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Cherry Hill Saab Receives First Order For All New Saab 9-5

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Saab History sponsor, Cherry Hill Saab reports that that they received their first order for the all new Saab 9-5!

This is the second report of an all new Saab 9-5 sale here in the United States, by yet another Saab History frequent visitor. The vehicle is of course one of the 2010 model years in Fjord Blue with the 18″ wheels as pictured above.

I guess this goes to show that communicating to Saab owners and enthusiasts all of the information you can even prior to the availability of in-person test drive, is extremely helpful in helping people make their decisions in buying new Saabs.

Let’s keep this momentum going. Here’s the note from Cherry Hill Saab below.

Today was my first order call day.

Had a guy that we’ve been working for a year come in to place his order.

He came in and brought me my morning coffee and ordered his car.

Fjord Blue / Pewter


Can’t wait too see it !!!

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Saab History Frequenter Places Order For New Saab 9-5

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Saab History frequenter, Chris M has informed me that he has just placed an order for an all new Saab 9-5 Aero in Carbon Gray Metallic, with Tech, Navigation and ventilated seats as pictured above.

Here is his report below.

I wanted to share with you the news… I ordered my NG 9-5 tonight. I stopped by my local Saab dealer and did the paperwork. I was lucky because, out of their initial allotment of 3 9-5s, there was a Carbon Gray Metallic Aero with Tech package, NAV, and ventilated seats. The equipment was perfect, and the color was one I liked. So, I put my deposit on that one. It should arrive sometime in July, but it could be earlier or later. Unless someone beat me to ordering should be the first owner of a NG 9-5 in my area!

The owner of the dealership, shared a few things with me, which you probably already know. There are only 600 2010 9-5s bound for the US. After that, they will switch over to 2011s, which could start to arrive in October or November. Also, he said that none of the 2010s will have sunroofs, as there was some problem with that feature (specifically, the new panoramic roof design). The sunroof is not important to me.

The only other thing he said was that they have two orders for 9-3Xs already, and they should start to arrive in the next few weeks.

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Flying Saab Defies Airspace Lockdown

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Question: You’re stuck in Stockholm. Your wife is close to giving birth in England. Flight restrictions mean you can’t get a plane home and the train is no use due to the cost and difficulty of making connections. Who can you trust to get you the 1,200 miles home safely?

Answer: Saab – a car with aircraft heritage that you know won’t let you down.

IT consultant Martyn Hobbs had finished a few days of teaching in Sweden and was due to return home to the UK but Iceland’s now infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano had other ideas.
Desperate to get back to his wife Karen and their two children, and with no assurances about when flight restrictions would be lifted, Martyn met the challenge head on and decided he would make the journey by car.
First stop for Martyn was the Swedish version of eBay where he successfully bid 10,000 Swedish Kronor (£900) for a 1988 Saab 9000.
“When I decided I’d be driving 1200 miles across four countries, safety and reliability were obviously key concerns for me but, having previously driven a Saab, I knew that I had made a sound investment,” said Martyn. “This was confirmed when I took it for a test drive and, even though it was over 20 years old, the heated seats were still working!”

Having been cherished by a retired couple who had owned it from new – it was fully taxed with a valid MOT and had been serviced in December – Martyn’s Saab, which he nicknamed Helga, didn’t let him down.

“I even managed to use the cruise control for a few hours while I was driving along the motorway in Denmark which was a huge help.” added Martyn.
Helping to pass the time on his 26 hour journey was an English holidaymaker that Martyn met in his hotel and two stranded Belgian men who he dropped off en route across Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the UK. After finally completing the epic 1200 mile journey, Martyn arrived back in Peterborough to be greeted by hugs and smiles from his relieved wife and their two children.
“It was difficult to know what to do when I was stranded so far away from home but I knew I had to take control and, in the end, everything went to plan. We didn’t even get lost once.” said Martyn.
Next up for Helga is a return trip to Sweden after Martyn agreed that the Saab 9000 would be the perfect first car for his Swedish colleague’s 18-year old son.

“I must admit the car has had a few admirers while being parked up on the drive but I think it’s right that it returns home to a new owner that I know will take very good care of it. I should add that I will be taking a slightly longer ferry trip this time so my petrol costs aren’t quite so high and I’ll be waiting until my wife gives birth before I decide to leave the country again.

“But that won’t be the end of my relationship with Saab. Given my recent experience I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future. I’d love to get back behind the wheel of a Saab and I think I’ll have to organise a test drive just to see how the latest models compare to Helga.” added Martyn.

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All New Saab 9-5 Wagon Photo Uncovered By Autoblog

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Photo Credit: Autoblog

The Autoblog have uncovered the latest photograph of the all new Saab 9-5 wagon, showcasing what it will look like when unveiled as a 2011 model year.

What do you think about the look of this car as shown above?

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Historic Recreation: Saab and Spyker CEOs to Drive Classic Saabs on Mille Miglia

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Photo Credit: © Saab Automobile AB

Historic Recreation: Saab and Spyker CEOs to Drive Classic Saabs on Mille Miglia

Saab and Spyker CEOs to run Saab 93s in 2010 Mille Miglia Celebration of class win in 1957

Trollhättan, Sweden. Italian hillsides are about to reverberate again to the distinctive crackle of a Saab two-stroke engine. Providing the soundtrack will be Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson and Saab Automobile Chairman and Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller, who will each drive a 1957-vintage Saab 93 at this year’s historic Mille Miglia road race.

