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More 1988 SCANIA 112H Truck Photos Submitted!

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Photo Credits: AGM Oil

Shortly after I covered the oil truck company in Massachusetts that continues to run a 1988 SCANIA 112H, I received two more photos from yet another company in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts that run two of them!!

agm_300.jpgWhile I have not received a review from them at this time, I have received two incredible photographs! A company that runs some SCANIA’s from this vintage, older than the rest of their fleet is a true testimony to a company that continues to build a quality product.

SCANIA as you may know, has also built many of the Saab Automobile engines from the early eighties until very recently with the Saab 9-5 2.3 engine at the Sodertalje factory which was sold last year by GM Europe.

I would really like to know how many other companies in not only the North East, but in the United States, still have these SCANIA trucks. I am sure the numbers are not too great, but I’d still like to learn more about this especially since SCANIA stopped importing their trucks since 1994.

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Saab-Scania “22 Minutes & 22 Seconds” Promotional Film

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The Saab-Scania promotional film made in 1979 titled “22 Minutes & 22 Seconds” has now been converted and is available to watch here online. This film was able to be converted thanks to the Rocky Mountain Saab Club’s (RMSC) extremely kind donation recently. The RMSC provided everything that Saab History needed in order to meet the financial goals in concluding the first phase of the “Saab Film Project“. This additional to the Saab Video archive will be the three hundred and fifteenth addition to the archive since it was launched over a year ago.

The film you are about to see is certainly a unique mix featururing footage of Scania, SAAB Aerospace as well as SAAB Automobile. The variety of footage of these industries that were all a part of Saab-Scania AB at the time include manufacturing, testing, development, design, promotional clips, out takes and a number of other bits that I think you will find particularly unique and rather interesting.

Please enjoy the film and post your comments below.

Saab-Scania – 22 Minutes & 22 Seconds, 1979

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SCANIA “Not Interested In Financially Supporting Saab Automobile”

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Image Credit: SCANIA

I have just received the official response SCANIA in Södertalje, Sweden, and as it was in 2005, they are not Interested In Financially Supporting Saab Automobile.

Here is their response, with permission, in case there are any doubters:

Dear Ryan

The reason why Volvo Trucks says it will offer financial support to
Volvo Cars is that the company share the same brand name, which means
that Volvo trucks is afraid that Volvo Cars problem will hurt them. This
is not the case with Scania and Saab, so the answer is no.

Best regards

Best regards

Hans-Ã…ke Danielsson
Head of Media Relations
Public Relations
SE-151 87 Södertalje

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General Motors Europe Sells Södertälje, Sweden Facility

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Photo Credit: Scania AB

Södertälje, Sweden what was for years the SCANIA facility during the Saab-Scania years (1969-1989) where the Saab Car Division’s powertrain engineering operations took place.

Today, this operation has been officially sold to a company called AVL by General Motors Europe, and all of the powertrain operations will now be up in Trollhättan, Sweden.

In addition as reported below, the “The Saab Turbo Center” will be located in Trollhättan, Sweden as well.

For the record, the SCANIA facility in Södertälje, Sweden was where Sten Wennlo and Per Gillbrand worked with SCANIA to develop the Saab Turbo engine, so it all began here!

I am interested in what this “Saab Turbo Center” is, because it is now located just 45 minutes North of the “Saab Brand Center” which is in Mölnlycke adjacent to Göteborg, Sweden.

There are a lot of questions that I will now have as this process moves forward and hopefully in time, I can get some answers to them directly by the folks at Saab Automobile Sweden. My first question is, will Per Gillbrand be heading the “Saab Turbo Center” given that he is “Mr Turbo”, afterall.

In the meantime, here is the official press release:


GM Powertrain Europe and AVL announce new ownership for Södertälje Powertrain

* Consolidation of GM’s Swedish Powertrain Engineering operations in Trollhättan
* Saab Turbo Center and Powertrain Engineering co-location to better support the Saab brand
* Global engineering organization AVL purchases Södertälje Powertrain

Trollhättan. General Motors Powertrain Europe today announced the consolidation of its Swedish Powertrain Engineering operations in Trollhättan and the sale of its Södertälje Powertrain operation to AVL, a global engineering organization based in Graz, Austria.

The strategic move will allow GM Powertrain Sweden to fully support the development of the next generation of clean and efficient turbo-charged 4-cylinder engines for gasoline and alternative fuels. Co-locating all GM Powertrain Sweden operations with the GM Powertrain Engineering Center and Saab Automobile AB operations in Trollhättan will also strengthen the relationship between vehicle and powertrain engineering, the Turbo Center and better support the Saab brand.

