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Saab 900 4-Door Notchback Turbo TV Ad – 1988

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Saab History has just received a super rare Saab 900 4-door Notchback TV ad from 1988 as part of the “most intelligent cars ever built” advertising campaign in the United States.
The Saab 900 notchback was introduced in 1983 and became the quintessential sedan version of the Saab 900, given that the hatchback model was only available for 2 years in the U.S., 1979 and 1980.
Interesting ad don’t you think? It makes #444 in the Saab Video archive!

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Move Your Mind Website Launched In Spain

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The Saab Automobile Global advertising campaign “move your mind” has recently launched a social media website in spain, located at moveyourmind.es

From a full calendar of events to videos, even a forum, it looks like a lot of time could be spent here, so check it out!

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“Find Your Own Road” Theme Captures True Saab Spirit

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Here is an original press release illustrating the incredible effect that the “Find Your Own Road” advertising campaign did for Saab Cars USA in 1995. I urge you to take a look below.




Saab’s Brand Campaign Based on Core Saab Values and Product Cues

NORCROSS, Ga. — While other automakers have been busy redefining themselves to capture new customer bases, Saab’s “Find Your Own Road” advertising campaign was designed to capture the very soul and essence of the 48-year-old Swedish automaker. The brand campaign, Saab Cars USA, Inc.’s most ambitious ever, focuses on the individualistic attitude that has defined Saab products and buyers since the first unique Saab 92 was unveiled in 1947. For 1996, the Find Your Own Road theme is being expanded to impact virtually every facet of operations, including such diverse applications as the Saab car window sticker (Monroney label), Saab’s national auto show exhibit, a complete line of clothing, an Internet website, a broad range of direct mail and brochures, even the lobby design of Saab’s U.S. headquarters.

More Than a Message – It’s An Attitude

David Krysiek, Saab Cars USA, Inc.’s director of marketing, considers the Find Your Own Road theme much more than a marketing message. “This campaign isn’t just a one-shot strategy, designed to target a specific group of potential buyers,” he explained. “The Find Your Own Road theme expresses the core of our products’ appeal, as well as the attitude of the individuals who buy them today — and who bought them yesterday.” Krysiek also emphasized that the theme is a long-term commitment, one that will continue to serve as a foundation for all Saab brand communications.

To-date, Saab’s Find Your Own Road campaign has more than proven its appeal by delivering a significant 66 percent increase in brand consideration, a 30 percent increase in brand awareness, and a 29 percent surge in consumer inquiries.

Animated Graphics. Spirited Colors Impact Every Area of Saab’s Business

Since they debuted in April 1995, the unique Find Your Own Road television and print spots broke new ground in automotive advertising. The all-animation first phase of the campaign was quickly followed by phase two advertising that incorporated specific product messages, such as print advertising that aggressively pointed out the popular Saab 900 Convertible was “Roomier than a Mercedes. Quicker than a BMW. Yes, Saab is odd all right.”

For late 1995 and throughout 1996, the Find Your Own Road theme is being integrated in the entire range of marketing communications, and will be an crucial part of a number of innovative applications. For example, all 1996 Saab 900 and 9000 models feature the automotive industry’s most colorful Monroney label. The window sticker is an attention-getter, featuring bright graphics, as well as dynamic colors.

The Find Your Own Road typeface — called Roughhouse — and animation graphics have also found their way into Saab’s national auto show exhibit. Lifesize characters from the advertising campaign’s television and print ads pop up throughout the exhibit, and the in-your-face colors and graphic elements of the campaign are brilliantly represented.

Saab has also integrated the theme into a number of innovative direct mail pieces, including a Virtual Reality Test Drive. Consumers who respond to the offer for the test drive through an 800 number, are automatically linked to an audio program which, through sound and script, takes the listener on a journey that features every car in the Saab 1996 new model line.

Visitors to Saab’s headquarters in Norcross, Georgia will know immediately that they have found their own road to the Swedish automaker’s U.S. sales and marketing organization. On permanent display in the visitor’s lobby is a mobile piece of art. It is a colorful 1995 Saab 9000 Aero, hand-painted with the original elements of the Find Your Own Road print ad, that a Saab employee team captained by president and CEO Jim Crumlish, campaigned in the grueling One Lap of America competition.