The two executives are celebrating the 93’s class win on this unique event 53 years ago with cars prepared by the Saab Car Museum in Sweden. Jonsson and Muller will be following, at a more leisurely pace, in the wheel tracks of the 1957 class winner crewed by Charlie Lohmander and co-driver Harald Kronegård. Today’s annual classic recreation of the 1,000-mile (1,600 km) Brescia-Rome-Brescia route is held over three days on open roads and decided on punctuality between check-points. Jonsson and Muller will be co-driven by their sons, Christian, 38, and Olivier,18, respectively.

Powered by a 45 hp, 748 cc, three-cylinder engine, but weighing only 810 kilos, the Saab 93’s agile handling and good aerodynamics enabled it to embarrass far more powerful, larger cars. “Saab’s early success on this event is part of our rich heritage,” said Jan Åke Jonsson. “We’re looking forward to competing once again with the Saab 93, although we won’t be driving it quite so fast.”

This year’s event, from 6 – 8 May, is Victor Muller’s tenth Mille Miglia. “The 93 is unlike any other car I’ve entered, which is hardly surprising as it’s a Saab,” he said. “Jan Åke and I will enjoy the event and we’re looking forward to a little friendly rivalry between team-mates. It certainly won’t be as intense as the competition between Eklund and Blomqvist when they were rallying with Saabs in the late 70s.”

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Saab Enthusiasts to Flock to 2010 Saab Festival

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Photo Credit: © Saab Automobile AB

Saab Enthusiasts to Flock to 2010 Saab Festival

Saab Festival to be held on 15-18 July in Trollhättan, the home of Saab
Focus on newly-launched 9-5 sedan and 50th anniversary of Saab 96
Trollhättan, Sweden. Thousands of Saab enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to attend the 2010 Saab Festival in Sweden between 15 – 18 July, the first to be held since Saab became an independent company earlier this year.

The biennial festival is traditionally the world’s largest gathering of Saab fans. Based around the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, the home of Saab, this year’s event will focus on Saabs past and present, including the newly-launched Saab 9-5 sedan.

In addition to factory tours, parades, presentations and automobilia sales, the festival will include a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Saab 96, the car that took Erik ‘Mr Saab’ Carlsson to the first of a hat-trick of RAC Rally victories in 1960.

“This year’s event has special significance as it comes at the start of a new era in our company’s history,” said Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson. “Many Saab fans around the world demonstrated great support for Saab during the sale negotiations and we are delighted to take this opportunity of showing our appreciation.”

Note to Editors:

Saab Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (Swedish Aircraft Company) – was founded in 1937 as an aircraft manufacturer and revealed its first prototype passenger car 10 years later after the formation of the Saab Car Division. In 1990, Saab Automobile AB was created as a separate company, jointly owned by the Saab Scania Group and General Motors, and became a wholly-owned GM subsidiary in 2000. In February 2010, Spyker Cars N.V. of the Netherlands, acquired the company from GM as an independently-run business.

Saab cars reflect the brand’s unique Scandinavian design ethic, which is fused with its aircraft engineering heritage. The company is a global premium car maker with a distinguished history of innovation. It is recognized for its pioneering role in turbocharging, as well as occupant safety and the introduction of flex-fuel technology through Saab BioPower. Saab Automobile AB currently employs about 3,400 staff in Sweden, where it operates world-class production and technical development facilities at its headquarters in Trollhättan, 70 km north of Gothenburg.

Saab Automobile Press Office
Tel: +46 (0)520 279797

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BAIC C71 EV Based On Saab 9-5 At Beijing Auto Show

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Photo Credit: Autoblog

Autoblog are first to report that the blue BAIC C71 based off of the Saab 9-5 is indicated to be an EV (Electric Vehicle) capable of a 90-mile range with swappable batteries!

There is no indicating whether this display model is either a concept or production ready. I think it’s interesting to keep watching this space to learn about BAIC’s intentions on making this once petrol only vehicle, quite possibly electric.

I encourage you to look at their additional photos of this including the battery pack.

t’s not clear what’s propelling the regular versions of these two reworked Saabs, however, there was a second ex-9-5 on display dubbed the C71EV. That version had a battery pack inserted into the floor and featured what BAIC was labeling as a fast battery switch system (ala Better Place).

The sign next to car claims a 90-mile range, but we think that’s highly optimistic given the size of the sedan and the comparatively small battery pack. Of course, that’s assuming this is actually a functional car.

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Saab & Spyker Align Displays At 2010 Beijing Auto Show

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Photo Credit: Car & Driver

In a first for Saab Spyker, the two companies have literally connected their displays at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show as depicted above thanks to Car & Driver’s blog.

I think this is an incredible idea when it comes to co-branding the two companies.

Here’s an excerpt from their blog post.

Separate but equal. With a 9-3 and 9-5 on the left and a pair of C8s on the right, the layout of the Saab-Spyker booth in China seemed to suggest that neither of the newly formed company’s brands is more important than the other. (Okay, so the pretty ladies were concentrated on one side of the invisible fence, but this is in recognition of the cars’ equal billing.)

I would have preferred a yin-and-yang motif on the floor, but the black and white tile certainly served its delineating purpose.

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