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Saab Club Of Israel Celebrate Silver Anniversary

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Photo Credit: Saab Club of Israel

The Saab Club of Israel has just celebrated their silver anniversary, marking 25 years since their club was formed. To this day, there is only one importer of Saab Automobiles in their country.

Here is the press piece I recently received along with a link to photos that they took of their gathering, complete with a whole lineage of vintage SAABs to more modern Saabs!

I have not been able to locate their official club website, so in lieu of that, I will post their fotki photo page and create their own new section titled “Saab Clubs In the Middle East”.

The Israel SAAB Club celebrated its’ Silver Anniversary yesterday in a trip to the northern part of Israel. The club was formed at the end of 1983, at times when Saab had no importer in Israel. These days there is an importer, but only 1 (one !!! and this is not a joke) new SAAB car was imported to israel during 2008. there are around 950 SAABs in the country, of them more than 100 are in areas that suffer Hammas Terrorists’ missle attacks these days.

Israel Saab Club 25th Anniversary

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Swedish Saab Club President Interviewed By Rapport

Posted on 24. Dec, 2008 by .


The Swedish Saab Club’s ex-President, Martin Bergstrom, was recently interviewed on Sweden’s Rapport.
He has quite the Saab collection there, very impressive! In fact, one of the many vintage Saabs he owns includes the one-of-a-kind Saab 99 Limo that took the current King of Sweden to the Boston State House back in 1976! It’ll be nice to see this again once it has been restored!
I had the chance to meet him at last year’s 2007 Saab Festival, a nice guy and has done a lot for his club and Saab Enthusiasts all across the world! It is a good interview regardless of your knowledge of the Swedish Language.

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Pacific North West Saab Club Visit Wind Turbine Farm

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Photo Credit: Aaron C. Gilbert

The Pacific North West Saab Owners Club in the United States has recently held a club outing at a wind turbine farm.

I find this venue quite interesting given that Saab used to manufacture wind turbines back in 1975 and as recent as 2003, Saab had their global launch of the 9-3 Sport Sedan through a shoot in the Canary Islands that had a scientific facility complete with wind turbines!

This particular location that they visited is Washington State’s largest wind farm appropriately located on top of a hillside in Ellensburg which has 127 turbines. A far cry from the old Saab-Scania turbine, these turbines pump out 230 Megawatts powering approximately 70,000 homes!

What a interesting idea for a Saab Club visit and what a place to take photos, surreal!

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International Saab Club Meeting 2008

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saablatvia.jpgThe International Saab Club Meeting took place this past weekend in the Cesis district in Latvia on August 7th-9th 2008.

The Saab Club of Latvia did an incredible job in advertising the meeting during last year’s 60th Anniversary Saab Festival in Sweden from the 7th through the 10th of June, 2007. From a huge distribution of flyers at the Saab Festival Dinner, to a website launch, as well as proper signage displayed on a number of Saab Club of Latvia cars, namely the Saab 9-5 pictured here, their presence was certainly known and their anticipating of the meeting, quite remarkeable.

Here is a brief quote from their website:

Dear SAAB friends,

We invite all SAAB enthusiasts from around the world to take part in the 26th International SAAB Club Meeting, on 8,9, and 10 August 2008, in the Cesis district of Latvia.

This year is very important for us because the Latvian SAAB Club has its 10th Anniversary.

Our main idea is to meet SAAB friends in a large camping place where all SAAB enthusiasts can spend an interesting and rewarding time together.

And, as we see SAAB cars not only as a cult objects, but also as cars for active people, the meeting will be at the camping place Mezrozes, Cesu district. Mezrozes is situated 100 km north-east from the capital Riga and 15 km from the town Cesis.

Cesis is the town with more than a 800-year-old history, picturesque landscape and numerous cultural activities.

Preliminary Program:

Friday, August 8, 2008
Morning: Meeting and check-in at the Mezrozes camping.
Afternoon: Check–in and a sightseeing route.
Evening: Official opening of the “26th International SAAB Club Meeting 2008” and a Grill Party.

