein mixed messages from GM made clear that the future of Saab is hanging on a fine thread.
Just before Christmas we heard that GM had not received, from their point of view, realistic bids to ensure a satisfying sale of this beloved brand. Preparations were made to wind production activities and business down.

After that devastating news many loyal followers of Saab decided to organise efforts to have their voice heard and try to do all possible to gain international interest for the survival of this iconic brand that has contributed so much to modern road traffic regarding safety and reliability. Meanwhile several interested parties were reviewing their bids to adjust it and make it more attractive for GM to reconsider sale of Saab.

The strength of the brand has always been the enthusiasm and engineering excellence from engineers, with their technological knowledge based on the highly demanding aerospace industry, mixed with local experience about climatologically and environmentally harsh conditions. Only he who has been confronted with crossing Elks will come up with an Elk test….

This resulted in purpose built cars, strong and reliable under demanding circumstances. A track record of victories in rallies and races with the most feared conditions proved its practicality.
17th of January was the day that the Dutch Saab Owners club had planned for their Save Saab Convoy, giving only 3 weeks time to inform and organise as many as possible support and attract media attention. 3 weeks notice in a period of heavy snowfall seriously disturbing traffic around the globe. 3 weeks in the period after Christmas, in the aftermath of a global economic recession in which many people are struggling to survive financially, with job fears and rising fuel prices.

The word got around quickly and world wide Saab owners groups took up efforts to make their voice heard, many small voices together in a concerted movement to produce that massive unisone roar: Save Saab!

17th January all over the world Saab have gathered together in packs, hunting down the highways and byways through blizzards, many driving hundreds, some thousands of miles to prove together in Save Saab Convoys that Saab is alive and kicking!

All convoys enjoyed a positive atmosphere, celebrating the friendship of the Saab community. Many convoys had a visit to an airfield taken up in their route, as homage to the aeronautical legacy of Saab.

The UK convoy had the honour to welcome Mr. Saab, Erik Carlsson in their midst, leading the convoy to the Imperial War Museum Duxford. He was extremely pleased and touched by the overwhelming international support for the brand that has inspired him and dominated his life for over nearly 60 years. He is the personification of the Saab Spirit, living live on the edge, pushing it a bit further and still having the comfortable feeling that it will be all right. And enjoying every mile of it!

It has been significant that from the thirty odd countries where convoys were organised, a majority is located in the snow-covered areas from Europe. Snow as well in Bejing (China), Kansas City (USA), Brookline MA(USA), Montreal (Can). It gives to show that the merit of Saab is most appreciated there where adverse weather demands transport fit for purpose. Many of those countries are not the most wealthy, modern economies. When people spend their hard earned money they choose with care, requiring many years of reliable transport.
Which other brand has ever had this sort of following, which brand stands out in snow and ice so well?

Our convoys have shown that there is demand for the properties built into Saab, not all sorts of electronic gimmicks and plush luxury, but reliability and endurance. Not a car for mass production with every year the latest fashion statements, but a car that will keep its value as a save means of transport for family and business.

This is maybe not the most attractive business opportunity for shareholders who hope to make a quick profit based on large volumes of a product that needs yearly replacement, but will attract those investors who are prudent and seek for a steady, reliable long term investment in a product with a guaranteed, dedicated group of customers.

The latest news is that negotiations between Spyker and GM are continuing in a scenario that would see GM as a shareholder in the new enterprise, a very sane option.
It seems that the overwhelming amount of world wide campaigning to keep our brand alive has given a very positive signal to GM.

It would mean continued cooperation of several business units, good and friendly arrangements regarding service and maintenance for existing products from the previous GM-Saab period and more security for the existing dealer network.

The support of the logistic network of a multinational corporation, the prudent management of a European based company, and the knowledge and experience of a proven World class team of engineers and production staff can create the environment for a very successful future of Saab.

A breeding ground for engineering excellence from which we can expect the development of innovative, intelligent solutions, contributing to sustainability of car industry in a world economy that demands efficiency with resources, more safety in increasing road traffic and more customised products for local conditions.

The coming days will be very intense and emotional for all people involved with Saab, the tens of thousands employees, the millions of users, and all others who sympathise with the Brand.
All we can do now is hope that our efforts are making the difference, whilst we continue with showing our support and prove that we, as customers and friends of Saab deserve Saab, as much as Saab deserves us!

We are Saab!

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