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The Origin of Saab’s Number 9

Posted on 30. Nov, 2006 by .


The original of SAAB using the numerical nomenclature 9, is that this number was an indication that the project was a non-military, but a civilian project.

The SAAB Scandia 90 (pictured above) was the first civilian project, followed by the SAAB Safir 91, then finally the automobile being SAAB 92001 in 1946, and the beginning of production models with the SAAB 92. Here is a list of all of the the projects from the beginning until the present.

For more information about these models, please visit our “Saab designs by model number” reference list.

91 Safir (Aircraft)
94 Sonett I
97 Sonett II & III
98 Prototype
9-6X (cancelled)

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Saab 9-X Concept Videos

Posted on 28. Nov, 2006 by .


In 2001, Saab made a 9-X concept promotional video using computer graphics as well as another video showing the 9-X out on the road in a test drive in reality. Enjoy the videos and let me know what you think about them!

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Saab 9-X Scale Model 1:64

Posted on 28. Nov, 2006 by .


In 2001, there was a scale model made of the Saab 9-X by a company called Maisto, this model does not follow the scale consistency of most of the Saab Automobile models of 1:43, as this one is 1:64, slightly smaller than the rest of its brother’s and sisters.

I thought I would provide a photo of the model I own to give you an idea of what it looks like close-up. I would say that this model is not perfect, but it is nice to have a model of the 9-X nontheless.



A quick search on ebay shows a vendor with 3 available of this Maisto 9-X model. Get it while you can! It is only $6.50!


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Saab 9-X Promotional book – 2001

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In 2001, Saab Automobile AB in Sweden published a promotional book for the 9-X for automobile journalists. This book was made with an interesting assortment of specified materials such as a rubber cover with inside jacket in a tire-tread pattern, sleeves in transparent clear film, and a somewhat foam material on the exterior binding. I think that the book in many ways parallel’s the design and material choices of the Saab 9-X concept car, and it certainly gets your attention!

The following photographs were provided to Saab History by Elkparts. Elkparts has one copy of this book, and hopefully with your help, Saab History can obtain another copy that may be lurking around this great world of ours.

Enjoy the photographs! This book will be a great find, but a rare one at that!










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Saab Concept Cars

Posted on 17. Nov, 2006 by .


As a little refesher, I thought it would be a good idea to post the 3 most recent videos of the Saab concept cars, the Aero-X, the 9-3X and the 9-X. I do not have a video of the 9-3Sport Hatch nor the EV-1 at this time. Enjoy the promotional videos!

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Saab 9-x racing video

Posted on 23. Oct, 2006 by .


Well, I finally managed to show you a video of my weekend racing in a Saab 9-x concept car. You will notice that at the start of the race, the 9-3 Viggen (in red), beats me off the line by a long shot! I suppose the gear ratios are different in the 9-X than the 9-3 Viggen?

I think one thing is for sure as I watch this video, my driving skills are okay, but as I run into a few obstacles, the steering and suspension start showing immediate signs of failure because you will notice my turning ability by the end of the race becomes almost non-existent. I also seem to have a problem in this video with speeding tickets. I hope I can learn from my mistakes in this video and show some new skills in a future video.

You can purchase this game directly from Amazon by clicking on the “Need For Speed IV” link on the left-hand column on this website just below the google ads.

Enjoy the clip and let me know what you think by posting your comments below!

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Saab 9-X Racing

Posted on 21. Oct, 2006 by .


need_for_speed_4_high_stakes-front_thumbnails.jpgI have been getting a bit interested in the opportunities available for individuals to race Saab models such as the 9-X. I managed to pull an old game from my archives that was produced in 1999, called “Need For Speed 4”.

This game in the Need For Speed series of games by Electronic Arts was ironically was the only game that has a number of Saab models created for you to use. I will post more on this later including hopefully some videos of my driving abilities or lack thereof. I have however, managed to provide you some screen shots. I have not been involved in playing video games for a long, long time and I am actually admit that I am enjoying this break from reality.

You can purchase this game directly from Amazon by clicking on the “Need For Speed IV” link on the left-hand column on this website just below the google ads.

There are a number of other Saab models to choose from, so I will provide more information as I can, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos!




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Saab 9X Concept to Make Hollywood Debut

Posted on 13. Mar, 2002 by .



Photo Credits: Saab Automobile


Saab 9X Concept to Make Hollywood Debut


Saab promotion to benefit UCLA Film and Television Archive

Norcross, GA – Saab’s award-winning concept car, the Saab 9X, will make its Hollywood premiere in the shadow of the Academy Awards. Just steps from the Kodak Theatre, where stars will be accepting their Oscars on March 24, Saab’s own star, the 9X, will be presented to the public this weekend, from Friday, March 15, through March 18.

The innovative Saab 9X will be on display in the Babylon Court area of Hollywood & Highland, the upscale shopping and entertainment venue in the heart of Hollywood. The car will highlight Saab’s support of the UCLA Film and Television Archive, an organization that preserves Hollywood’s heritage by rescuing, restoring and screening vintage films and television programs.

Visitors to the 9X will receive a coupon that explains how Saab will contribute $50 to the UCLA Film and Television Archive for each test drive of a new Saab 9-3 or 9-5 that is taken at a Saab dealer. All the visitor needs to do is fill out and mail the coupon after taking the test drive.

The multi-dynamic Saab 9X was recently named Best Concept Car at the 2002 European Automotive Design Awards for combining features usually associated with a coupé, roadster, wagon and pick-up within one unique vehicle.

Powered by a 300-hp, 3.0-liter V6 turbo with all-wheel drive and conceived as a hint of the future of Saab design, the 9X showcases Saab’s philosophy that a high-performance sports car can also provide versatility and utility.
Hollywood & Highland, located at that corner in Hollywood, combines hip, mid-century modern design with world-class retailers, restaurants, a 640-room hotel, the Kodak Theatre and a six-screen expansion of the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. One of the most ambitious real estate developments in California, Hollywood & Highland is the catalyst for a renaissance that is taking place in Hollywood.

The Saab 9X’s tour of Hollywood concludes on March 21 with a special appearance at “ten” – a private event at the Palladium for elite fashion designers, celebrities and charities.

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