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Saab 900 Turbo “Commemorative Edition” – 1993

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1993 marked the final year of the classic Saab 900 Hatchback (1979-1993) and during that year there were 325 “commemorative edition” models introduced to the market.

Thanks to Ric DiDonato and his website,, I have been able to provide you some images as well as some specifications and additional information about this special commemorative models.

He has also provided an up-to-date registry list as well on the 1993 900 Commemorative edition Saabs, so please if you have one of these add it to the list!

1993 Saab 900 Turbo Commemorative Edition

The 900 Commemorative Edition Turbo Coupe was offered in the US market in the spring of 1993. This model was only available as a three-door turbo with a manual transmission. It had a 185 Hp engine which made it the highest performing 900 ever. The extra horsepower was achieved through the modified “red box” APC, a 2.8bar fuel pressure regulator, and a special distributor with enhanced vacuum advance. It also offered an improved suspension. You could get it in any color you wanted; as long as that color was black with tan interior. At the time, it was considered the quintessential Saab 900 Turbo. Only a limited number were produced (literature states 325 but it appears only about 314 were actually built). All included leather interior, a burled walnut instrument panel facia (the first Saab 900 to get this treatment), a leather gear knob and boot, and special directional alloy wheels with polished outer lips and metallic gray centers.

Each 1993 Commemorative Edition came with a special 3.5″x 1.5″ engraved brass plaque to be mounted on the floor console in front of the shifter. The plaques showed each car’s specific number in the series (xx of 325). The plaques were not mounted on the cars when they were built and may not reflect the cars actual build number. The plaques came in the owner’s packet for each car and were to be installed by the dealer or by the owner. They were mounted with double-face tape and often came off, or perhaps were never installed, so some CE’s may not have their original plaque.

To find out if you have a Commemorative Edition, go to and enter your VIN. It will not cost you anything. If it is truly a Commemorative Edition, it will have that description in the model name. I have also compiled a master VIN list in PDF format. Series numbers are matched with build numbers as owners with plaques register their cars.


Four cylinder; 2.0-liter engine. Breakerless electronic ignition system. Electronic fuel injection. Turbocharger with water-cooled bearing housings and integrated waste gate. Intercooler: Saab APC system for continuous boost pressure control. Double overhead camshafts. Four valves per cylinder Power rating: 185 bhp at 5500 rpm. Peak torque: 201 ft. lb. at 2800 rpm.

Front wheel drive. Five-speed manual gearbox.

Front: Double wishbones, with pivot-mounted, progressive action coil springs and gas shock absorbers. Stabilizer bar Rear: Lightweight, beam-type rear axle with coil springs, gas shock absorbers, two leading and two trailing arms and a Panhard rod. Power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering.

Disc brakes all around, ventilated in front. Asbestos-free pads. Saab Anti-lock Braking System.


Asymmetric wheels, grey with polished lip. 5.5j x 15″ light alloy.

195/60 VR15 high-speed, low profile steel belted radials.

Capacity EPA Cargo Volume Index with the back seat raised, 21.9 cu.ft. (621 liters). Total Cargo Space with the back seat folded down, 56.5 cu.ft. (1600 liters).

Lowered chasis. Electrically operated sunroof. Air-conditioning. Electrically operated front seats. Electrically adjustable door mirrors. Electrically operated windows. Cruise control. Driver’s side air bag. Burled walnut instrument panel. Leather upholstery. Removable AM/FM stereo cassette and compact disc player/7-band graphic equalizer with CD changer controls.


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Saab-Scania “22 Minutes & 22 Seconds” Promotional Film

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The Saab-Scania promotional film made in 1979 titled “22 Minutes & 22 Seconds” has now been converted and is available to watch here online. This film was able to be converted thanks to the Rocky Mountain Saab Club’s (RMSC) extremely kind donation recently. The RMSC provided everything that Saab History needed in order to meet the financial goals in concluding the first phase of the “Saab Film Project“. This additional to the Saab Video archive will be the three hundred and fifteenth addition to the archive since it was launched over a year ago.

