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Saab Automobile Supporter Demonstrations Begin in Trollhttan, Sweden & Opel Supporters Continue To Demonstrate in Russelsheim, Germany

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Sweden’s SVT reports that Saab Automobile AB’s supports have begun demonstrating in Trollhättan, Sweden while Opel supporters and unions also continue their demonstrations in at the Opel factory & GME design center in Rüsselsheim, Germany as well.

As you can see in the video, regardless of the language, the unwaivering support for General Motor’s Europe brands (Saab/Opel/Vauxhaul) continue during their negotiations with General Motors.

I wonder if these three brands will still work together to form a new group, given their similiar situations across the board? Together, we are one voice, together we are stronger? I still continue to look at what will happen between Saab and it’s sister GM Europe brands, this will be interesting.

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Could Opel Be Saab Automobile AB’s New Owner?

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There has been some interesting dialogs as of late with the idea that Opel could own Saab. I think that given that Saab & Opel have had a long standing dealer partnership in Sweden as well as in Europe, and the next generation Saab 9-5 will be built at the GME Opel factory in Rüsselsheim, Germany, why not? Did you also know in Russelheim, Opel also has next door to the factory, the GM Europe Design Center? Furthermore, there is also a rather large Saab media archive, besides the Heritage Center in Detroit and the Saab Cars Museum as well, who would have thought? Furthermore, even Saab Automobile’s long time employee Kjell-Ã…ke Eriksson, who I interviewed in Detroit, is now the President of Saab Automobile Germany, go figure? Opel in Germany continues to sound like a logical partner in Saab’s success, but could they be an owner too?

This ownership could ensure a critical new product launch and a continued dealership network in Europe, but here’s the big question I have. How could Opel “buy” Saab given that Opel is also another brand of General Motors Europe? Would there actually be a profit to made to General Motors “selling” one brand to another brand, internally? Sounds kind of impossible. The only way I believe that Opel could “buy” Saab, would be if General Motors Europe allowed Opel to become an isolated business unit along with Saab Automobile underneath that. That way, once that transaction has taken place, GM could actually “sell” Saab and for Opel to “buy” it and become the new “owner”.

However, what would this mean for the United States and their General Motors network given that Opel does not have any presence here, in addition, what would happen to the 9-4x with that product having no ties to Opel whatsoever?

Furthermore, and most importantly, what would this mean for Saab Automobile’s presence in Trollhättan, Sweden, the birthland of the brand?

There are a lot of pros here, with some cons as well, so I’ve sent some e-mails to Opel in Germany to see what they have to say. I’m not expecting much, especially since this type of material is sensitive and not to mention, Opel is a GM brand too!

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Opel Factory Chief Calls For GM To Sell Saab

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Photo Credit: Opel

The General Motors Europe Opel Factory chief, Klaus Franz, has called for General Motors to sell Saab to it’s “sister” Opel.

First off, I never have heard that Opel is Saab’s “sister”, but I guess in Europe it is?

Secondly, and more importantly, it looks as though Klaus is advocating for Opel to “own” Saab and as a result, products such as the next generation Saab 9-5 as planned, so it won’t need to be delayed and could be put on the production schedule for late summer of the 2009.

Anyways, this is an interesting piece that I found on Reuters that I think you should read.

Opel should be a sub-contractor for Saab

In the context of the worsening crisis GM Opel plant council chief Klaus Franz calls for the group to sell the Swedish brand Saab to its sister
-Opel: “I am very pleased that the Swedish government support for Volvo and Saab is approved. On this basis can Ford and GM can approach new
investors for their Swedish brands, “said Franz to the “Auto Motor und Sport”.

“At GM, I see no prospect for Saab. Because there needs to be investments in at least three products so that the brand can survive. The the models 9-5, 9-3 and another product. GM had always just too much to die and too little to life for Saab [they starved Saab], “complains Franz

Even after a sale of the brand Saab Franz sees the possibility that Saab and Opel would continue to cooperate with Opel as the contractor for the Saab plant. “We in Rüsselsheim can meet all the conditions for us to begin the Saab 9-5 after the summer 2009. We can also do contract manufacturing from a third party, which does not have GM as the owner of the Saab brand.”

