The “Save Saab” Gathering In Toronto, Canada

Posted on 24. Jan, 2010 by in 2010-2019, Events

Photo Credits: Scott Hutchings

Christian of Aktiv Motors has gathered a total of 57 Saabs and over 100 people at their recent SAVE SAAB event today in Toronto!

Great job, impressive work with the signage and large banner! Click here for more photos!

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4 Responses to “The “Save Saab” Gathering In Toronto, Canada”

  1. Jim

    24. Jan, 2010

    Actually for the record, neither Scott or the Saab club of Canada organized this event.

    This was all organized by the Aktive Motors team! Good Job guys!

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  2. North Toronto Punter

    25. Jan, 2010

    Just for the record: Scott (President of the Saab Club of Canada) works at Aktive Motors so was very much part of the organization too and proceedings on the day. As a Board Member of the Club — and one who proudly stood with his Brothers and Sisters Saturday — I can confidently say that the Club fully endorsed and used it’s limited resources (website and email) to get the word out once Christian et al said ‘go’. Kudos to Christian, Kathy, Saxel, Scott, Aktive, Club Members and Others for braving that frosty (yet warm-hearted) afternoon. And actually — for the record— I counted 61 cars :).


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  3. SaabScott

    25. Jan, 2010

    Not sure where the comments are coming from having missed the comments that have been removed.

    However, at no time have I hinted, suggested, or otherwise tried convey that this event was organized by The Saab Club of Canada. As a matter of fact, and Ryan can back me up on this, I sent Ryan several e-mails over the weekend ensuring that he did get the information correct.

    The event was organized by Christian at Aktive Motors.
    Yes, I work there and I did help some, but the planning and decisions were Christian’s, not mine.
    As the President of The Saab Club of Canada, I supported this effort and promoted it to my club members and the various Saab sites around the world.

    I appreciate the time and effort that went into pulling this off and enjoyed every minute of it.
    The resulting collection of Saabs and owners is unprecidented in the (recent) history of Saab in Canada.
    I’m glad I was a part of this.

    Scott Hutchings
    President, The Saab Club of Canada

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  4. Ryan

    26. Jan, 2010

    This was an outstanding effort by Christian at Aktive Motors, wow! The custom banners, artwork and all of the variety of the Saabs that all came together for great group photos of the people and their Saabs looked great.

    This is another example of great organization a and promotional effort in a small amount of time.

    There’s no question what Saab enthusiasts can do when they put their minds to it!


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