The film you are about to see is certainly a unique mix featururing footage of Scania, SAAB Aerospace as well as SAAB Automobile. The variety of footage of these industries that were all a part of Saab-Scania AB at the time include manufacturing, testing, development, design, promotional clips, out takes and a number of other bits that I think you will find particularly unique and rather interesting.

Please enjoy the film and post your comments below.

Saab-Scania – 22 Minutes & 22 Seconds, 1979

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The Million Mile Merry Go-Round Of The Saab SPG

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The million mile Saab 900 SPG story that hit one million miles at the 2006 Saab Owners Convention in Lake George, New York has almost received more mileage in the press than the actual car did.
Recently, I have uncovered one piece of footage of this milestone. This footage involves actual in-car video of the odometer rolling over from 999,999 to 000,000 with Peter driving his 1989 900 SPG and former President of Saab Automobile USA, Jay Spenchian riding as a passenger.
The footage is interesting, especially when you hear them talking, but I warn you, please do not eat prior to watching due to the “merry-go-round” effect as you will see during the final moments leading up to the milestone. I wonder which one got sick first, Peter or Jay? I like Jay’s comments “It’s like a bad amusement park ride”.
As the story goes, a result of this milestone, Saab Automobile USA provided Peter with a free 2007 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon complete with the Saab Aero Academy!
In addition to all of the media exposure Peter received for his accomplishment, and the Saab brand itself, he was also asked to showcase his car at the 2007 North American International Auto Show.
Although today the SPG is retired to the wisconsin auto museum, Peter enjoys his 9-5 Aero as he wrote here on Saab History back in the fall of 2007.

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Saab 900 Turbo TV Ad Sweden – 1986

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Saab History has received yet another Saab TV ad, this from all the way back in 1986 from Sweden featuring a 3-door 900.
Although it is in Swedish, it’s great to see, and another good addition to the Saab Video archive.

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Saab 900 4-Door Notchback Turbo TV Ad – 1988

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Saab History has just received a super rare Saab 900 4-door Notchback TV ad from 1988 as part of the “most intelligent cars ever built” advertising campaign in the United States.
The Saab 900 notchback was introduced in 1983 and became the quintessential sedan version of the Saab 900, given that the hatchback model was only available for 2 years in the U.S., 1979 and 1980.
Interesting ad don’t you think? It makes #444 in the Saab Video archive!

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The Saab 900 Convertible : 1986 – 1994

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile USA

The convertible idea was conceived by Bob Sinclair, former President Saab-Scania of America, Inc. and the engineering was conducted by Steven Rossi & American Sunroof Company.

The Saab 900 Turbo Cabriolet prototype in 1983. was unveiled to the crowd at the Frankfurt Motor Show that Saab in 1983.

A year later, this vehicle was also featured in the Saab Olympics which took place in Los Angeles in 1984.

The first production model of the Saab 900 Convertible arrived in 1986 of which there were 400 made that year and was built in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

The final year for the production of the convertible took place in 1994, a year after the 900 ended production.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:

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The Saab 900 Notchback : 1981 – 1993

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Photo Credit: Saab-Scania

The Saab 900 notchback sedan was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1981. That year, the models traditional 3-door & 5-door hatchback model lineup was expanded to include sedans which featured a new body style known as the “notchback”, which effectively eliminated the hatch leaving a trunk.

This new body style was included in not only the initial sedans, but between 1985 and 1986, it had a 3-door model people refer to as the “notchback”. It’s design continued through the years until 1993, and it even served as the basis for the Saab 900 convertible in 1986.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:

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The Saab 900 : 1979 – 1993

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

The Saab 900 continued the legacy of the 99 as a Combi Coupé / hatchback and was first introduced in 1979 and was produced for 15 years until it came to an end in 1993.

The 900 was designed by Saab designer, Bjorn Enväll and was produced in Uusikaupunki, Finland, Arlöv, Sweden, Malmö, Sweden and Trollhättan, Sweden

The Saab 900 became known as the classic 900 when it rolled off of the production line on March 26th, 1993 in an Imola Red 900 Aero, which was subsequently driven directly to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:

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