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Saab Automobile’s New Design Director, Jason Castriota Interviewed By New York Times

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Photo Credit: New York Times

Saab’s new Design Director, Jason Castriota has been recently interviewed by the New York Times.

Here’s a small part of that interview below:

Jason Castriota, formerly designer for Ferrari, Pininfarina and Stile Bertone, has been tapped by Saab to lead design, through Mr. Castriota’s design firm. […]

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New Design Director at Saab Automobile

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

New Design Director at Saab Automobile

* Former Pininfarina and Bertone designer joins Saab leadership team
* Will lead design for Saab’s product expansion program

Trollhättan, Sweden: Saab Automobile today announced the appointment of former Bertone and Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota as its new Design Director.

Castriota, 36, now takes the lead role in design at Saab, reporting directly to Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson. He and his design company will be responsible for exterior and interior design and will lead the design activities at Saab as the brand renews and broadens its product range.

Announcing the appointment, Jan Åke Jonsson said: “We’re delighted to welcome Jason to our leadership team. He has an outstanding track record in automotive design and will help us take the brand forward. He will play a key role in expressing all that’s best in the innovative tradition of Saab design as we carry our brand’s roots into the future.”

“I’m greatly looking forward to joining such an iconic brand,” said Castriota. “Saab has a very strong and distinctive heritage which gives it great potential to develop. This is an exciting opportunity for me to help shape its future products.”

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Interested In Being A Designer For Saab Automobile?

Posted on 26. May, 2010 by .


Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Interested in being a designer for Saab Automobile in Sweden? Apply here with Adecco who are working on behalf of Saab, looking to hire a full-time design engineer.

As Saab Automobile continues to hire more to their team as they ramp up their operations since the sale in February, positions like this are great way to get in while the company starts a new design era.

Click here to submit your application with Adecco.

Saab Automobile is seeking a Design Engineer – Saab Automobile AB

Saab Automobile AB has its roots in Trollhättan and in a strong tradition of innovation and design. The result is breakthrough technology and versatile car that combines driving pleasure with respect to the environment.

As a Design Engineer is responsible and manages your development work in one of bodywork construction sites, where Unigraphics (UG) is the main tool for concept and article development.

Reference No: 392 Apply by: 13/06/2010 Search job

Contact Info:

Therese Yllner Recruitment Consultant (+46) 0406675320
Frederick Weinbacher Saab Saab Group Manager (+46) 0520-841 79
Anette Hellgren Union (+46) 0520-841 25
John Tärbo Graduates Association (+46) 0520-851 55


* You produce layouts of complete concepts and be able to consider the following in your design: design criteria, cost, quality, weight, packaging, schedule, DFA (Design for Assembly), FMEA, manufacturing requirements, styling, Lessons Learned, servicing requirements, etc..

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Former Saab Designer Anthony Lo, Leaves GM For Renault

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Photo Credit: Saab History

Former Saab Designer, Anthony Lo, who I interviewed this past September in Frankfurt and previously in Detroit a year earlier, has left GM to take a new position with Renault according to Car Design News

Lo, led what people refer to as the “concept car era” for Saab under GM’s ownership, beginning with the 9-X in 2001, 9-3x, 9-3 Sport Hatch, Aero-X, 9-4x BioPower, 9-X BioHybrid and ending with the 9-X Air in 2008.

He brought a lot of design skills to the table with Saab and it was a pleasure to have him on board.

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Saab History Interviews Saab Designer, Anthony Lo

Posted on 18. Sep, 2009 by .


Audio Credit: Saab History

Anthony Lo who I interviewed last January in Detroit spoke with me about his time working with Saab since departing earlier this year to stay with Opel. After nearly 9 years as the advanced design director for Saab Automobile’s future products and concept cars, he decided to stay in Germany.

You may remember Lo led what people refer to as the “concept car era” beginning with the 9-X in 2001, and ending with the 9-X Air just last year.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to interview him, in an audio only format since he is no longer an employee of Saab. A sincere thank to to Anthony Lo, as well as Tynan’s Saab & JMK Saab for making it happen.

