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Saab History offers unique advertising packages to businesses, whether they are Saab dealerships, Saab independents, Saab Parts & Accessories vendors, Saab tuners, aftermarket suppliers, etc. and other relevant business that want to capture the attention of the Saab demographic.

To this day, Saab History receives over 253,000 unique visitors and nearly a half a million hits each month , with half from the United States, the remainder spans Europe, Asia and other continents. also maintains a strong standing in google search results and serves up a solid variety of exclusive Saab content for the global community to enjoy. Furthermore, Saab History advertising has a proven track record of outperforming all Saab related competitors in material in addition to price.

Advertising with Saab History provides you a unique package that consists of the following:

* Advertising Banners
* Promotional Posts
* Site Sponsors Map
* Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
* Mobile site for blackberrys, iphones or other internet telephony devices.

Many of Saab History’s advertisers such as Saab dealerships, independent mechanics and parts & accessories vendors, have been able to use this opportunity to reach out to new markets while also using new mediums such as photos and videos in order to captivate their audience.

Saab History’s focus is on quality while it continues to grow its quantity of material from week to week over he past three years and looks at advertising programs, a long-term relationship of knowledge sharing and working with each business to help meet their needs.

Please contact Saab History for more information, on this unique advertising opportunity.

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