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All New Saab 9-5 Tour Completes Switzerland Segment

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Photo Credits: Saab Switzerland

The All New Saab 9-5 Tour Completes the Switzerland segment of the European tour that began back in October.

The tour began with Sweden, then it proceeded to the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Poland and now Switzerland.

The Switzerland tour took place over 6-days which consisted of a press event, a VIP customer event, and a multi-day event at the auto show.

Throughout all of these events the all new Saab 9-5 Aero & Vector models were present as was the Aero-X concept car.

As a result of this event there were 32 press reps, 60 dealer reps, 1,050 Saab VIP customers and over 60,600 show visitors.

Here are the remaining countries that the all new 9-5 tour will visit by the end of the year.

* United Kingdom – Oct 14-17
* Spain+Portugal – Oct 21-22
* BeNeLux – Oct 20-25
* Poland – Oct 29

* Hungary – Nov 10-11
* Austria – Nov 18-19
* Greece – Nov 26-28
* Italy – Dec 10-11

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Saab Switzerland Host Saab 9-3x Media Event

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Photo Credits: Saab Switzerland

As the 2010 Saab 9-3x had its global launch in Geneva this past March, so it was only time for a true media test drive event to be had in the rugged Swiss Alps with this cross-wheel drive rugged terrain vehicle.

On August 8th, 2009 that event came true for the press, with a number of objectives as illustrated with the photos above and the details below thanks to the folks at Saab Switzerland.

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Saab Switzerland XWD-Trophy Game

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As a follow-up to the XWD promotional video shown earlier, Saab Switzerland has started another XWD promotional activity, called “XWD-Trophy”, which appears to be a real life adventure in the snowy hills of Switzerland.

Here is a brief summary of this program loosely translated thanks to Babelfish:

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Kjell ac Bergström BioPower Interview –

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As a follow-up to one of the videos of the Saab Automobile BioPower presence at the Geneva Motor Show this past March, I have provided a new video that has surfaced by Lou Ann Hammond of where she intereviews chief engineer of the BioPower developments, Kjell ac Bergström.

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The Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Rally – Day 1

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Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

The Saab-Salomon Team arrived on March 21st into Geneva, and the actual first day of the event officially began two days later. Here is Jason and his fellow teammates account of this arrival in their own words”

As many of you may know or remember myself and my buddy lucked out HUGE and won a 12 day all expense paid trip to compete in the SAAB – SALOMON X-wing Rally in Europe. This contest was won by getting the most votes for our secret spot on the Salomon X-wing rally website. Many individuals gave us votes and we are sincerely thankful for this as we experienced a trip of a life time. We left Edmonton on March 21 Flying into Toronto and then to Zurich where we transferred to Geneva. We then got a free taxi to Annecy France arriving mid day in Annecy. We walked around town and ate some great food and drank great drinks. I had one of the best pizza’s I have ever eaten along the canal in Annecy.

The First official day of the Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Rally that began on March 23rd, 2007 in Annecy, included a thorough classroom preparation prior to the beginning of the event.

Following the preparation and suiting up with gear, etc. the teams head out to get into an icy and snowy parking lot that is filled with brand new well-equipped Saab 9-3 SportCombi Aeros. Here is Jason and the teams account of their experience at this stage in the trip:

Then we were led up to the parking lot to get our cars. HOLY SH*T ! ! brand new Black 0069 KM on the clock SAAB 93 Aero Turbo, leather seats, fully loaded, GPS. Jackpot baby ! It was all starting to sink in how lucky we were to win this wicked kick ass trip. We were only loosely told how to use the car and were told how to read the navigation book.

Once the teams packed their Saab 9-3 SportCombis, they headed out for a 1-hour drive / 52 kilometer drive to an Air Field Base in Albertville. At the Albertville Air Field where they got a unique opportunity to see the Swedish Saab Performance Team in action, then get behind the wheel themeselves for some specialized offensive and defensive driving skills training on the airfield runway.

Here is a photograph of the official route map that each team drove to get from each resort destination.

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Here is the Team’s account of some of the rules that each team was required to meet throughout the TransAlp XWing Rally in their own words:

At the beginning of each driving stage we are given a start time and a projected completion time. The close to the projected arrival time we were the more points we got. We also got points for keeping a clean car.

Each team was to have one camera.. (this was later changed to as many camera’s as the team had) This was to be used for taking of picture of at least 2 team mates in front of the checkpoints to prove finding it & to take pictures that were to be scored by a panel of judges and picture points awarded. Pictures were turned in at the end of each day and only the previous 24 hours pictures were allowed.

One Suunto S6 ski watch was given to each team at the beginning of each day and returned at the end of the day. This watch was set to record all downward vertical performed during the day. The more Vertical obtained each day the more points you got.