Saturday, August 9, 2008
Morning: International SAAB Rally 2008, a tour with special tasks but without complicated orienteering (for locals, of course 🙂 ).
Afternoon: You may still be on the tour, maybe not 🙂
Voting for the SAAB Beauty contest.
Evening: Buffet Diner with entertainment. Prizes and Special Prizes. Saturday night SAAB Disco. Sauna, smoke sauna, lake, pool.

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Late morning: Late breakfast.
SAAB market.
SAAB Beauty Contest award ceremony.
Afternoon: Closing of the Meeting.

One weekend for us is too short a time to meet SAAB friends again and show our hospitality. Yes, we want to show you more!

So the Latvian SAAB club invite you to join other SAAB friends during 3-day event before International Meeting 2008 when we want to show you just a little part of the nice place called Latvia and spend time together with other SAAB enthusiasts.

For more information on this event, please visit their website directly at

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Vintage Saab Club of North America Meet July 12th, NY

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The Vintage Saab Club of North America will be having a meeting on July 12th in New York. They are encouraging not only other members from other clubs, but enthusiasts and owners to attend as well! It sounds like a great time, read below!

VSCNA Meeting Notice

vscna.jpgThe next meeting of the Vintage Saab Club of North America will be held on July 12th 2008 at the home of Bruce and Lori Turk in Walden, NY, rain or shine. This will be a social gathering of like-minded individuals where we will discuss pressing issues such as, but not limited to, when the hamburgers are ready to come off the grill.

New for this years picnic is an indoor banquet facility (A.K.A. “The new barn”) that can easily accommodate all of us in the case of inclement weather. The picnic will start at 11:00am with lunch around 12:30pm. Early arrivals are always welcome if you don’t mind helping to set up!

The Turk’s will provide unlimited parking “on the green” for all make and model cars, a gas BBQ for your cooking pleasure, paper plates, utensils, cups, condiments, soda, macaroni salad, tossed salad and fruit salad. You will bring your own food, beverages and folding chairs.

The V.S.C.N.A. will hold its annual election of officers at the picnic. Only members in good standing will be allowed to vote.

Please sign up in advance so we know how many people are coming. Use his link to sign up: http://www.nysoc. com/cgi-bin/signup/index.cgi

We are also inviting the members of the New York Saab Owners Club (NYSOC) and Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club (AMEC) and New England Saab Association (NESA) to join us. Inviting additional clubs insures a large turnout and that’s what we want, the more the
merrier. As always, you do not need to be a member of the VSCNA to participate in one of our events. Everyone is invited, all makes and
model cars are welcome. We do ask that non-VSCNA members make a $5.00 per person donation to our club; a donation jar will be on site.

Directions to the Turk house:

From Route 87 (New York State Thruway) Take exit 17 (Newburgh) Follow sign after toll to route 17K. Make
right at traffic light on to 17K West. Go 3.2 miles on 17K West to traffic light. Make a right at light on to Rock Cut Road (Cumberland Farms gas station on corner). See “Directions from Rock Cut road”.

From Route 84 Take exit 6 (Montgomery- Newburgh) Get on 17K West. Take 17K West 1/2 mile to traffic light. Make a right at light on to Rock Cut road (Cumberland Farms gas station on corner). See “Directions from Rock Cut Road”.

Directions from Rock Cut road. Take Rock Cut Road for one mile to traffic light. Make a left at light toward Walden. Go 1 mile and make a right on Saint Andrews Road. Go .9 miles on Saint Andrews Road; The Turk home is on the left. There is a telephone pole on the left at the end of their driveway. The number 333 is nailed to the telephone pole, which is hidden behind a big tree so go SLOW.

Bruce Turk
333 Saint Andrews Rd.
Walden, NY 12586
(845) 778-2469

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The Rocky Mountain Saab Club Ski Day

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Photo Credit: Tom Nelson

The Rocky Mountain Saab Club in Colorado, the club that is working hard in preparing the 2009 Saab Owners Convention next year, has recently enjoyed a “Saab Club Ski Day” for their members.

It looks like they had a great time there, showing some beautiful Saabs as well!