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Saab History Interviews Simon Padian, Saab Automobile Brand Design Chief At 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show

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Film Credit: Saab History

Saab History had the great opportunity to interview Simon Padian, Saab Automobile’s Brand Design Chief at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this week.

Padian, this year entered his 20th anniversary with Saab as a designer and has seen just about every change in the Saab brand design program beginning with his first mentor, Bjorn Envall who co-designed the Saab 99 with SAAB’s first designer, Sixten Sason.

A thank to Tynan’s Saab & JMK Saab for making this happen as well as Simon Padian for sharing his time with Saab History.

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Original SAAB Engineer, Rolf Melde Passes Away At 86

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

Rolf Melde, one of the original fifteen aircraft engineers at Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget or SAAB beginning in 1947, has recently passed, Saab Car Museum curator Peter Backström indicates.

Here is Peter Backstrom’s recent e-mail to us about this news:

I am sad to tell you that one of the biggest Saabpioneers, Rolf Mellde, has passed away after a short illness at the age of 86 years. Not only a superb engineer, with initiatives like the Saab Sonett and the incredible V4-project, he was also a very skilled competition driver.

Melde, was last seen at the 60th Anniversary Saab Festival where he was on stage at the dinner where he spoke about his exciting career transitioning from SAAB’s focus on Aircraft to Automobiles in 1947.

There will be much more about his passing in a press release coming early this week from Saab Automobile AB.

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The Sixteen Fifteen SAAB Aircraft Engineers

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This past August of last year, I asked you who the original sixteen SAAB aircraft engineers were that created the first SAAB Automobile prototype in 1946. This SAAB prototype was the 92001 touted as “Ursaab”, was originally designed and fabricated by these engineers in Linköping, Sweden just prior to moving to the current home of Saab Automobile in Trollhättan, Sweden.

In my quest to determine who each of these original sixteen aircraft engineers were, I have gathered nine names so far, after scanning through both the Saab History video and book archives.

Today, I got a nice comment from a Berth Olofsson involved in with SAAB back then telling us all of the details and the fact that it was not 16 aircraft engineers, but 15 in addition to the following information:

Furthermore, Mr. Olofssson is going to be writing a book on the most anonymous of all aircraft engineers, Hugo Möller as he put it. I can’t wait to read it!

Here are his complete updates to the list of aircraft engineers below:

‘Ursaab’ is new name.
The workname was ‘Ettan’ which in English is ‘The One’ or ‘Number One’.
The number of engineers were aproximately fifteen, depending on how much you consider their involvment.

1) Gunnar Ljungström, SAAB’s chief engineer, was at the same time responsible for the construction of
the wings for the fighter air craft J 29 so he was working part time on the
2) Sixten Sason, SAAB Chief designer was a designer consultant on a shared time basis.
3) Rolf Mellde was not one of them, four prototypes were already completed and the fifth on the way when he was employed in Trollhättan
4) Olof Landbu, Chief Test Engineer, was not involved in the construction and assambly of the prototypes but responsible for the tests when they were ready built
5) Svante Holm, Chief Engineer, worked at Fläktfabriken in Jönköping when the prototypes were
built but at the same time confidentially project leader for the prototypes
and later on the manager for the plant in Trollhättan.
6) Hugo Möller, was working full time from the start on the 7th of January,
1946. and was responsible for tool construction and assambly and the only person working full time on the prototypes.
7) Olle Lindgren, not Lindqvist, was engine specialist.
8) Tore Svenson – chassis.
9) Tage Flodén
10) Hans Osquar Gustavsson – hood and front.
11) Erik Storerkers – body.
12) Nils Lidro – geometric
13) Bertil Baerendz?
14) Bror Bjurströmer
15) Hermansson?

I have more names but not available right now about exhaust system, wheels and axels, floor, wheel houses etc.

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