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Saab History Welcomes Exclusive Motors As Sponsor

Posted on 17. Feb, 2010 by .


Photo Credits: Exclusive Motors

Saab History welcomes Exclusive Motors in Los Angeles as a premium sponsor. The owner of the company, Jeremy Morrissey is a proud supporter of Saab History, and is no stranger to Saab’s history.

Morrissey started out as a Saab mechanic at a dealer no longer in business where he was a quick study. In a short amount of time, he transitioned into a sales rep working at what was at the time, the top selling Saab dealership in the United States, Ramsey Saab, as shown in the 1985 Saab Scania of America dealership development video (4:48). At this dealership, he became one of the top selling sales reps in the country, working there from approximately 1988 until 1995 under the leadership of the owner, Ray Van Duren. His experience was unique as Van Duren was quite an influential dealer at this time where he pushed for variations of Saab products that sold such as the Monte Carlo yellow convertible, platana grey convertible, power seats in the 9000 in 1989 while ensuring that the SPG would continue production in 1990 and 1991 model years. After speaking with Jeremy, he seems to have an emotional attachment to the experience with Ray.

Following this launch of his career for nearly a decade at Ramsey Saab, he continued to explore other Saab dealerships to apply his unique marketing skill in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Spending a significant amount of time in the North East, he decided to move out to the good weather in sunny California, to become the general Manager of Saab of Santa Monica from 2001 until 2008. Here, he turned this dealer into the #2 volume dealer in the country and #1 in the Western region.

As the economy hit the automotive landscape hard in 2008, he decided to finally open Exclusive Motors, his own independent facility. He reflects on the time he has had working with Saab since the early eighties and says that “he has made some of the best friends he has ever had” and believes that “the close knit nature of the Saab dealerships allowed for good relationships amongst employees and customers to be there through thick and thin”

Taking on the ideas of how the dealership network can be influential, Morrissey contributed to a number of advertisement campaigns over the years.

In addition, he has contributed to product additions much like his former boss did, ensuring that the then new 9-5 came equipped with leather door panels opposed to the cloth it was introduced with. It was at the 1997 Jubilee in Sweden where he spoke with the then President of Saab Automobile AB, Bob Hendry, which ensured that this product change became a reality. Other product initiatives also included the design package in the ’02 9-3 SE convertible.

When he looks back at all of the great times he has had with Saab here in the United States, 1992 was his best year overall. That being said, it was a former colleague of his that put him in touch with Saab History and eventually took ownership of a vehicle that meant a great deal to him, that was the 1992 Saab 900 Turbo project. Spending a significant amount of time and resources to personally restore this vehicle, I was very happy to learn that it would be going to a good home in a place where it would be cared for. Since the sale, I have learned that it has been further restored utilizing original parts that he has been saving for 18 years such as a new windshield, leather seats, etc. Today, Morrissey proudly displays this vehicle in the showroom at Exclusive Motors.

Today, he continues his pursuit in carrying the Saab torch by restoring nearly 15 classic Saab models to their original appearance, with original parts he has been storing away for nearly 20 years. These vehicles include very low 1987 900 Turbo rose quartz, 1991 9000 Turbo 5-Door, 1991 Beryl Green SPG, 1992 900 Turbo 3-door, 1992 9000 CD Griffin Edition, 1993-1997 Aero & Anniversary Edition, 1993 900 CE, 1993 900 Emola Red convertible, 1994 900 Eucalyptus convertible and 1994 900 CE Convertible.

A historian in his own right from his experience and passion from working with Saab, Morrissey is thrilled to see Saab owned by an exclusive and unique brand.

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Saab Sighting Of The Week "1992 Saab 900 Turbo Project In Los Angeles!"

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This week’s Saab Sighting Of The Week was quite a suprise when I received an e-mail over the weekend. This photo was taken by a camera phone (note it’s a bit wavy), of the Saab History 1992 Saab 900 Turbo Project that found a new home late last year in the West coast!

It was nice seeing this photo as I could see the critical “Made In Trollhattan” by Trolls sticker, the classic New England Saab Association Sticker and Saab-Salomon stickers and of course the Saab Rally Lights on the front, a throwback to Saab’s rally days.

I think it looks quite happy out there, in a good and resourceful new home with great year-round weather enjoying some nice travels in the area.

A thank you to the individual that shared this photo with me. I think the one who sent me this photo, did not know that this was once owned by Saab History, thinking it was just a random Saab sighting as it was not from the owner.

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Saab History Sells Saab 900 Turbo To Former Saab Dealer

Posted on 13. Nov, 2009 by .


