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Saab Experimental Vehicle (EV-1) – 1985

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

The Saab Experimental Vehicle (EV-1) was introduced at the International motorshow in Frankfurt, Germany between September 12th through the 22nd of 1985. It was at this event where Saab introduced the first experimental vehicle or concept car in Europe that was based off of the Saab 900 Turbo 16.

This vehicle was designed by Björn Envall at the Saab Design Center. The sheet metal and painting was done by Mellberg Custom in Nyköping, Sweden, the same town where Saab maintains a rather large parts & accessories facility.

The purpose of this vehicle was for Saab to test materials, components and technology in the real world. Unlike many concept vehicles, this vehicle was built similiar to a production vehicle in that it was extremely capable as a daily-driver vehicle in even the most extreme conditions.

The design is of the EV-1 is quite progressive with cutting-edge technology deployed throughout. One of the most significant integration of environmentally sensitive technologies in the EV-1 was the roof being built almost entirely of solar cells that produce electric power for the fans that provide ventilation in the car when located in close proximity to direct and indirect sunlight.

The front and rear parts of the EV-1 are built out of a lightweight aramid fibre reinforced plastic which can absorb impact and resume their original shape. The interior of the vehicle consists of lightweight seats that are electrically controlled, very progressive for the time.

The engine is a standard, 16-valve Turbo engine that has been tuned to provide 285 horsepower.

The chassis and suspension include standard components that were adopted from a standard Saab 900 Turbo model and tweaked and modified slightly.

Here are some more of the original photos from the press release:



Photo Credits: Saab Automobile

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