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SAAB SCANIA – “Leaders in Technology” 1989

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On the topic of SAAB-SCANIA 1969-1989, I managed to find a film that specifically outlines each of the divisions of the company such as Aircraft, Saab Car Division, Scania Division and Combitech and Enertech. Enjoy the film and let me know what you think.

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Would SAAB Aircraft Be Interested In Financially Supporting Saab Automobile?

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I have been thinking about what investors as the folks at GM refer to them as, would be interested in helping to transition Saab Automobile to new ownership.

Right now, we know that the Swedish Government will support but not own them, but will others as well to fatten the financial support such as SAAB Aicraft? They are doing very well today, so I’ve sent an e-mail over to their press office. We’ll see what they happen to say.

Could you imagine them changing their name from “One Name Two Companes, to “One Name, One Company”?

This may be wishful thinking but nonetheless, we’ll see what they have to say.

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SAAB Aircraft Launches 70th Anniversary Promo Film

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Film Credit: SAAB Group

SAAB Aircraft Group Launches 70th Anniversary Promo Film

This promotional film that was produced last year for the 70th Anniversary Festival, recently showed up on SAAB Group’s media site. The film showcases SAAB’s 70 years since 1937 which covers all of their milestones including some incredible footage of SAAB as well as SAAB-SCANIA automobiles!

This timeline approach to a promotional film does a great job in showing the advancements over the years of SAAB of Linkoping, Sweden.

I highly recommend that all of the history buffs out there watch this film, it is very educational!

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SAAB JAS 39 Gripen Jet Receives Upgrade

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Photo Credit: Peter Karlsson, Svarteld form & foto AB

SAAB Group’s Gripen fighter jet gets new equipment. Read the press release below.

Saab displays new flying test platform for Gripen
[2008-04-23 8:00]

Gripen Demo, a new flying development platform for current and future generations of Gripen, is unvealed today for the first time. One of the new features is a completely new radar, that Saab is developing in collaboration with the French company Thales.

“We have equipped this aircraft with a new stronger engine and a completely new modular avionics system. The aircraft will have a greater payload and a longer range. In addition, Saab, together with Thales, will develop a completely new type of radar. The development will mean that Gripen will be able to maintain its position at the cutting edge of development for the next 30 – 40 years. Gripen Demo will fly for the first time during 2008,” says Ã…ke Svensson, CEO of Saab.

The flying test platform, Gripen Demo, will be used to introduce new technology and functions to Gripen. The new capabilities could be the basis for a totally new version and will be completely or partially integrated into current versions of Gripen.

The development of Gripen is done in collaboration with some of the world´s leading companies within the aircraft industry: General Electric, Volvo Aero, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, APPH, Terma, Martin-Baker and Meggitt. The latest in the line is Thales, which means that two of the world´s leading radar developers are now collaborating to equip Gripen with the most advanced AESA radar technology (Active Electronically Scanned Array).

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers´ changing needs.

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SAAB Aircraft Announce First Quarter Earnings

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Saab Automobile’s longtime colleagues, SAAB Group, the makers of the aircraft have just released their latest 1st quarter findings which were up 1%.

This release, available in PDF was announced today in Linkoping, Sweden by CEO Ake Svensson at 9:30am.

It looks like the aircraft industry is doing better than the automobile industry at this point.

Saab’s first quarterly report 2008 will be presented on the 23rd April

Åke Svensson, CEO and Lars Granlöf, CFO will present Saab AB’s first quarterly report for 2008 at a press conference in Linköping on Wednesday 23rd April. The report will be available on the same day from 06.30 (CET).

Time: Wednesday 23rd April 09.30 (CET).
Location: Infocenter, Saab’s facilities in Linköping, entry via Å;tvidaberg gate.

The press conference will be webcast directly on

The quarterly report will be available on from 06.30 (CET) Wednesday 23rd April.

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.

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Saab Clubs hold “Born From Jets” tour at Smithsonian Aerospace Museum in Washington, D.C.