“The sale of the Södertälje Powertrain organization also announced today includes the site, buildings and the transfer of the employees to AVL, as well as an Engineering Service Agreement for the first two years of AVL’s ownership,” said Kjell ac Bergstrom, Executive Director GM Powertrain Sweden.


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SCANIA of Sweden, Sold by Swedish Investor AB

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Photo Credit: SCANIA Trucks / Carl-Erik Andersson

SCANIA, of Södertälje, Sweden, one of the last remaining Swedish owned transporation companies that manufacture trucks & busses, was sold by the Swedish Wallenberg family’s, Investor Group whom have owned it for 92 years, to Volkswagen. Shortly after this sale to Volkswagen, Porsche stepped in and purchased Volkswagen.

It is important to express that it was SCANIA, who rejected a hostile takeover bid by the German truck maker, MAN back in 2006 as I have previously reported. It is also important to indicate that while it was Saab who took the initiative to merge with SCANIA at the end of 1968, forming Saab-Scania, it was SCANIA who contributed to Saab with their research & development of production engines and transmissions. It was also of course, SCANIA’s diesel engine development engineers, who created the world famous Saab turbo engine in the mid-late seventies.

It will be interesting to see how this acquisition pans out for SCANIA and Sweden. A thank you to SCANIA’s press secretary for clarifying the aforementioned particulars.

Below is the press release of this acquisition by I also suggest you read the press release on Porsche , Volkswagen & Investor AB’s site as well.

Volkswagen’s acquisition Monday of truckmaker Scania saw one of the Swedish auto industry’s last crown jewels pass into foreign hands, following in the footsteps of Volvo and Saab, but analysts said the brand would remain strongly linked to Sweden.

* Scania and Ericsson see shares tumble (4 Mar 08)
* Porsche swallows Volkswagen as VW grabs Scania (3 Mar 08)
* Scania’s main union welcomes VW deal (3 Mar 08)

The German carmaker announced Monday that it had won control of Scania, but is expected to maintain Scania’s engineering centres in Södertälje, near Stockholm.

It now holds 68.60 percent of the voting rights and 37.73 percent of the capital in the truck-maker after buying shares from the Wallenberg family for 2.9 billion euros ($4.4 billion).

“We’re not concerned,” Scania’s main workers union IF Metall said in a statement, adding that Volkswagen was “a good, long-term industrial owner.”

“The important thing for us is that Scania be able to continue as an independent company, with its own technological development and its own headquarters,” it added.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt also reacted positively to the news.

“Volkswagen has shown that it believes in Scania … They are willing to maintain the brand, the research and development, and the management here in Sweden,” he told Swedish news agency TT.


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Sodertalje, Sweden

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Sodertalje, Sweden is where SCANIA began in 1891. I have included a nice promotional video as well as some background on the Sodertalje region for your information from their tourist board.


Stockholm’s big sister, Meeting place, The town that is full of life

Transport hub The European highways intersect here 44 min to Stockholm C Fast trains to Göteborg, Malmö, Karlstad etc. The canal – the gateway between Saltsjön (the Baltic) and Lake Mälaren Arlanda and Skavsta airports within easy reach

Town of contrasts Town on the water – sweet and salt From rolling countryside to the million homes programme From Sörmland to the exotic

From all corners of the world 80 nationalities 12,000 Assyrians/Syrians 3,400 Iraqis National minorities: Finns and Roma

Two giants … Astra Zeneca: One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. SEK 10 billion of investment in five years. Scania: Moving operations to Södertälje. A total of 16 000 employees.

… and thousands of small businesses 4 600 businesses 40 000 jobs One of the region’s strongest labour markets Great development potential

A thriving cultural life Five culture houses World-class theatre and music Dynamic cultural associations

A sporting town with stars and breadth Masses of stars: Björn Borg, Malin Ewerlöf, Johanna Sjöberg, Kennedy Bakircioglu … 130 sports associations: Everything from aikido to varpa New stadiums: The Football Stadium and Axa Sports Centre

Södertälje – a town with over a million 1.2 million visitors! Tom Tits Experiment: Sweden’s largest science centre Sydpoolen: One of the largest water parks in Sweden Torekällberget: What Södertälje used to be like

Town centre renewal Shopping malls renovated Better traffic environment Streets, squares and parks are being refurbished New housing is being built The unique Maren waterfront environment

Housing – from metropolis to the countryside 400 new waterside homes 2,500 apartments and houses in five years Glasberga sjöstad: A new district is being built Hansta strand: Canalside homes Kallfors in Järna: Still expanding!

Södertälje’s new town hall A meeting place for service, democracy and culture A workplace for 400 Open to everyone Unique: Town theatre and town hall under the same roof Moving in: 2008 Cost: SEK 370m

Investment in Hovsjö We are renovating the area The tenants have a great deal of influence A housing fair in Hovsjö in 2009?

