The “Save Saab” Gathering In Trollhättan, Sweden

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Photo Credits: Saab Turbo Club Of Sweden/em>

The “Save Saab” Gathering In Trollhättan, Sweden was quite impresssive as the over 2,000 Saabs parked in Saab Automobile’s factory parking lot!

For more photos, please visit this link.

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6 Responses to “The “Save Saab” Gathering In Trollhättan, Sweden”

  1. Carter Bishop

    18. Jan, 2010

    Ryan, great job updating the website and the Save Saab rally’s across the globe. Keeping fingers crossed that GM will do the right thing !

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  2. Anders Jensen

    18. Jan, 2010

    I was a fantastic feeling to participate in this manifestation in Trollheattan. People standing along the rute waving and cheering. It truly made my eyes tearful.
    Enormously support from the whole world.
    What other Car brand has ever before been so appreciated?
    Fantastic job You all involved, all over the world, have done.
    I am proud to a fellow Saabowner.

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  3. Erik

    18. Jan, 2010

    AWESOME! The Love for SAAB is world wide. I have a question: Any one contact the White House or the Car Czar about persuading GM to sell SAAB and save those jobs, remind GM who did the same for them??

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  4. Ryan

    18. Jan, 2010

    Thanks everyone!


    It’s Ron Bloom, the car Czar.,8599,1880228,00.html

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  5. Keith Coleman

    19. Jan, 2010

    It’s like I died and went to heaven. Very impressed with this turnout, great effort in continuing to show how strong SAAB loyalty is all over the world. Thanks to all those who went.

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  6. Andy

    19. Jan, 2010

    It may be “only” a car, but the posts about all those Save Saab rallys across the world(!!!!) made me choke up.

    I hope word of all the rallys and support for Saab gets out to the GM Board of Directors and the Swedish Government officials.

    Great job posting these Ryan. Now get some sleep!

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