Here is the writeup by RMSC member Charles Stoyer in his own words from their latest April newsletter.

It was Tuesday, 18 March 2008 and the designated RMSC ski day. Tom and I both had our concerns. Tom’s concern was than no one would show up and it would be just the two of us, one of the 20-odd RMSC ski days we have had this season. My worst fear was that we would end up skiing blue cruisers all day. Both fears were unfounded.

We did manage to get one additional person to join us, Rob Martinson of Evergreen. He did not bring a SAAB to meet us at the Floyd Hill P&R, but he does own a steel-gray ‘02 Viggen 5-door and an ‘86 900 Turbo SPG. While we were getting our boots on in the Mary Jane Parking Lot, John Hill of Boulder parked behind us with a steel gray Viggen ragtop which semi matches Robs.We introduced ourselves, invited him to ski with us and suggested he get in our picture. He did, and he has now joined RMSC! John was previously a member of the Boulder Saab Club.

Well, John (a former member of the CU FreestyleTeam, and ex ski racer) was the best skier among us and yours truly was the worst, but even then we had no need for blue cruisers and spent the day skiing tree and black bump runs. John snuck off for an extreme run at the end of the day but we did meet back up with him in the parking lot for one final photo showing both my red ‘92 9000 T and his ‘02 9-3 Viggen ragtop.

Lunchtime on the patio next to the Club Car at Mary Jane. L-R: Charles Stoyer, Tom Nelson, Rob Martinson and John Hill.

We hope to see more of you next year, even if we do have to ski blue cruisers! 3, fortunately,

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Saab Enthusiast Restarts Saab Club in New Jersey

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Saab Enthusiast and sales represenative at Cherry Hill Saab, resurrects a Saab Club in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Saab Owners Club (NJSOC) was originally started by a longtime Saab enthusiast by the name of Larry West in 1987, 21 years ago.

I recall going to a few of the NJSOC technical sessions that were arranged by this club and hosted with John Moss at the former Saab Cars USA Technical Training facility in Wallingford, Connecticut in 2001 that GM subsequently closed in April of 2005. I believe that sometime after 2001, the New Jersey Saab Owners Club was disbanded.

If you are a Saab Owner or enthusiast in and around New Jersey and can make it to the next meeting, check it out and let me know how it went!

Here is a piece about the club’s new launch:

The Jersey Saab Club is all about the Saab owner pride in the Delaware Valley.

The South Jersey / Philadelphia area has some of the best Saab’s in the country. In the past we have not had representation in the Saab owners Club of North America annual meetings and we would like to show that this area definately has a lot of Saab pride.

This isn’t going to be easy but with your help and love for the brand we can show the rest of the country the wonderful cars our areas has.

Our Meetings are in South Jersey. South Jersey is most defined as Trenton down to Cape May. Don’t worry if you are from North of Trenton you can still participate in the club our meetings and outings will be held south of Trenton.

This club is committed to all Saab’s. Old and New. We encourage recent Saab owners as well as “old heads” to join the club and socialize and network.

Please visit their website directly here:

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NESA Meeting This Weekend – Worcester, Massachusetts

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Photo Credit: Jon DelRosario

The New England Saab Association, a Saab Club, are relaunching their activities with get together none other than the Swedish “Crown Bakery” in Worcester, Massachusetts, adjacent to the Swedish Electrolux shop this Saturday at noon in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The photo above was taken in May of 2001 and showcases the vehicles of the original New England Saab Association organizers. The 9000 on the far left (black) was a passer by, who surprisingly was Swedish and his grandfather was a past Saab President in Sweden, surprisingly enough. It is important to know that this photograph represented our “photo opportunity”, however the meeting took place elsewhere.

If you plan on going, please get a photograph in a similiar fashion of all of the Saabs lined up, nose out for a THEN & NOW photo collage for the record. It’ll be really nice to see how many people who show up and support the relaunching of the club to those that were unable to make it to due to prior committments or logistics.

What: New England Saab Association (NESA) Meeting

Where: The Crown Bakery & Cafe
133 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA 01606

When: Saturday, Nov 17th, 2007 (12:00noon sharp!)

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