Franz,despite the recent developments in the U.S, looks with a positive attitude for the future of Opel: “We have confirmed that we have acted very wisely to take the initiative for a guarantee to make us less dependent on GM. Opel is celebrating next year 110th anniversary and things are good that the government guarantee also applies. “

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The Saab & Opel Partnership At European Dealerships

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Photo Credit: Saab History / Naples, Italy 2003

In Europe, there are no Saab exclusive dealerships, in fact a large majority of Saab dealerships, if not all, are partnered with Opel. This is particularly true in Sweden where all 128 of their Saab dealerships include Opel as well.

The idea with this partnership at the dealer level, is that you have access to a base model car (Opel) along with a premium car (Saab) side by side.

This concept has apparently worked out well, and I would be interested in finding out just how well by encouraging european Saab dealerships to speak up about how well this has worked.

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German Based SolarWorld Bid To Buy Opel From GM

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Not more than a week after Opel asks the German Government for financial support, SolarWorld, a germany based company bids to buy Opel outright from General Motors for 250 Euros & 750 Euros in Credit according to Dow Jones.

A sale of Opel would mean ownership of the next generation Saab 9-5 production at the Opel based Russelheim, Germany factory as well.

Could the next generation Saab 9-5 see some solar technologies before it goes out the door, especially now that its production is delayed?

FRANKFURT -(Dow Jones)- German solar equipment maker SolarWorld AG (SWV.XE) Wednesday said it intends to offer about EUR1 billion in cash and credit lines for General Motors Corp.’s (GM) unit Adam Opel GmbH in a bid to develop the ” first green European car company.”

Source: Dow Jones

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The New Saab 9-5 Concept Sketch

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Photo Credit: Saab History

The New 9-5 was shown at the Saturday Night dinner by Saab Automobile USA President, Steve Shannon at the 2008 Saab Owners Convention.

What we know about the new 9-5 is that it has been designed at the GM Europe Design Center and will be produced at the GM Europe factory in Russellheim, Germany and available near the fourth quarter of 2009.

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The GM Europe Russelheim, Germany Factory

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Photo Credit: GM Europe

The GM Europe Russelsheim factory originally began in 1862 when GM’s brand Opel started. However, their current modern factory that replaced the old factory was completed and put into place in Russelsheim, Germany in 2002.

It is also worth noting that the GM Europe Russelsheim factory is within the same complex as the GM Europe Design center

Here is some information below from older press releases that should help us learn more about this factory:

Adam Opel Haus
D-65423 Rüsselsheim

Telephone: 49-6142-660
Fax: 49-6142-664-859


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GM To Start New Saab 9-3 Production In Germany 2012

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Update: This information has now been nullified with the recent official press release from Saab Automobile Sweden which indicates that the next generation Saab 9-3 will be built in Trollhattan, Sweden.

According to in Germany, General Motors Europe are now officially planning on producing the next generation of their Saab 9-3 model at the Opel factory Russellheim, Germany from 2012 on. Just Auto also supports this news with a recent addition of over 500 new jobs for the General Motors Europe plan in Russellheim:

I hope this means that there will still be a Saab being produced in Sweden, given that the Saab 9-3 is effectively of the lineage that started all the way back in 1947 with the SAAB 92001.

In the meantime here is the news material below:

FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) — General Motors Corp ‘s European unit will produce the new generation of its Saab 9-3 model at its German plant in Ruesselsheim from 2012 on, biweekly Automobilwoche said in an advanced report to be published Monday, citing GM Europe’s top labor representative Klaus Franz. Additionally, 500 new jobs will be created at the Ruesselsheim plant this year, according to the report.

Newspaper Web site:

Summary: GM Europe will add around 500 jobs at its Ruesselsheim plant having decided to make the plant more flexible and build models on the new global midsize architecture as well as the global compact platform.

Just Auto

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