Nygren-Samuelsson Say They Are Still In The Game

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Since Merbanco & now Genii Capital Group / Ecclestone are out of the bidding and Spyker continuing final negotiations in Stockholm, former Swedish Minister, Jan Nygren of the Nygren-Samuelsson team, says that his team is still in the bidding game according to E24

This bid was a worst case scenario bid let’s remember, effectively only focusing on the 9-3 lineage, no new 9-5, no 9-4x and therefore only up to an expected 50,000 units per year, and no need for an EIB loan.

Jan Nygren like Christopher Johnston of Merbanco and Lars Carlstrom of Genii group, says that if the Spyker sale goes off without a hitch, he wishes them well.

Apparently, he felt it was important to tell us that although they support the Spyker bid and hope it succeeds, they are still waiting in the wings if need be.

Genii capital has thrown in the towel, but GM appears to continue talks with the Dutch Spyker. But the former S-minister Jan Nygren is still in the game.

– We are ready and happy to resume talks with GM, said Jan Nygren to E24.

His business is not dependent on a loan of 400 million euros from the European Investment Bank, but focuses on producing small volumes of Saab models and has a “sound business”.

What are the financiers behind his team, he still would not reveal.

– It’s a thing between us and GM, said the former manager of the defense group Saab who is also deputy prime minister.

E24: But GM has certainly always had opinions on just what the financiers are among the bidders, should not you be open with it?

– I can say as much as it is Swedish interests and people with knowledge of vehicles, “said Jan Nygren.

E24: So if Spyker would fail, you can be an alternative?

– If Spyker affair goes off without a hitch, we say good luck, otherwise we are absolutely interested, “said Jan Nygren.

The Dutch investor and multi-billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn denied again today that he would be one of the financiers behind the Spykers Saab bid.

In an email to TT says: “Marcel Boekhoorn affirms that he is not involved in the purchase of Spyker Cars Saa

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