“Tvpical” Saab Owners Do Not Exist

By celebrating the spirit of individuality, Saab’s Find Your Own Road campaign has struck a familiar chord in both long-time and first-time Saab enthusiasts. While these owners do share certain traits — such as being the most highly-educated owner group (52 percent have post-graduate degrees) of any automaker — they cannot be categorized — with one exception. Virtually all Saab buyers have a strong passion for products that take a slightly different path from the mainstream. “In Saab,” said Krysiek, “buyers have discovered a product that’s as unapologetic about being unconventional as they are.” It is this unconventionality that has set both Saab cars and Saab buyers apart since the very beginning.

Saab Owners Have Found Their Own Road For Decades

During Saab’s early years in the U.S. market, owners would proudly wave and blink their headlights when they chanced upon a fellow aficionado of the “odd” yet astonishingly versatile Swedish cars. Today, with close to half a million Saabs on the nation’s roads, Saab owners encounter one another much more frequently, but the feeling of belonging to a special club remains.

The spirit and culture of Saab has been celebrated at owner gatherings since the early 1960s, when over a thousand Saab owners and nearly 600 early Saabs met at the company’s then-U.S. headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut. Families traveled from as far away as California and the eastern provinces of Canada to attend the 1963 Saab meet, and this tradition continues today with an annual National Saab Owners’ Convention. The 1995 gathering took place in Norcross, Georgia, the location of Saab Cars USA, Inc.’s U.S. headquarters, and the 1996 convention has been scheduled for San Francisco, California.

In addition to annual owner gatherings, a national and dozens of regional Saab clubs are a vital part of the thriving Saab culture. The oldest Saab club on record, the Saab Club-National Capitol area, celebrates its 35th anniversary in 1996, and the national organization, the Saab Club of North America, boasts over 4,000 dues-paying Saab enthusiast members.

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“Find Your Own Road” Saab Advertising Campaign

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The Saab community have spoken and the “Find Your Own Road” advertising campaign slogan has beaten all other advertising slogans that Saab Automobile USA have used over the years in the recent poll that had over 100 votes cast.

This poll included 10 advertising campaign slogans that Saab Automobile USA have used, where the “Find Your Own Road” campaign came in 1st at 32% of the votes, followed by “We Don’t Make Compromises We Make Saabs” coming in second at 21% and “The Most Intelligent Car Ever Built” coming in third place with 15% of the overall votes.

The “Find Your Own Road” campaign for Saab Automobile, USA (Formerly Saab Cars, USA) that won the most votes, was developed entirely by the now defunct advertising agency, Angotti, Thomas & Hedge.

It appears that the votes really speak for themselves, but those that have gone the extra mile and expressed their thoughts about why they voted the way they did in support of the “Find Your Own Road” campaign really helped to clarify their decisions.

According to the visitors on this site, these individuals truly believe that this campaign best represents the Saab brand by the well executed delivery of each and every attribute of what makes a Saab, a Saab, while taking the driver into complete consideration throughout.

Please read about what some of these individuals had to say about this campaign over the others.

“Find Your Own Road” explicitly expresses Saab’s approach to designing cars, and also serves as a battle cry for many Saab enthusiasts.

– John Bowdre

I remember the “”find your own road” series from my youth. I always thought the “paintings” were eye-catching, (like the cars) and very different from anyone else’s ads out there.

– Andy

Best slogan ever: “Find your own road”…. It sums up saab and all its enthusiasts into four little words.

– Kaylan Marie

Find your own road’ has always fit me well. Several of the other slogans seem to focus on limited aspects of the of the car. To me, the most important aspect of any car is the balance of all it’s attributes, and how the complete vehicle fits with the owner/driver. Of course, ‘Find your own road’ is a bit vague and doesn’t really say anything about the car, except perhaps that Saabs are different from other cars, or that the owners are different.

– Aaron Gilbert

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What Is Your Favorite Saab Advertising Slogan?

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As a follow-up to the previous posting on Saab USA’s advertising campaign slogans, I have provided a poll for you to indicate what your favorite advertising campaign slogan is of all time.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration as criteria with these slogans, the product offering, the promotions, the price, the place, economics, etc. If you do cast your vote here, please follow-up with a comment below stating why you think the slogan you voted for, outshines the rest.

Update: The Poll is now closed, “Find Your Own Road” wins. Thanks for participating! Please continue to add your comments however.

What is your favorite Saab campaign slogan?