Choice and security in school Pre-school: Language development and individual needs Compulsory school: Compulsory schools with their own profile Upper secondary school: Working together Municipality – Business A broad range of adult education

Choice and security in school Culture School: 1,600 students in new premises A town with many free schools Secure pupils who enjoy being at school!

University town
Campus Telge Today: 1,000 students Major expansion of KTH’s (Royal Institute of Technology) engineering programme ultimately to 5,000 students The county’s best place for higher education (ask the students!) Working together higher education – municipality – business

Antroposophists Biodynamic cultivation Architecture to fire the imagination Vidar Clinic – health careSaltå kvarn – bakery

How Södertälje is governed –The Municipal Council, Social Democrats 23, Left Party 4, Green Party 4, Moderate Party 14, Centre Party 5, Liberal Party 5, Christian Democrats 4, Pensioners Party 2, National Democrats 2, Swedish Democrats 2, Election turnout up from 72 to 73 per cent.

Up and coming Group

Parent Company Telge with 9 subsidiaries Established 2004 with 800 employees Housing, Premises, Cleaning, Power trading, Electricity sales, Energy, district heating
network, Water, Port, Recycling, Science Centre

Municipal finances

This is how SEK 100 of tax revenue was used in 2005:
Compulsory school SEK 24.18
Care of the disabled SEK 15.51
Care of the elderly SEK 14.97
Childcare SEK 09.97
Upper secondary school SEK 09.06
Social measures for children,
adolescents and adult
with problems SEK 06.06
Library, cultural and leisure
activities SEK 05.32
Social assistance SEK 04.48
The year´s surplus SEK 04.27
Other activities SEK 01.99
Childcare SEK 09.97
Emergency services and
protection SEK 01.36
Adult education SEK 01.22
Labour market measures SEK 01.19
Environmental and health
protection SEK 00.42

Source: t

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Saab-Scania History Promotional Film – 1984

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The Saab-Scania History Promotional Film from 1984 just arrived and is now available to watch. This vintage film was part of the group of 16mm films that were donated this past fall. The film is a bit shorter than I thought, but I think it is an interesting timeline of Saab-Scania’s history from 1891 until 1984.

A special thank you to everyone that donated to make this film viewing possible. I look forward to seeing the next film converted and at this time we only need about $100 in donations to get that film moving.

After enjoying this film, I only ask that you make a kind donation so that Saab History can continue to bring you an ongoing variety of vintage films and other content for years to come.

If you would like to contribute towards this effort, please click on the paypal button below to submit your donation.

* Please note: You do not need a paypal account to make a donation as the site allows secure payments from credit cards and debit cards as well.

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SCANIA crowns Australia’s best truck driver

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As a follow-up a story I posted back in January on the SCANIA Young European Truck Driver Competition , Scania just crowned an Australian as the best truck driver in the Young Australian Truck Driver competition (YATD). Congratulations David Whyte on taking home a brand new Scania R480 Truck!

Australia’s best truck driver crowned by Scania

27 year old David Whyte was crowned Australia’s best truck driver at the Young Australian Truck Driver 2007 final, taking place in Sydney past weekend. David Whyte is the first champion in Scania driver competitions 2007 taking place in close to 40 countries on five continents, aimed at identifying the world’s best truck drivers.

The driver competitions is a part of Scania’s global initiative to help raise the status of professional drivers and emphasise their great importance to both road safety and the profitability of transport companies.

David Whyte, from the Melbourne suburb of Glenhuntly, won the crown of Young Australian Truck Driver 2007 – and a brand new Scania truck – from 16 other finalists in a competition designed to test for instance their precision driving skills and road behaviour.

“People’s perceptions of truck drivers need to change. We are professional people who enjoy what we do and love driving. However, there is a need for greater understanding and tolerance on the roads by all drivers,” said David Whyte, who has been driving trucks for the past eight years

More than 1500 young Australian truck drivers had entered the nationwide competition. The competition has been undertaken by the Australian Trucking Association and Scania with the support of Shell, Continental Tyres, National Transport Insurance, Freighter and Fleetmark.

The most recent round of the world’s largest competition for heavy truck drivers was held in 2005 and attracted 30,000 contestants from 26 European countries as well as Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan and South Africa. Also competing in the 2007 competition, in addition to Australia, will be South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania. In Europe, Bulgaria has been added to the participating countries. The African countries, Malaysia and Singapore will also invite bus and coach drivers to compete for the title of best bus driver in their countries.

In addition to the competition rounds, Scania is organising road safety seminars in the participating countries, many of these in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Scania will be represented at WHO’s First United Nations Global Road Safety Week, 23-29 April 2007, and also at EU’s Road Safety Day in Brussels on 27 April.
Portraits of the winner David Whyte are available on Scania’s homepage.

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