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Saab Formula Junior – Video Footage, cont.

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This is another rare clip of footage taken in either 1960 or 1961 of Erik Carlsson on the track, racing one of the Saab Formula Juniors. Enjoy.

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Saab Formula Junior – Video Footage

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This is a video clip of the 1960 Saab Formula Junior, #51 on an open airstrip that I managed to find to share with everyone. Enjoy.

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Saab Formula Junior – Saab Museum, Sweden

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The Saab Formula Junior was introduced in 1960 by SAAB for the need to test competition engines. These tests were ran for two seasons 1960 and 1961. I have yet to find the connection, but I am determined to find a link that connects the Quantum IV Formula S developed years later (1964) to the Saab Formula Junior. During my trip to Sweden for the Saab Festival in 2005, I took the opportunity to photograph every vehicle on display at the Saab Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden including the photo that you see above of the 1960 Saab Formula Junior #3.

Update: This information was just sent to me:

There is NO CONNECTION between the FACTORY effort of the SAAB Formula Junior and the completely private effort of Bill Rutan and the Quantum Formula S. Formula Junior was a healthy international racing class primary to Europe while Formula S was a stillborn semi-spec class within the SCCA (completely US based). The two cars could not be more different, except for the use of the same powerplant.

This photo of a 1960 Saab Formula Junior is only one of only two of these vehicles ever produced, according to the Wikipedia source below, but ironically you will notice the two photographs in Wikipedia, those being #1 and #51, while I have depicted #3 above. With three already indicated, I would be interested in a more accurate production number of these models if someone could provide them. The additional resources I have referred to do not provide any other details other than what we have below.

Here is a writeup on the Saab Formula Junior from the following source:

1960 Saab Formula Junior

Formula Junior of 1959 was an international class for single-seat racers with engines from standard road cars. In 1960, some enthusiasts at Saab’s combined testing and competition department decided to have a go at Formula Junior – even though the engine was well below the permitted displacement of 1100cc.

Taking an approach that was different to the conventional was not unusual for Saab and this case was no different. The engineers at Saab constructed an advanced monocoque car in contrast to the space frame designs of their competitors.

The three-cylinder two-stroke was installed, horizontally, in the front of the gearbox in the front of the car.
Saab Formula Junior

The Saab Formula Junior was, naturally, driven by the front wheels. Engine output was around 86hp but the weight distribution of the car put 70% at the front. The Formula Junior was fast on the straights and could brake later than its competitors but it suffered from excessive understeer on the corners.

The Saab Formula Junior was not fully competitive and after a couple of seasons the racing of the car was discontinued. Only two cars were ever built and were driven by Gösta Karlsson, Carl-Magnus Skogh and Erik Carlsson. One of the cars is on display at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan.

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