  • "Find Your Own Road" (32%, 35 Votes)
  • "We Don't Make Compromises We Make Saabs" (21%, 23 Votes)
  • "The Most Intelligent Car Ever Built" (15%, 16 Votes)
  • "Born From Jets" (13%, 14 Votes)
  • "Welcome To the State of Independence" (10%, 11 Votes)
  • "People Who Test Drive a Saab Usually Buy One" (5%, 5 Votes)
  • "It's what a car should be" (3%, 3 Votes)
  • "The Well-Built Swede" (2%, 2 Votes)
  • "The Command Performance Car" (0%, 0 Votes)
  • "The Economy Car" (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 109

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Saab Advertising Campaigns Yesterday & Today

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With a new season upon us for Saab Automobile, particularly in the United States, I am optimistically curious as to how, what, where and when Saab Automobile USA will be deploying their advertising campaign for the new 2008 Saab 9-3. This model will be or already is available in dealerships in the United States, and the XWD (Cross-Wheel Drive) option is supposed to be available for these models shortly thereafter.

On the topic of the advertising campaign itself, I am particularly interested in how exactly Saab Automobile USA will be using their existing campaign “Born From Jets” as Jay Spenchian had previously mentioned, while integrating messages that communicate this new model to their market with as much reach and frequency as possible. It is clear from the list below, Saab has changed their advertising campaign slogans quite a bit over the years, so if consistency is a huge priority today with Saab Automobile, which it still should be, I am looking forward to a consistent message within the “Born From Jets” campaign. This new campaign will need to indicate a connection to the Born From Jets campaign while being further developed and defined to best communicate the 2008 9-3 as well as the Cross-Wheel Drive which will be available shortly thereafter.

Short of providing my own suggestions at this point as I have already done in a few instances previously, I urge anyone here who has some suggestions as to how to develop this existing “Born From Jets” campaign to accomodate the new 2008 9-3 model, please post your comments below. I think we will all be interested in hearing what you have to say.

1956-1959 – ?

“The Economy Car”


1961 Kleppner Company

1962 Wilson, Haight & Welch, Inc.

November 1967 – 1971 | J.M. Mathes & Co.

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB The Well-Build Swede”

Sept 1971 – 1976 | Cox & Company

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB, It’s What a Car Should Be”

July 1976 – 1979 | Norman, Craig & Kummel

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB The Command Performance Car”

1979 – 1987 | Ally & Gargano

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB The Most Intelligent Cars Ever Built”

April 1988 – January 1990 | Lord, Einstein, O’Neill & Partners

March 1st, 1990 – 1996 | Angotti, Thomas & Hedge

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“We Don’t Make Compromises, We Make Saabs” 1990-1992

“Find Your Own Road” 1995 – 1996

March 1997- May 2001 | Martin Agency

May 2001 – Sept. 20, 2007 | Lowe Partners Worldwide

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“People Who Test Drive A Saab Usually Buy One”2000 – 2003

“The State of Independence” 2003 – Summer 2005

“Born From Jets” Fall 2005 – December 31st, 2007

January 1st, 2008 – Present | McCann-Erickson

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:


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Saab Cross-Wheel Drive ‘XWD’ in the North East, USA

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Saab Cross-Wheel Drive ‘XWD’ in the North East region of the United States

It has been mentioned that 40% of Saab Automobile USA’s market is in the North Eastern part of the United States. This region has historically thrived for vehicles that have facilitated easy accessibility through some of the toughest weather year after year. This year is Saab Automobile’s real chance to promote Cross-Wheel Drive (XWD) in one of their most important markets, the North Eastern region of the United States.

As a native New Englander who grew up with the Saab Automobile in that region having endured some extremely tough winters in my previous days of Saab ownership, the recent availability of Cross-Wheel Drive or “XWD” for the Saab is an extremely important development to me. This new development in Cross-Wheel Drive for the Saab Automobile brand will, without question, require a carefully planned marketing effort, resulting in an aggressive communication of the XWD in that region, to ensure success.

I have put together a number of considerations and objectives that should be included in an advertising and promotion campaign that Saab Automobile USA would need to meet, at a minimum. They are the following:

A) The new cross-wheel drive ‘XWD’ Saab models would need to outsell all other automobile brands that have historically dominated this region in terms of all-wheel drive capabilities. The brands that Saab would need to beat with their Cross Wheel Drive (XWD) system in the North East region are Audi with their Quattro system, Subaru with their All-Wheel Drive as well as Volvo’s All-Wheel Drive vehicles.

B) Saab Automobile would also need to move current owners of the aforementioned vehicles as well as owners of vehicles such as SUVs out of and into the new Saab Cross-Wheel Drive models with the following three-pronged approach:

  1) A strong and consistent advertising campaign on television with great frequency on major news networks, opposed to cable stations in order to provide the best coverage on the target the market that live in both urban as well rural or semi-rural regions that require the cross-wheel drive.