Each morning a map of where (loosely) the check points would be and a schedule of events. IE start time, special event times, checkpoint value’s.

The first morning they handed us a REECO belt that had 4 sensors on it for us to wear during the skiing. We did have to give this back, but it was a great idea and easy to use.

Most times we were handed a simple lunch for the day (greatly appreciated).

The special events thorough out the week consisted of: Dual Slalom, Supercross, Syncro, Moguls, Jumping, GS, a Freestyle mogul run, beacon search.

We were given a race start time and a picture and watch hand in time.

Below are some of the best photographs taken from Day 1 of the Saab-Salomon X-Wing Rally between Annecy and Albertsville.


Photographs of Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Teams 9-3 SportCombi in the Annecy Parking Lot

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photographs of Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Teams En-Route to Albertsville Airfield

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photograph of the Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Team at Albertsville airfield experiencing driving skills training

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photographs of the Saab Performance Team at Albertsville Airfield

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”

I hope you are enjoying this incredible adventure that these teams had the unique opportunity to experience. Please expect continued coverage of this even in the coming days.

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The Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Rally Update

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Photo Credit: / “J.Hayes”


The Saab-Salomon TransAlp XWing Rally that I mentioned previously, has recently concluded and this text is an account of the experience Jason of The “Three Plumbingos” from Canada had during the rally. The TransAlp XWing Rally is a contest that Three Plumingos, who got their name because of their profession as full-time plumbers, won by writing a qualifying letter of their favorite place to ski by receiving the most votes out of the 32 qualifiers. Jason believes that it was “quite easy really considering the considerable rewards.”


The Saab-Salomon TransAlpe XWing Rally took place between March 23rd and March 30th, 2007.


This rally began in Annecy which is a city in the Rhône-Alpes region of the Eastern-Central part of France and concluded in Sölden which is a municipality in the Ötztal valley of Tyrol, Austria.

Here is the schedule of stages.



“The Skis!”

All Teams skiied on Salomon XWing Tornado skis. In the words of Jason “the idea was to ski 7 days in all conditions and all slopes on 1 pair of skis”. These skis were clearly up to the challenge as you will see with this kind of rugged extreme skiing.

Here is more about the skis and conditions. “The ski is well suited to those who want an all mountain ski all in one. It does not perform all tasks as well as it does on piste, but rather does all things quite well. I found that it really needs to go fast in deeper soft snow, but it may be hard for less experienced skiiers to trust that it will turn eventually, turns are a bit tough starting but do finish well. I will appreciate having this ski for days that are primarily hard pack, and likely leave my ‘ 07 volkl ac4 for the days where chop, crud, and delicious Western Canada blower powder are the order of the day. I tend to be slightly more aggressive than this ski, except on hard pack where it does quite well.

Above all a great ski if you only have one pair, I would recommend them to most any skiier except the most aggressive and talented riders.

“The Saabs!”

All XWing Teams were outfitted with 2007 9-3 SportCombis complete with winter package and Saab-Salomon roof box. Jason’s team of the “Three Plumingos” were in Saab 9-3 SportCombi #7.

Here are Jason’s comments about the Saab 9-3 “I was thoroughly impressed with these auto’s, once I figured out the Manual tip-tronic trans. 250 horses” and here is a quote about his experience in Italy during one of the legs of the rally.

Driving the Saab 9-3 SportCombi in Italy and in fact for whole 8 days, was exhilarating, it is a fine piece of permormance machinery, wrapped in a deceivingly family appearance package. I think they have created a wonderful marketing tool for both the Salomon name and the Saab cars with this whole event, I know I would buy one as a family go to the mountains car. And just for fun we tipped the speedo around 200K all the way through Italy, they drive fast there. I passed some police on the side of the road at 200K and I swear he took a drag of his Cig. and turned to his buddy cop and said look at that Saab, he’s going prettty fast” the 9-3 is a powerful beast in manual trans mode yet quite well behaved and luxury oriented if left in automatic. Leather heated seats GPS and all the toys one could want also compliment this car and make it good for everything from a trip to the grocery store to this completely off the wall event called the Transalp rally. We are also thankful for the anti spin control system which likely was responsible for keeping the shiny side up on several occasions.

It is clear that Jason and the Three Plumingos had the time of their lives and here are some important pieces that they want to mention:

“These 8 days were the most gruelling, yet exciting, and thrilling experiences of my life. I am sooooooo sore and tired yet strangely very satisfied and happy.”

“I must ensure that thanks are given to all the folks who made this happen, from the people who voted for our secret spot to help us win this trip , to the numerous staff ( and President of Salomon) this has been the adventure of a life time and will never be Forgotten. A huge pole clap to you all.”

