Saab Cars North America Post Q & A On Website

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Saab Cars North America Post Q & A on their website.

Updated January 28, 2010

Q: What is happening with the sale of Saab?

A: Good news! General Motors and Spyker Cars NV have confirmed that they have reached a binding agreement on the purchase of Saab Automobile AB.

Q: When will the sale be completed?

A: The next step in the process is approval by the European Investment Bank of loans to fund the operation of the new company during the transition. The sale is expected to close in mid-February, and is subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of applicable regulatory, government and court approvals.

Q: Will there be any impact to current customers?

A: Our end goal is a seamless transition for current and future customers.

Q: What is the situation with dealers in the USA?

A: All current Saab dealers will be requested to become franchise dealers of Saab Cars NA.

Q: I’ve heard that Saab will be under new ownership. What happens to my Saab vehicle warranty and no-charge scheduled maintenance?

A: Saab vehicle coverage will be unchanged. Saab vehicles will continue to be covered by current warranty and service plans, and customers should continue to have their vehicles serviced at Saab dealerships.

Q: Will parts continue to be available for my Saab product?

A: Yes, Saab genuine parts will continue to be available through your authorized Saab dealer and authorized service point. This includes models: 9-2X, 9-3, 9-5, and 9-7X.

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3 Responses to “Saab Cars North America Post Q & A On Website”

  1. Jamie

    29. Jan, 2010

    This is all fantastic news, but one big question remains… What about CANADA???

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  2. karen

    29. Jan, 2010

    yes, Jamie, what about CANADA?

    so, when is the contest for a new Saab slogan? Move Your Mind somewhat better than Born from Jets, but neither means much.

    if anyone from SaabUSA is reading this, strongly recommend you make your homepage dial-up friendly for all the rural Saabistas in the U.S.

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  3. Kurt W. Krauss

    30. Jan, 2010

    Well, if anyone from Saab-Spyker is reading this, I respectfully suggest that North American headquarters be situated outside of Michigan, and preferably in the New England or NY Metro area – where it all began and where it is likely to begin again. It would be a very symbolic move.

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