The "Save Saab" Event In New York City

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Saab History has just received photos from some of the participants in the SAVE SAAB event in New York City today. It looks like there was quite a turnout of well over 75-100 Saabs!

It was really impressive to see all of the variety of Saabs in the photos from driving through Times Square (impressive), to their group photo with the nice large Saab banner by JMK Saab, previously used in Detroit.

Here’s a summary from Steve G., a Saab History frequenter with his comments as well as the organizer below.

Please continue to send your comments, photos and videos if you attended this event.

Saabs with their flashers on as far as the eye can see going through Times Square and the crowd that made it to Liberty State Park. Unfortunately due to misty weather and some logistical issues we didn’t get the photo op at the statue itself, but the turnout was between 50 and 60 cars at the finish point.

Folks were pointing and cheering throughout Manhattan and especially through Times Square. Without a police escort, keeping everyone together through the streets of NYC was a challenge but kudos to the organizing team for doing a great job

Here’s a quote from the organizer, Meg.

What a great day, and I’m exhausted. Total people that signed in was 54, but we may have missed a few. It was totally organized the drive thru NYC trying to?keep everyone together. There were Tag Cars that leap frogged out of line to coral us up. Many thanks to Nathan and Shane for doing such a great job.It was great meeting new Saabers and putting faces to names from those I knew from the internet and making new friends.

Saab; a car not for the masses but for people who show their individuality and uniqueness for a brand by being loyal to it and driving Saab.

Please watch this space for more details.

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  1. Steve G

    21. Jan, 2010

    Ryan the plan as it is coming together unfortuately does not allow for either of your two suggestions due to logistics. The route is from Tappn NY down the Palisades Parkway, over the GW Bridge, down the West Side via the Henry Hudosn and over to Broadway via 79th street, and then to 7th Avenue pass through Times Square, head south on 7th Ave then to the Holland Tunnel, and over to the final destination at Liberty State Park in Jersey, overlooking the Statue of Liberty…

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  2. karen

    22. Jan, 2010

    Best of luck to all brave Saab drivers with this route!

    Whenever I am driving in Manhattan, I am the only Saab, so more than three Saabs together will surely draw attention. If anyone gets separated, why not drive by Scandinavia House on Park Avenue at 38th Street?

    or reconsider getting off the Henry Hudson at 96th Street, cross through Central Park to Fifth Avenue and drive straight down Fifth? (the stoplights on Fifth are timed better)

    sorry I will be in Western Massachusetts…

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  3. Rozina

    22. Jan, 2010

    Spyker CEO, Victor Muller says the “outcome will be clear very soon”, with the news of the Saab-Spyker deal coming in the next few days – be it good or bad.

    There are also reports of the Saab Club of Canada planning a “Save Saab” rally on Saturday

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  4. Ryan

    22. Jan, 2010

    Best of luck everyone for the SAVE SAAB event in NYC this weekend!

    Send us some good shots of the Saabs in Times Square, okay? That would be incredible to see a line of Saabs there!


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  5. Josephine

    24. Jan, 2010

    Good to see that the relay of Support Convoys is continuing.
    Let’s hope that in a few days time it will be Celebration Convoys!
    All sorts of exciting messages are now being published in the Swedish media, the negotiations seem to develop very positive and we might get some more accurate information tomorrow, or latest Tuesday!
    Keep the Convoys rolling!
    Griffin Up!

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  6. cathi

    24. Jan, 2010

    Hi Ryan

    Its Cathi. Just came home and I feel it was a great convoy! I am thinking between 75-100 Saabs were there. That picture was taken at the end where some people had already left. Your heart gets warm when you see the passion that drives this brand! We just love Saab!!!!!!

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  7. Ryan

    24. Jan, 2010


    Wow! Glad to hear you got home safe, it looked impressive!

    I look forward to all of your photos!


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  8. karen

    25. Jan, 2010

    NYC Saab convoy just made history because driving THAT route is the ultimate urban rally.

    I bow to your Saab-group-courage in taking the route through Times Square!

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  9. Tim O'Brien

    25. Jan, 2010

    Well organised Shane, Nathan, Meg et al. Thank you for a great job. Well done.

    Thanks to Cathi at JMK for motivating us, and the ez pass.

    as we waited this morning, with maybe twenty cars in the lot, and then they started streaming in, Nathan and Shane’s group with circa a dozen cars, the numbers swelling. I said to my wife, imagine the feeling and emotions when the troops are in a battle to have the back up arrive. What a feeling.

    great turn out

    looking forward to good news this week.

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  10. Ryan

    25. Jan, 2010


    You are a veteran of Saab rallying now, what’s this two events now for you? 🙂

    Really good to hear. So, there was cheering in Times Square by pedestrians too?


    Did anyone do any video that you also may know of?

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  11. Tim O'Brien

    25. Jan, 2010


    it was completely different naturally to Detroit in the sense that it was drive all together for two hours, a convoy through Manhattan, and there was no media, they probably got all the stories and photos from what you organised in Detroit….. but most importantly…………………

    the spirit was the same

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  12. Guangyi Zhou

    25. Jan, 2010

    That’s so beautiful!!!

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  13. Amy

    26. Jan, 2010

    I was in the West Village when I came across all the hot Saabs creeping slowly down 7th Avenue. I think that Saabs are pretty impressive cars and I was touched at how dedicated and passionate all you Saab owners are. Keep up the good fight and congrats on your event in NYC!!

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  14. Ryan

    04. Feb, 2010


    Incredible video footage from the event!

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  15. nice video

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  16. Ryan

    31. Mar, 2010

    Anyone going to the New York Auto Show?

    I will be there on 3/31 & 4/1


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