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SAAB Viggen-X Splinter Release

Posted on 11. Dec, 2006 by .


Erik Norberg of Sweden who brought us some incredible information on his SAAB Viggen flight simulator jet some weeks ago, has recently released a promo of his “Splinter” Camoflaged VIGGEN that will be available starting December 15th, 2006.

For more information on the Viggen-X project for use in the X-plane simulator software program, please visit

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The Viggen – A great history, cont.

Posted on 29. Nov, 2006 by .


viggen_logo.jpgThe name Viggen means The Thunderbolt, derived from the Norse god Thor’s warhammer Mjölner.

The Saab 9-3 Viggen was first put into production in 1999, most notable for its lightening blue paint, and production ran until 2003.

Again, the Viggen has to be without question the best example of a Saab Automobile that was 100% “born from jets”.

“The Viggen was created for performance seeking Saab enthusiasts and remains very desirable among Saab enthusiasts.”

For more information about the SAAB JA 37 Viggen jet that the automobile is inspired by, please visit this link here



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The Viggen – A great history

Posted on 29. Nov, 2006 by .


viggen_logo.jpgThe name Viggen means The Thunderbolt, derived from the Norse god Thor’s warhammer Mjölner.

The SAAB JA 37 Viggen was had it’s first maiden run in 1967, with production starting in 1970 and ending in 1990.

Since we’re on the topic of great SAAB aircraft, the Viggen was one that had such a great following, an automobile was created from it. In a way, the Viggen idea parallels that of the history of Saab in that the Viggen automobile was “born from jets”. I have provided some quotes, photos and videos for your enjoyment.

“The name ‘Viggen’ has a mythological background: it is the clap of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer.”

For more information about the SAAB JA 37 Viggen, please visit


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A Lifetime of Saab Contributions

Posted on 27. Nov, 2006 by .


Erik Norberg, from Sweden, the designer of the Viggen-X model for the X-plane flight simulator I have written about earlier, has gratiously provided some background of his lifetime of contributions to the Saab brand.

Mr Norberg is a former chief systems engineer of the JA37 Fighter Interceptor and actually flew the two seater viggen once. Mr. Norberg has about 25 hours in a real viggen simulator and as far as he knows, his flight characteristics are good and accurate.

Here is a quote about how he put together the Viggen-X simulator model.

“We use source material orginiating from government or SAAB as well as sharp eyes and and cameras.”

Here are some additional pieces of information from Mr. Norberg.

I’m in my late 30’s, I practiced at the production line of SAAB 340 Aircraft in -88 and -89,
at the avionics test unit.

I did my examimation work from royal institute of technology at SAAB. I
constructed a rudder force and position meassuring system for the JAS39
Gripen Aircraft.

I Worked with the RADAR systems for all Viggen versions then, at
Swedish Defence Materiel Administration.

I was the chief systems engineer of the Viggen between -96 and -00,
responsible for mid-lif update.

I have done production test flights with SAAB 340, and flew the Viggen
once (SK37). I have about 25 hours in a JA37 simulator and also
projected an upgrade for it.

I have had four SAAB automobiles.

I love SAAB’s and currently my SAAB is a corporate car equiped with
infotainment system and an integrated phone. I used to own the other cars.

My father had a metallic green SAAB 900 -94 until hist last breath.

I probably will own a SAAB to my last breath too… 😉



For more information on their project visit

For photos and videos of the Viggen-X project on this site, please visit

For more info on the X-Plane project, visit or

Here are some recent photos Erik Norberg has gratiously provided saabhistory of his Saab Automobile.

Thank you Mr. Norberg for sharing your wonderful background with the Saab brand.




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Saab Viggen X-Plane Project

Posted on 21. Nov, 2006 by .


Erik Norberg, Sweden and Gregory Sainz of France have a project known as “Viggen X-Files”. This project is the development of a fully scaled accurate 3-dimensional model of a SAAB JA 37 VIGGEN fighter jet for use in the FAA Certified software program X-plane.

Their dedicated project is a long time coming that includes materials and resources from some notable authorities on the subject. It appears that as of now, Saab Enthusiasts can choose to virtually race a number of Saab automobile models in Need For Speed 4 as well as SAAB Airplane and Jet models in X-plane 8.

– Original Viggen flight manual
– Original painting drawings (Splinter version)
– Original geometry drawings
– SAAB JA-37 Viggen Performance Assessment, John McIver B.Eng.(Aero), Temporal Images

Then a lot of information is provided by people at:

– FMV – Defense Material Administration on a non-official basis.
– SAAB Aerospace on a non-official basis.
– Various research and test establishments.
РSwedish Air Force Museum, Link̦ping

For more information on their project visit

For more info on the X-Plane project, visit or

I have provided a photo of their latest Viggen design, complete with the “Splinter” camoflage as well as two recent promotional videos. I like the first one with the “Top Gun” music, enjoy them!


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SAAB Aircraft footage mix by SAAB Technologies

Posted on 17. Nov, 2006 by .


I just came across an excellent set of mixed action footage depicted many of the SAAB aircraft that have been in production over the years put together by SAAB Technologies. Enjoy!

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Saab-Scania Group

Posted on 12. Nov, 2006 by .


As your votes have indicated you enjoy the vintage photography and video footage, so here is a great vintage photo of the Saab-Scania group as well as a video. Enjoy!


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Saab Aircraft Advertising through the ages

Posted on 01. Nov, 2006 by .


I want to take a moment to reflect on Saab’s brilliant ability to continue to advertise their aircraft heritage with SAAB who is no longer directly affiliated with Saab Autmobile. I am impressed by the photography and collaboration with regards to advertising and marketing that is still very much present today.

I have provided three of my most favorite advertising photos from the archives featuring a SAAB JAS 39 Gripen, a SAAB JA 37 VIGGEN and a J 35 DRAKEN respectively. Enjoy the vintage photography, I certainly do.




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