I am happy to inform you that Saab History has managed to sell the 1992 Saab 900 Turbo to a former Saab Dealer here in the United States.

This former Saab dealer is very excited to be receiving this restored vehicle and makes a pledge to store it, preserve it and treat it well.

As a send off to the new owner and for us here on Saab History, I put together this promo video of the car showing how good it looks & drives as the last chapter of Saab History’s time with it.

I thoroughly have enjoyed this vehicle and I am excited to see it go to such a good home.

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For Sale: Restored 1992 Saab 900 Turbo 5-Speed 3-Door

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Photo Credits: Saab History

For Sale: 1992 Saab 900 Turbo 5-Speed 3-Door Hatchback.

This is as classic as it gets for the Saab 900, it’s a second to the last year of the classic Saab 900 Hatchback.

This Saab has no rust as it has been in Florida & Virginia it’s whole life until I transported it to Maine in 2008 directly to an indoor storage facility.

Since it has been up here, it has been driven once a month in the spring, summer and fall only, every few months since the restoration was completed in August of 2008. It is been started up every month and run for 20 minutes in the winter season while in the storage facility (with the door open of course).

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A Reflection Of The 1992 Saab 900 Turbo Project

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Photo Credits: Ryan / Saab History

This weekend, I finally got the opportunity to take the 1992 Saab 900 Turbo out for the weekend and snap some photos. I must say, this being the third weekend in 2009 to drive the car, totaling 6-days over the course 9-months, I was unsure how I would feel once I get behind the wheel of it. It was a good weekend weather wise before the fall arrived, and it just seemed to be the right time to check it out and drive it for a few days.

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Saab History Regains Enthusiasm With Saab 900 Turbo

Posted on 28. May, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: Saab History

This past weekend, I managed to get the classic 1992 Saab 900 Turbo out and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of driving it over the course of memorial day weekend with my wife. You should have seen the nods we got on the highway, and interestingly enough, the majority of them from not Saab owners, but Toyota Prius drivers and passengers!

Three days of driving this classic Saab, really brought back the enthusiasm for the 900 Turbo, in contrast to the daily driver 1997 Saab 9000 CS. The handling, the passing ability, the visibility and the turbo rush were all unique characteristics reuniting me with the thrill of driving.

Outside of the driving, I took advantage of the Thule bike rack adapter, thanks to Saab USA parts, to carry our gary fisher mountain bikes for use through some incredible trails in New Hampshire.

The pinnacle of the experience was a trip last taken 10 years ago in a similar Saab 900 to an old drive in movie theater located in Northfield, Massachusetts which has been open almost as long as Saab Automobile has been manufacturing cars. The best moment was just after we arrived where we parked in between a minivan and an SUV. While we finished popping the hatch, folding back the seats and laying down to watch the movie under the stars, my wife said, “Wow, the classic Saab 900 really is the best!” It literally made my weekend!

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Saab History Attempts To Regain Saab Enthusiasm With 1992 Saab 900 Turbo This Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on 23. May, 2009 by .



Photo Credit: Saab History

There has been a lot of news lately, but I have to tell you, after reading through all of the paperwork, learning about the possible buyers for Saab, etc. it hit me that it’s really nice once and a while to drive a Saab you really like. Furthermore, I also believe it’s even better for you the readers, here on Saab History, to see some actual Saabs on this website once and a while instead of just far from exciting court documents and other such material.

This weekend, will be the first weekend of the year that I am taking the 1992 Saab 900 Turbo restored last year, out for its first drive of the season. After a nice list of work done by my mechanic this past week, it’s running well and I’m learning all of the lessons on what to do and what not to do when storing a vehicle indoors over the course of a cold winter.

“Waiting for my car to be completed over the past three weeks, was almost akin to waiting for Saab Automobile’s three-month reconstruction process to end, you knew their was a light at the end of the tunnel, you just hated the process.

I am hoping to use this long memorial day weekend here in the United States, to reclaim my Saab driving enthusiasm through this classic Saab 900 Turbo, much like Phyllis Lamb in the Pacific NorthWest has in her 1972 Saab Sonett III.

I will report back to you about my experience early next week, and so I leave you and wish you a wonderful weekend yourself. Happy Saabing!

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Saab History Takes Off For Swedish Car Day 9

Posted on 18. Oct, 2008 by .



Photo Credit: Saab History

I will be taking off with my wife for Swedish Car Day 9 in the 1992 Saab 900 Turbo that takes place on Sunday, October 19th, 2008.

It appears that it will be quite a well attended event, including some special guest appearances from former NESA members.

It looks like the weather will also be incredible, so I wish everyone who is attending safe travels to this wonderful annual fall Saab event in New England.

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