Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller Press Conference At Saab Car Museum In Trollhättan, Sweden

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Film Credit: SVT / Video

Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller were at the press conference which took place at the Saab Car Museum today at noon.

There is a video above, that’s supposed to be showing up, but if you cannot see it, please click on this link to visit the SVT website directly.

Here’s the only thing we may have learned from the event so far from Aftonbladet. as well as TTELA.

If you attended, what did you enjoy about this?


Photo Credit: Afton Bladet

Aftonbladet reports directly from the meeting.

Hundreds of workers gathered beneath the constructed scene outside the Saab Museum shortly before lunch. All employees have been off work. It appears people with Saab Jackets everywhere.

Some in the audience has with him a banner which read: “Victory for Victor.”

Saab’s CEO Jan Ake Jonsson and Spykers CEO Victor Muller is now at Saab Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden to meet with the media.
Before they went into the museum they were greeted with warm applause and cheers from hundreds of curious people who had signed up beneath an utescen outside Innovatum.
– You are the future and I salute you, “said Muller

Fifteen minutes late dived Spykers Saab’s President and CEO at the top of Innovatum at 12.15, after having arrived on a flight from Stockholm.

Hundreds of interested, Saab-workers and other curious, i was waiting for the drizzle to see and hear Victor Muller.

– I’m really speechless. You are all in the Saab has shown such enthusiasm and everyone has worked very hard for this. The only thing we can say now is that we did the right thing. And a man, we really have to thank for this, Jan Åke Jonsson. He is the one who made it all possible, “said Muller and and pulled down further applause.

He and Jan Ake Jonsson was very happy and relieved that the deal went without a hitch in the end.

– It’s been pretty hectic last few weeks, but with your great help, we have sustained the courage. I am extremely grateful for the support I’ve received, “said Jan Åke Jonsson with trembling at the meeting.

Applause and jubilation storm grew even more urgent.

After it took Saab Anas Joachim Lind on handing out flowers to the two and thanked for commitment:

– I stand here on behalf of all local retailer and thank you so very much for saving Saab.

– Now we are expecting great things, but has much to do and will work to get Saab back on their feet. And we’ll obviously sell a lot of cars too, “said Jan Åke Jonsson.

– Long live the Saab, “exclaimed Victor Muller before he and Jan Åke during camera Bursts glow walked into the Saab museum for more interviews with the media.

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4 Responses to “Jan Åke Jonsson & Victor Muller Press Conference At Saab Car Museum In Trollhättan, Sweden”

  1. ARUK

    27. Jan, 2010

    Available here!


    A mix of Swedish and English. Great stuff!

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  2. Markc

    27. Jan, 2010

    Congratulations Ryan. It was blogs like yours and Swade’s that kept the public focus on Saab, and made GM realize it couldn’t just quietly let Saab die. Time to celebrate!

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  3. belfast_saab

    27. Jan, 2010

    Ryan, credit where it’s due on your efforts, well done, appreciated and acknowledged.

    Nice to see the Spyker WAS actually on its way to the announcements despite ‘Saab History also heard that there is no Spyker Car being delivered to the Saab Car Museum, and therefore that rumor is false.’ Guess some sources are just more reliable thatn others, eh?

    Ceers for good work done on convoys. spyker up!

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  4. Martin w

    27. Jan, 2010

    As the chief of the SAAB museum said in the clip, the official line was that there is no Spyker at the SAAB Museum. Rumors are a different matter. We all wanted to believe the rumors and it happened.

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