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Photo Credit: Ben Hinkle, used with permission

Saab Clubs hold “Born From Jets” tour at Smithsonian Aerospace Musem in Washington, D.C.

On April 22nd, 2007, the Central Pennsylvania Saab Club as well as folks from the Washington, D.C. Saab club visited the Udvar-Hazy Aerospace Museum nearby Dulles International Airport in the Washington, D.C. area. The fact that Saab Automobiles are “Born From Jets”, makes this event location an appropriate venue and was apparently quite an exciting experience with approximately 18 Saabs showing up from all over the mid-atlantic region representing both clubs.

cpsc_logo.jpgThe Central Pennsylvania Saab Club was founded in 1985 and has nearly 250 members and is growing. Prior to the event, they will be planning on organizing a convoy, so that all members of Saab club can enjoy a wonderful trip together.
wassaab_small.jpg The Washington, D.C. Saab Club was founded in the Capital region in 2000 and consists of members from Maryland, Virginia as well as Washington, D.C. proper.Today, the Washington, D.C. Saab Club consists of just over 100 members strong.

For more information about the Saab Club of Pennsylvania’s website visit and the Washington, D.C. Saab club at their website here

To find out more about the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center, visit

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Saab AB 70th Anniversary Speech

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Photo Credit: SAAB AB

This just in from a colleague about SAAB ABs 70th Anniversary.

SAAB: Summary of CEO Åke Svensson’s Address To Saab’s Annual General Meeting, April 12, 2007

Saab’s President and CEO, Åke Svensson, Provided a Brief Historical Summary Of Saab’s First 70 Years in His Address to The Annual General Meeting on April 12.


“Saab has developed in close cooperation with the Swedish defence through Sweden’s decision to remain neutral,” he said.

Åke Svensson also mentioned that the defence industry has been decisive to Sweden’s growth and development: “Analyses show that the investments have repaid society by a wide margin. When engineers from Sweden’s most research-intensive company have continued on in their careers, they have shared their expertise and thereby helped to develop other areas of Swedish business. In this way, Saab has served – and still serves – as an incubator and technology generator for Sweden. This is a role we would gladly continue to play.”

He expressed his concern over the fact that fewer young people in Sweden are choosing to study natural sciences and engineering: “Swedish companies have a great need for engineering professionals. Yet we face a future where we risk an acute shortage. Saab has made efforts for years to counteract this, and we feel it is important to continue to do so.”

World-leading technology, the ability to adapt to continuous change and financial strength have distinguished the company through the years, Åke Svensson stated, noting that they are also Saab’s most important success factors in the future.

2006 was a fantastic year for Saab. Sales increased to SEK 21 billion and operating income rose to slightly over SEK 1.7 billion, generating a margin before structural costs of over 10 percent.

“This means that we are meeting our long-term profit targets, and our underlying earning capacity is good,” Åke Svensson said. 2006 was also a successful year from an acquisitions standpoint. “We acquired Ericsson Microwave Systems, which I would consider another historical milestone for Saab. The acquisition added 1,200 new colleagues, SEK 2.5 billion in sales and world-leading technological content and offerings in sensors, an excellent complement to our portfolio.”

The acquisition from Ericsson included the remaining 40-percent interest in Saab’s space operations. Two other important structural moves in 2006 were the acquisition of Denmark’s Maersk Data Defence and the establishment of a new aerostructures business in South Africa.

“Taken together, these moves give us a stronger position in our key home markets, the Nordic region and South Africa,” he continued. “2006 was also a fantastic year from the perspective of new orders.”

He noted that an increasingly important aspect of Saab’s business is support solutions, which are conducted in close with our customers’ operations. Saab remains in place in Afghanistan, for example, to support Sweden’s peacekeeping forces.

“This is no one-time occurrence. Saab is prepared to support and stand alongside the Swedish defence in its international missions in the future.”

2006 was also a good year for Saab’s best-known product, the Gripen fighter. Perhaps the biggest event regarding Gripen was the Swedish Air Force’s participation in Red Flag, an international exercise in Alaska.

