Saab Sighting Of The Week "Saab In Burlington, Vermont"

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Photo Credit: Saab History

This past week, I was in nearby Vermont and unlike my visit a few years ago, this time I was impressed by the sheer numbers of Saab models that I noticed. The photo opportunity above for the Saab Sighting of the week, is of a Saab 9-5 Wagon taken near the pedestrian area known as Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. As I was preparing to take the photo, I must have seen at least 5 Saab models pass me as I was taken this photo within the course of 10 minutes, reaffirming that Vermont still has a lot of loyal Saab owners out there.

However, as we know, time passes on and each year we see less and less variety of Saab models on the road. Today, we now usually see just 9-3 and 9-5 models and that is also true for the Saab dealers and independent mechanics that service them. As I learned from visiting a local, longtime Saab independent shop in rural Vermont, it’s the lack of variety that is his biggest challenge as an independent that keeps him from getting as excited as he used to get. This lack of variety is also a challenge for the dealers as well, however these challenges will slowly begin to change as the new product roll out gets fully underway.

Here’s hoping that this variety comes back with this new era of Saab, so we can once again see a noticeable and varied Saab product lineup on the roads again.

I have to say that it is always refreshing to see those colors and varied products at all of the Saab Owners Conventions year after year.

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8 Responses to “Saab Sighting Of The Week "Saab In Burlington, Vermont"”

  1. Kurt W. Krauss

    20. Apr, 2010

    I still see a few late model C900s chugging around down in Manchester, Vermont. But V4s, 99s and pre-’87 900s are all but gone, apparently replaced by Subies, which sound increfibly similar to a V4.

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  2. Ryan

    20. Apr, 2010


    Very nice! I still truly believe that if GM did a better job caring for Saab, there would be a significantly larger number of older vehicles still on the road.

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  3. Cory C.

    20. Apr, 2010

    There are some great Saab independent mechanics in VT. I’ve recently had the pleasure of also meeting some folks with serious experience working on the C900’s as a hobby. I owned an ’85 900 8-valve during my first stint in Burlington from 2000-2004 and wish I had been more plugged into the Saab community at the time. Perhaps as time goes on, some of the younger C900 hobby folks will also be able to branch out on their own as indy’s.

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  4. jen

    20. Apr, 2010

    I live in Cleveland Ohio, and SAABs abound here, especially on the east side of town. The SAABs I see are usually 9/3’s, 9/5’s, with an occasional 9/4 thrown in. I did see a 900 yesterday, though. Anyway, I am seldom the only SAAB in traffic…. which I love. There are usually one or two others (I look, believe it or not. SAAB loyalty at work!)

    Those who said that SAAB is irrelevant (ie, some of the folks on the GM FB site) have obviously not visited here! Or Burlington, for that matter….

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  5. Ryan

    20. Apr, 2010


    Hello. Thanks for letting us know about Ohio! Did you know that Aurora, Ohio is going to be the location for the 2010 Saab Owners Convention?

    It would be great if you’d send us some of your Saab sightings to show here and put your area on the map leading up to the convention!

    Lots of 9-3s and 9-5s, I hear that, but when you say 9-4, I think you mean 9-7x right, as the 9-4x is not yet in production. 🙂

    I like your last comment. 🙂

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  6. jen

    20. Apr, 2010

    Hi, Ryan! Thank you for your kind comments. I realized my typo after I posted- I meant that I see the 9/5 wagons every now and again, just like the one in this photo.

    When is the convention? I am SO EXCITED- am about 20 miles north of Aurora right now. Aurora is considered one of the outter-ring suburbs of Cleveland, actually- and on the east side of town. Which is a good thing- there are lots of SAABs here, and several well-established dealerships in the area (SAAB of Bedford, and SAAB of North Olmstead).

    I will have to post some SAAB sightings… heck, we have four in my immediate family alone. We love them- and I know we are not alone. I am so very happy that everything worked out with Spyker- that was one very rough ride.


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  7. Daryl Menefee

    01. May, 2010

    WOW, I grew up and lived in Cleveland Heights until about 2 years ago. I know live outside of Albuquerque New Mexico. It would be cool to maybe drive up there in my Saab and attrend.

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  8. Daryl Menefee

    01. May, 2010

    WOW, thats pretty cool! I actually grew up in Cleveland Heights and around Saabs. I moved over a year ago and now live outside of Albuquerque New Mexico. It would be nice to drive back home for the convention in my Saab.

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