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The Saab Automobile AB Reconstruction Team

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The Saab Automobile AB Reconstruction team was appointed by judge Cecilia Tiselle at the Vänersborgs court on February 20th, and include four people directly responsible for the future of the company.

It should be known that the details of this reconstruction process does not actually involve the Saab Automobile AB Management board nor the Swedish Government, it’s just the reconstruction team themselves.

I am hopeful that this team will pull it off, they’ve already met the April 6th milestone according to court documents, and so it seems there is a good chance that they will meet May 20th’s as well unless they feel they need an extension.

Here are some brief summaries of the team for our reference.

Jan Ã…ke Jonsson – Saab Automobile CEO.

Jan Ã…ke Jonsson, Saab Automobile AB President since 2005 continues to lead the company through reconstruction.

2005 – Managing Director of Saab Automobile
2002 – 2005 Sales & Marketing, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Saab Automobile
2002 – 2002 Executive Director and Vehicle Line Executive, Commercial vehicles, GM Europe
1997 – 2002 Vehicle Line Executive, Trucks/Vans/Mini-segment, GM Europe
1995 – 1997 Director, Business Unit 9000/9-5, Saab Automobile
1993 – 1995 Vice President, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Saab Automobile […]

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The Sanddogers Return To Charity Rally As Snowdodgers

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Photo Credit: Snowdodggers / Buckingham Palace

The Sanddodgers, a group of three friends and Saab enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, that we followed two years ago back in 2007, are back at it again.

This time, instead of travelling from London to Africa like before, they will be going from London to Moldova as part of another charity drive. Their car of choice will be not a 99 like last time, but a 900i.

The two engineers and a politician will be looking forward to this race which should begin on April 11th and end the 1st of may.

Here is their press release:


Guys, you wrote a few stories on our last Saab related adventure so I thought you might be interested to wrote about our new one.

map.jpg After the amazing success of the Sanddodgers rally we have decided to do another… this time we are heading for snow and driving 4000 miles from the UK to Moldova via the Arctic circle. We fell in love with our 99T and this time have bagged a 900i, what’s more, we will be bringing her home as we drive through Sweden on route around the Baltic sea!

To find out more please check out our website:


Once again we are raising money for charity so any and all plugs are very gratefully received!


Jon (Team snowdodgers)

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