Saab 9-3x Now Available To Order In The United States!

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Saab History has recently been informed by multiple Saab dealerships in the United States tonight that they now have the ability to order the Saab 9-3x!

This is great news for the dealers, and for consumers. While the details are there and one I spoke to tonight, is ordering a few tonight, one in white, another in Nocturne blue, he said that the pricing is not yet available.

The dealers did indicate that if a customer wants to order one, they can take their order at this time. However if an an order is placed prior to closing of the Saab Spyker deal ( February 15th), that order will be submitted at the time of closing.

“I really want this car in Nocturne Blue, Navigation with a manual transmission and XWD with the 5-spoke double 17×7 wheels , as this would be a welcomed change from the ’97 9000 with a quarter of a million miles on it”

As demand is expected to grow significantly following this news for 9-3x availability, Saab dealers encourage you to visit your local dealer to do the best thing you can do and get in line and place an order today!

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5 Responses to “Saab 9-3x Now Available To Order In The United States!”

  1. Tim O'Brien

    04. Feb, 2010


    be sure to let us know when we can do the same for the 95

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  2. Ryan

    04. Feb, 2010


    Absolutely about the 9-5, I will do my best! 🙂


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  3. BurnsSide42

    04. Feb, 2010

    Saab needs to offer a kick a** lease program like they had back in 2006 I think – about $150 Month lease with little down for 2-3 years. This would help me get in the driver seat of a NEW Saab. I hope to buy a “2010” 9-5 if they offer it with 4 cylinder non AWD one day. Any word on the power-train combo’s on the 2010 9-5 that are US bound?

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  4. Emanuel

    04. Feb, 2010

    I think the 9-3x is going to be a phenomenal car. I’m so glad it’s making it’s way here soon and will be strongly considering it as my next car. Once people start to drive this car I’m sure there will be a great response to it. Go Saab!

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  5. Peter Gilbert

    05. Feb, 2010

    ASAP we have to go after Toyota and with leasing, which the lack thereof had customers at dealerships, walk out and over to the Lexus showrooms, in droves

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