Saab To Introduce Hatchback After Decade Long Absence

Posted on 21. Jun, 2010 by in 2010-2019, 9-3 NG

Saab Automobile, known as a historical leader in the hatchback segment of the automotive industry, has not offered a true hatchback model since 2002.

However, with the recent details of the new 9-3 to arrive in 2012, that history of the hatchback, is expected to be continued.

The 28 year history of the hatchback began for Saab in 1974 with the Saab 99 Combi Coupe model and concluded in 2002 with the 9-3 model.

It is logical that Saab is choosing to offer the hatchback in their latest Saab 9-3 model, effectively picking up where they left off a decade ago, in a continuation of the same 9-3 model lineage.

I am very pleased to hear of this good news and look forward to seeing this model come to market in the near future.

How many of you will be interested in buying a hatchback once it becomes available? Please voice your opinions below.

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20 Responses to “Saab To Introduce Hatchback After Decade Long Absence”

  1. gryphondc

    21. Jun, 2010

    I think a hatchback is essential for SAAB. It’s one of the first things that you think of when you think of the brand, and it’s what the enthusiasts want. I hope SAAB returns to its place at the king of the hatches! I’d be in line for one, for sure!

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  2. Castle

    21. Jun, 2010

    SAAB has always meant “sporty and safe, yet practical”. The folding seats, pass-through luggage area, and eventually the hatch made SAABs very configurable vehicles. A four-door hatch is a great family car. The current 9-3 Sportcombi is a great blend of luxury and practicality. Don’t lose this!

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  3. Boyd

    21. Jun, 2010

    I would definitely check it out. My 6’4″ frame currently drives a 9-5… if the new hatch had enough head/legroom, I’d have dollar signs in my eyes.

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  4. JLS

    22. Jun, 2010

    I loved the hatch, and would drive it again.

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  5. Markc

    22. Jun, 2010

    I’d go for a 3 door sports coupe hatch myself. The other models should be a convertible, a wagon and an ultra versatile twin door that covers both the 4 door sedan and 5 door hatch markets with just one body style. That’s unless Saab can afford to offer separate 4 and five door cars again? That would probably be even better.

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  6. peter

    22. Jun, 2010

    It is an interesting question ?

    Saab used to dominate the premium hatch market in European markets. Having said that, there was little competition. Premium hatches were a small niche where Saab did well.

    Hatches are seen as utilitarian – not premium – in some places. They are not popular in all markets :

    US generally prefers sedan – look at VW Rabbit v Jetta sales and historic Saab classic 900 3 door v 4 door v 5 door sales

    There is a problem with hatchbacks in hot, humid climates – open the hatch and the interior of the car becomes hot and humid !
    Premium sedans dominate many Asian markets

    GM took the view that as the premium sedan market was approx 5 times bigger than the premium hatch market, then Saab could increase sales 5 times by dropping the hatch. Another mistake !

    I’m sure that research has been done on this, but instant global success is by no means guaranteed.

    Looking at past Saab performance, perhaps the 9000 CSE “notchback” shape is the best compromise. Practicality without obviously being a hatchback.


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  7. Ryan

    23. Jun, 2010

    I would love to see a hatch made again! I miss my 92 900 everytime I need to carry a large box in my 06′ 9-3. I moved from my apartment after getting married with the back seats folded down and loading the hatch with my belongings. Can’t do thinks like that in my 9-3.

    Saab please bring back the hatch back design!

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  8. Steve in CT

    25. Jun, 2010

    This is exciting and welcome news to us. All (6) of our Saabs have been hatchbacks and we have been patiently waiting for the return of large Saab hatchback – (not a wagon).

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  9. cutsick

    26. Jun, 2010

    I loved the hatch! it was a massive black whole and I wolud buy it again in a few years.
    good luck!

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  10. Kerstin

    29. Jun, 2010

    Yes!!! I’d like to see the return of both the 3-door and 5-door hatchback models.

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  11. Thyl Engelhardt

    30. Jun, 2010

    Though it somewhat appears that this might turn out to be a stylish three door hatc h like the C30, only bigger, a 9-3 might also be a little too small for me now. There is quite a trend towards big hatches recently, like the BMW GT, porsche panamera, Audi A7, and Skoda Superb (highly s uccessful in Europe) demonstrate

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  12. Swisstroll

    02. Jul, 2010

    Sure, I would buy one… but I just ordered a new 9-3x 🙂

    Because we don’t have to wait to support Saab !

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  13. Z!

    05. Jul, 2010

    we need SAAB hatch again!!

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  14. Stephen Huntress

    11. Jul, 2010

    The utlility of the extra space without the aerodynamic disadvantage of a wagon. Saab knows hatches. The true Combi. The sooner the better

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  15. Wendy

    20. Jan, 2011

    I’m still driving my 2002 9-3 SE hatchback, and will continue to do so as long as possible. Hopefully when I finally have to replace it, Saab will be making 5-door hatchbacks again.

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  16. Lori

    01. Feb, 2011

    I’ve been waiting a decade. As soon as the details and a sketch are released, I’ll be at my local Saab dealer putting down a deposit on my new hatch.

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  17. Randy

    26. Jun, 2011

    If the people at Saab/Spyker have a brain, they’ll bring out the best Saab 9-3 hatchback ever. Focusing on: 4-door w/ hatch, fuel efficiency, and that undeniably fantastic cargo room in the hatch area. NOT the minimal cargo stow space one now has with the current 9-3 Sportcombi; this is insufficent. Think cavernous like Saab 900 or the 9-3s up to 2002. If Saab keeps the cost of purchase for this new 9-3 hatchback just above a 4-door VW Golf, they’ll make a killing. **Remember: fuel efficiency, boys. You do all the above, and you’ll have THE SUCCESS STORY CAR of the next dozen years. Let’s do it. I’d be buying.

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    24. Jun, 2012

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