The “Save Saab” Gathering In Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Saab Club of Denmark had an unknown amount of Saabs that were in attendance to convoy to Trollhattan, Sweden as part of the “Save Saab” campaign.

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We assembled at the square in front of the Town Hall, in Copenhagen, where we were 35 Saab’s.

After a photoshoot by the Town Hall, the convoy drove to the American Embassy. Here we had another photoshoot.

The Danish convoy to Trollhättan, were 20 Saab’s and 35 people, including Mike from the UK and two guys in a Dutch Saab 96.

Danish press was also present, including three camerateams, Denmarks largest newspaper, and to danish automagazines.

The two automagazines and Danish TV2 television followed us to Trollhättan – of course driving in Saab’s.

What did we learn in Sweden this weekend? Well, here you go:

– The new Saab 9-5 is a VERY cool car. It’s doesn’t look as big as the measurements indicate. It is however very, very spacious inside.

– Saab has so far made 70 new Saab 9-5’s. Ten are used for further testing.

Ten are used for exhibits and display. And fifty are out in normal traffic, among Saab-employees.

– Saab are to start production in the beginning of february. Everything is ready, they just need to receive body’s from Opel.

– The new Saab 9-5 Estate which has been spotted during roadtest, is just a “shell”, meaning that only the front doors are real.

(all of the above was told to me, by the leading Saab-engineer, responsible for the new Saab 9-5 development).

The 1,500+ Saab’s where more than two hours, to drive the 6 – 8 km’s from the Saab Museum, to the Saab factory.

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