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The Remaining Pieces Of The Saab-Koenigsegg Sale

Posted on 26. Oct, 2009 by .


TTELA has recently published a good piece providing clarity for the remaining pieces of the Saab-Koenigsegg sale from GM following the EIB loan application approval last week.

Effectively, the EU Commission is the next step, then the Swedish Government needs to agree to this as a guarantor, then the BAIC deal needs to be complete and finally the GM sale and service agreement, finalized.

Here is the piece below, loosely translated by Google.

I can say yes to the EIB to lend 4.1 billion to Saab, but there is no money unless the Swedish government goes into the walls tier. Thus, there remain a few pieces of the puzzle.

Saab one step closer to goal

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Saab History Receives Clarity From Saab Automobile On Swedish Governments Request To European Commission

Posted on 06. Oct, 2009 by .


Saab History has requested and now has received more clarity on the European Investment Bank loan status from Saab Automobile’s Anna Petre, head of Government relations.

A thank you to her for giving us the details, particularly with the three remaining items listed below.

They have not granted the loan yet. The Government have asked the European Commission for a so called notification of the state guarantee. Since Sweden is a member of the European Union there are certain rules for when state aid is permitted and by this notification the EU Commission will see to that the state guarantee for Saab is ok according to EU regulation.

There are three parallel processes that have to be finalized (preferably in the same time frame) before we get the EIB loan. All three are on going and on track.

1. EIB application approved by the EIB Board
2. Finalize negotiations with the National Debt Office regarding the terms
of the state guarantee
3. EU Commission approval of the state guarantee (Swedish Government Seeks Approval On Friday)

Best Regards


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Swedish Government In Process To Grant EIB Loan For Saab

Posted on 05. Oct, 2009 by .


Goteborg Posten reports that the Swedish Government has notified the European Commission that it is prepared to grant the European Investment Bank (EIB) loans to Koenigsegg & Saab.

GP’s Stephan Lövgren helps us clarify this as the Swedish Government is close in their process to granting the EIB loans as guarantor to Saab, although it has yet to be completed.

With October 21st, fast approaching, this is certainly good news for Saab & Koenigsegg and a big milestone, yet more work needs to be done to get EIB’s non-objection response in granting the loan.

GP have also contacted Saab’s Government affairs person, Anna Petre who has also chimed in below.

Here’s the piece below translated.

Half a green light to Saab-loans

The government has informed the commission that it is prepared to provide state guarantees for EIB loan to Saab. This has taken an important step towards survival.

It is a long way and many hurdles to cross – but now, Saab has managed a further milestones.

The government has made a so-called notification to the commission. A subject to notification to the EU Commission to approve the loan the presentation requiring sovereign guarantees.

Saab wants to know who have a loan of around four billion from the European Investment Bank and the loan is guaranteed by the Swedish state.

The commission shall examine upon notification that the guarantees do not conflict with state aid rules. In addition, we see that the company is sound and is not insolvent.

EU Commission’s review will then result in a response, a so-called non-objection (no objection). Only after this the EIB Board address the issue of loans for possible approval.

– This is a necessary step, “says Anna Petre, responsible for regulatory contacts at Saab.

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The Road Ahead For Saab Automobile, From Eric Geers

Posted on 03. Feb, 2009 by .


Eric Geers, Saab Automobile’s Director of Global Communications, whom I interviewed back in January of 2008 in Detroit, has just reported on the road ahead for Saab Automobile.

The updates about the new products he mentioned are promising, even though we still have exactly two weeks to go until GM delivers their business plan with Saab’s future outline.

Here is his mention below:

Not that much news to add since Detroit. We’re discussing the road ahead for Saab with the Swedish government and GM and as long as these discussions are ongoing we can’t go into any detail. These discussions are very constructive and very much focussed on our business in Sweden.

*** Referred to this area from peer, Anna Petre on the February 17th and March 31st dates.

We obviously hope to come out with some detail as soon as we can.

In the meantime are we testdriving the new 9-5 in South and Northern Europe (validation drives) and are we preparing for Geneva where we will show our new 9-3X.


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Saab Automobile On February 17th & March 31st Dates

Posted on 28. Jan, 2009 by .


I just received this e-mail this morning from Saab Automobile’s Manager of Government Relations, Anna Petre.

In case anyone needed clarification on the two dates, February 17th & March 31st, here is her response below, posted with her permission:

The 17th is when GM submits its viability plan to the US Government. That plan is not a public document, but in the plan there will certainly be a part about GM´s plans for Saab. But again, the plan is not public, and I cannot say today when it will be. Regarding March 31, I think it is the date when the US Government will respond to GM´s plans.

Best Regards


Anna Petre
Manager Government Relations
Saab Automobile AB

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Trollhättan, Sweden’s Newspaper TTELA, On Saab’s Race Against The Clock

Posted on 28. Jan, 2009 by .


Here is an update from Trollhättan, Sweden’s newspaper TTELA titled “Saab’s Race Against The Clock”

We know that the first version of the business plan from GM shown to Jöran Hägglund on behalf of the Swedish Government was not credible, so back to the drawing board for Saab Automobile & GM in a race to get a solid business plan submitted prior to February 17th.

Below is most of the article loosely translated from Google translate:

Saab’s race against the clock


It is busy days at Saab. February 17 GM will present its action plan for the U.S. Congress. Then a solution which secures the future of Saab’s be clear. – It is a bit of a race against the clock, “says Anna Petre, Saab’s responsible for the contacts.

Yesterday, she was Human Resources and Allan Roth Lind in Gothenburg together with other representatives from the automotive industry to inform the Western alliance Swedish MPs and politicians about the situation. A series of meetings these days.

– There are daily discussions right now, “says Petre.

English plan
TTELA wrote already two weeks ago to Saab, GM and the Swedish government outlined a plan for the Swedish Saab. It aims to collect nearly all the production (including the 9-3 convertible and the next 9-5) and the development of Trollhättan.

The parties have different interests, all of which perhaps can be satisfied with such a solution.

The state wants, whether to offer financing loans, the Saab-job ports in Sweden. GM, in turn, see an opportunity to break out Saab in a more independent role, perhaps for future sale.

However, the approach must be understood to have long-term economic viability.

Anna Petre want neither confirm plans or say something about how the negotiations proceed.

– A few months forward, then the picture has become clearer, “she says.

An important date is, of course, February 17, when GM will present its action plan for the U.S. Congress.

The plan under discussion for Saab includes access to short-term financial support in the form of rescue loan and / or support through the European Investment Bank.

No formal application has not yet been made, it is a complex process and the rules have just been completed.

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Saab Automobile Responds To Saab History On Swedish Fossil Fuel Ban By 2025

Posted on 22. Nov, 2008 by .


I have recently received a response from Saab Automobile Sweden’s Anna Petre in Government Relations with regards to the legislation to ban all fossil fuel powered cars in Sweden by 2025.

I would think that 2025 is a long-term plan, since it is 17 years from now.

Dear Ryan,

I have not made any comments regarding the ban of gasoline cars by 2025. Generally we are positive to long term targets. The comment I made was about a proposal from the Minister of environment to rush towards stringent fuel efficiency rules for so called “green cars” that can run on a bio-fuel.

Best Regards


Anna Petre
Manager Government Relations
Saab Automobile AB

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