I will be following up on this story with additional notes of their daily experiences during this incredible Saab-Salomon XWing TransAlp Rally in Europe.

Thank you Jason and the Three Plumingos for providing such incredible photography and descriptive text and congratulations on winning the 2nd place in the quality of photography contributed during the trip.


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Saab Salomon Transalp X-Wing Rally (March 23-31st)

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I had mentioned in an earlier post that the Saab-Salomon X-Wing Rally had recently toured through the United States, beginning on the West coast and ending up in New England.

On March 21st, Saab-Salomon partnership continued the international X-Wing Rally by starting their own web blog in order to provide coverage of the Saab-Salomon Transalp X-Wing event. The Saab-Salomon Transalp X-Wing event involves 20 performance ski teams that compete in a number of countries in Europe over the course of 7-days (March 23rd through the 31st) These teams will be traveling to each destination in a fleet of brand new Saab 9-3 SportCombi X-Wing edition V6 Aero models through some of the most beautiful ski resorts that the Alps has to offer. These resorts include Cervinia/Zermatt, St. Moritz just to name a few.

Here is their schedule for the remainder of the event.

March 29th РSkiing in St Anton, Austria and Dining & Lodging in Șlden, Austria
March 30th РSkiing in Șlden, Austria РDining & PARTYING in Șlden, Austria
March 31st – Bus trip back to Annecy, France


Here are some photographs of the Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi fleet that from the first day of the event. I have been promised more photos in the coming days, so please check back in by the end of next week.


Photo Credit: Saab-Salomon


Photo Credit: Saab-Salomon


Photo Credit: Saab-Salomon

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Saab BioPower goes Rinspeed

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile, Switzerland

This just in from Saab Automobile Switzerland, translated with some modifications thanks to Babelfish


Saab BioPower goes Rinspeed

To lead while respecting the environnement constitutes this year the principal focus in the main room of the Geneva motor show. In collaboration with Rinspeed, Saab shows with one “9-5 BioPower Rinspeed” how vision and reality can harmonize. The model is equipped a system with propulsion of bioethanol and proves the possibility to reduce the fossil CO 2 emissions considerably, without giving up the pleasure of performance.

Glattbrugg. The recent report/ratio of on the climatic change is clear: man, by his behavior, strongly contributes to the climatic reheating. The reduction of the CO 2 emissions becomes a central topic – also with the main focus of the Geneva motor show. However, the respectful control of the environnement continues with more one futuristic idea. With the presentation of the Saab BioPower in the main room of the motor show, a functioning vehicle with E85 (bioethanol 85% and 15% gasoline), Saab has once again made figurehead in the field of ecological control and had proven that ecological technologies and assiduous pleasure of control can coincide perfectly.1201917_small.jpg

Joined together vision and reality
This year, Saab crosses a new step as the main focus of the Geneva Motor Show. The visitors can admire on stand 5030, a union excellently successful between vision and reality. The “Saab 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed”. The Altered Saab BioPower immediately attracts the glance of the visitor thanks to the shine of this yellow gloss paint chrome. The special modification of the lowered Saab is covered by materials used by Rinspeed for its futuristic prototype “eXasis”. (eXasis constitutes the first transparent plastic car of high technology which is equipped, just like Saab BioPower, has a propulsion system of bioethanol). Thus Saab BioPower Rinspeed sparks new applications in the shape of rhombuses out of glass fibres metallized to aluminium. One finds the reason for the rhombuses in the coating of the seats. The ̱interior also supplements an aspect of innovating with a saddlery of seats modern made up with stuffed fabric of parts in Technogel. Safety belts yellow Speed and the new dashboard covered with glass fibre complete with the perfection the metamorphosis of Saab BioPower.

Saab with ecological and sporting special models
Saab BioPower Rinspeed as well as the model eXasis quoted above, will cause ̱admiration. It the study that Rinspeed presents to celebrate the 302nd birthday of its company. With ’eXasis, Rinspeed presents a car able to develop 150 CH with an ecological propulsion. The parallel project of Saab BioPower ecological and sporting of 180 CH led the two companies traditions to cooperate.

Saab also celebrates a jubilee in 2007, to the topic of “60 years of turbocharging”. On this occasion, Saab launches the special model “Anniversary Edition”. Saab will also presents at the Geneva Motor show, the new 9-3 Saab BioPower as well. It will be available in Switzerland starting in the fall of 2007 and will compliment the Saab 9-5 BioPower.

Saab wants to continue its idea of reducing the CO 2 emissions on their cars completely. With the “Saab 9-5 BioPower100 Concept”, Saab will also be presenting at the Geneva Motor show,a vehicle which can function with hundred percent with bioethanol. Saab continues its philosophy thus to put “man and the environnement at the center of its activities”.

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