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1965 SAAB “Catherina” Prototype – Saab Museum, Sweden

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

The SAAB ‘Catherina’ Prototype project was one of two projects that was designed to be chosen as the design that is used for the next production model which was the Sonett II. This vehicle was named ‘Catherina’ from a play on a popular song at the time and also because of the factory it was built at which was the ASJ factory in Katrineholm, Sweden.

The Catherina was designed by Sixten Sason and began conceptual drawings in January of 1963. A real-life scale model was made in the fall of 1964, and the final concept was completed for review by management on February 9th, 1965.

The other vehicle that was being designed in parallel to this model was the MFI-13 at Malmö Flygindustri (MFI), hence the naming convention. The MFI-13 was the prototype ultimately decided on for the initial Sonett II.

Here is an interesting bit from

“One might note the resemblance between the lines of the Catherina and those of the forthcoming Saab 99. This is not entirely surprising since both designs shared Sason’s drawing board.”

If anyone can identify the popular ‘Catherina’ song at that time, roughly around 1963-1965 please let me know.

The Catherina is currently located at the Saab Museum in Sweden.


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