The First All New Saab 9-5 Promo Video

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The first all new Saab 9-5 promotional video has just arrived, please let me know what you think!

“The film ‘Introducing The New Saab 9-5 ‘ was produced in mid May. It will be the intro to the new 9-5 section on the Saab website. It was done in Saab’s photo studio in Vänersborg and location shots in central Gothenburg. Art direction and project management has been done by Saabs agency Valentin & Byhr and film production by Edit house, both located in Gothenburg.

Henrik Gustafsson, Art Director, Valentin & Byhr
Niclas Bergman, Film Director, Edit House
Jens Jansson, Photography, Edit House”

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7 Responses to “The First All New Saab 9-5 Promo Video”

  1. Ted Y

    03. Jun, 2010

    Nice. Looking at the 28 sec mark, it seems they are moving away from the all-green displays.

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  2. Chris Campbell

    04. Jun, 2010

    This video is pure unadulterated car porn!

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  3. Dave W

    04. Jun, 2010

    Ryan , thank you for all your efforts to keep the SAAB community informed on all the news that comes down the SAAB highway ,we all do I’m sure . I know it’s a tough job and you deservie a lot more than what you make in dollars . I try tosupport your site as I can . Thanks =)

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  4. Peter Gilbert

    04. Jun, 2010

    I really want to take a test-drive.

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  5. Gryphon95

    05. Jun, 2010

    This vid only makes me want the car even more!

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  6. Steve

    07. Jun, 2010

    Great video, which I hope to see used on tv, etc.

    It certainly makes us want a new 9-5 more than ever. Great video and thank you for keeping us all informed!

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  7. Rico

    08. Jun, 2010

    Not as god as i espected. Why so dark? Why reduced auf details? I want to se the car also driving along the nature, blue sky, green landscape. I want to get hot for driving that car, but…that promo video ist lost money.

    By the way – i drive Saab for over 40 years and have a lot of excelent promo videos in mind. This ist not one of the best!

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