“Competitors and observers were deeply impressed by Gripen’s performance. Our opinion – that Gripen is world’s most modern fighter in operational service – was reaffirmed,” Åke Svensson said.

He devoted a portion of his address to the bribery accusations against Saab and the ongoing investigation of the lease of Gripen aircraft to the Czech Republic: “It is our firm conviction that our business uses only legal methods. Bribes have never been allowed at Saab. We are fully cooperating with the public prosecutor and providing all the information needed in the investigation. This makes it unsuitable for us to further comment before the prosecutor’s work is done.”

Defence orders are complicated, and Ã…ke Svensson explained in detail what is required, for example, to seal a deal involving Gripen and why advisers are essential to such orders:

“The first piece of the puzzle, and what gets us considered in the first place, is having a product whose price and performance meet the customer’s requirements. “Our second puzzle piece is financing. Saab can offer competitive export credits through the Export Credits Guarantee Board in Sweden, for example, which also helps us to manage various types of business risks. Naturally, this also requires that Saab is a well-managed and trustworthy company.

“In major defence orders, the customer always requires so-called industrial cooperations. This means that we, as the seller, also have to help to create long-term economic growth and development in the buyer’s country. This can be done through the direct participation of the country’s industry in the production and development of the Gripen system, or by having Saab help to establish companies and transfer technology.

“Our fourth puzzle piece is political considerations. An order for fighters, for example, entails so much more. It is also a question of a long-term relationship between nations. Aircraft orders are an international affair based on extensive security and cooperation agreements – and therefore require close cooperation between governments and industry.

“The larger and more complex the systems we sell, the greater the importance of industrial cooperations and politics. The needs and terms set by each buyer-country differ, which is why we, and our competitors, need advisors and representatives to understand the situation at hand and act appropriately.”

Saab’s and BAE Systems’ rules on hiring and paying advisors are crystal clear and are published on Saab’s website.

“We do careful research and obtain references. And we are always spell out our ethical requirements,” Åke Svensson explained. “For me, not only as the president of Saab but also from a personal standpoint, business ethics are a matter of principle. And I know that this opinion is shared by all my colleagues. It is very clear to me that we are, and will remain, a company that does business based on our values and good business ethics.”

In his address, Åke Svensson also described the most important aspects of Saab’s three strategic business segments, noting that the company will be concentrating in 2007 on a number of programs to make it even more efficient. “The aim is naturally to increase profitability, with the goal of leaving us more money to invest in research and development as well as marketing. Only in this way can Saab remain a world leader.”

In conclusion, Åke Svensson offered two concrete examples of how Saab can contribute to a safer society. The breakthrough order to supply Securitas with a security platform for Stockholm’s Arlanda and Bromma airports and deliveries of the Giraffe radar system to France demonstrate two things. “The first is that Saab, with its expertise, can develop new system solutions for civil security, though also that we can utilize our existing products and systems to make society safer against today’s most prevalent threats. The second fact that these examples show is that such deals require world-leading technology, the ability to continuously change, and financial strength,” he said. “Saab has all this and more. We stand strong – and proud – as we look to the future.”

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Swedens first astronaut visits Saab Space

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Photo Credit: Saab Group

Image: Christer Fuglesang hands over a memory of the STS-116 flight and the visit to Saab Space in Göteborg to Saab Space President and CEO, Bengt Mörtberg.

This just in from SAAB Group in Linköping, Sweden.

Swedens first astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, visited Saab Space in Göteborg and Linköping March 19/20.

3/22/2007 | Christer Fuglesang is Swedens first astronaut ever. As such, he has created enormous media attention in Sweden. He has thereby raised the awareness among the general public of the daily space activities carried out in Sweden since the 60:ies. Christer is also an advocate for youngsters to turn to a future within engineering and natural sciences.

During two days, Christer visited aerospace companies and science centers in western and mid Sweden at a rocket pace.

At Saab Space, he met the employees in extra all-employee metings and told his story of the journey of his life and answered trivial as well as more intricate questions.

The question of if he would return to space if given the opportunity was answered by “yes!” without any hesitation.

Source: SAAB Space

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