  2) Aggresive real-life test drive promotions during the winter season (think snow & ice) where perspective buyers could experience cross-wheel drive in their own elements in key geographic areas in the North East as follows:

   New York – Albany (New Salem Saab, Kingston (Roberti)

   Maine – Portland (Portland Saab) & Augusta (O’Connors Saab)

   Vermont – Burlington (P.J’s Auto Village) & Montpelier (Crossway Saab)

   New Hampshire – Exeter (Gary Blake Saab) & Nashua (Saab Nashua North)

   Massachusetts – Boston (Charles River Saab) & Deerfield (Pioneer Saab)

   Connecticut – Guilford (Guilford Saab)

   Rhode Island – Providence (Wigwam Saab)

  3) A solid distribution channel through the clear, concise and consistent marketing of the “XWD” program in ALL dealerships in the North East region.

These are some of my developing suggestions in order to ensure that deployment of cross-wheel drive (XWD) in the North Eastern part of the United States is a success for Saab Automobile USA.

I look forward to your comments and opinions on either my suggestions or your own on this topic.

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Saab Television Commercial Discovery – 1975

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I have been looking for quite some time to see if Saab Automobile in the United States actually ran television commercials opposed to radio and print, and now I have finally found concrete proof that this was in fact the case.

75_200.jpgThe advertising company, Cox & Pare Company that worked with Saab from September of 1971 until June of 1976, true to my original posting back on September 22nd, of 2006 indicates that they were the company that were doing television advertisements with Saab-Scania of America.

The proof that Saab television commercials existed in the seventies is shown in the recent additional material I received from a long-time Saab employee at the recent Saab Owners Convention, a part of the previous donation to Saab History that I mentioned.

The specific material that speaks of this engagement is the complete 1975 SAAB Advertising Campaign binder I received.

Here is the text that describes these television commercials as well as the “storyboard” that this text refers to.

For the new product year, Saab has developed 30 second TV commercials designed to appeal to the sensibilities of our prospective customers. The message again parallels those themes delivered in print and on radio.

On the following page is a storyboard of one of these commercials. Other commercials will be sent you later this year. These commercials will be availabel to each and every dealer and there is, of course, no charge involved. Once you receive the materials you shoudl then contact your local stations and again ask for their representative. They’ll be ost happy to see you and serve you in a number of capacities. First, he will explain the station’s policies and prices and second he will be glad to help you arrange a schedule that fits your budget. When speaking to the representative try to keep the following suggestions in mind:

1: Our prospect is basically a young male and no doubt sports programs will have great appeal to him. He is also very well educated and for this reason early and late news programs are just perfect for delivering your message.

2: Continuity is the key factor in an advertising campaign, and in television it is critical. We suggest that any package that you buy should reach 50% of the viewing audience in your area in each advertising week. This is a minimum requirement. In addition, your TV commercials should appear for at least half the number of weeks in your campaign. For example, if your campaign is scheduled for November of December, then you should be able to afford at least four weeks of TV advertising during that period at a level that will allow your message to reach 50% of the TV viewers in your area. If you can not meet these basics, we believe that your hard earned money is better spent in radio and newspaper.

3: All the facts and figures you will need can be easily delivered by the local stations. Once you are into this exciting medium we suggest that you purchase additional “Welcome” mats for your customers. You’re going to need them.

The storyboard that was provided was in print format, and here I have decided to take it a step further and scan & crop each (8 in total off of the page) storyboard into individual images and convert them into one animated GIF image for the final intended effect for your viewing pleasure.

I am unsure if the storyboard is as we see it and the real commercial is using real Saabs or if they are identical to this particular storyboard. For what it is worth, I think I should probably post it in the video archives online in the videos section for now for historical reference.


Here are the written messages indicated for each frame of the 30 second television commercial:


VIDEO: Side shot of Saab Standing — slow zoom in – Volvo enters frame and dissolves into Saab

SFX: Natural Outdoors – cars – wind



VIDEO: Audi Ghosts into Saab



VIDEO: BMW Ghosts into Saab



VIDEO: DASHER Ghosts into Saab



VIDEO: Peugeot “ghosts” into Saab



VIDEO: Mercedes “ghosts” into Saab




VIDEO: Dissolve to a 3/4 front shot of Saab


(FRAME 8 )

VIDEO: Slight pull-back Super appears



I look forward to your response here and hopefully we can track down these television commercials (on reel) soon to preserve them.

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