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Alix Partners Member Part Of Original Reconstruction Team

Posted on 08. Jan, 2010 by .


Stephen J. Talyor of Alex Partners has been indicated by Sweden’s Dagen’s Industry as being part of this team to “wind down Saab”, but on the other hand strangely enough, he was also part of the reconstruction team last year to “Save Saab”.

This is really getting quite strange indeed.

Here’s a bio about Stephen Taylor

taylorStephen brings over twenty years of experience as a specialist in international business recovery and insolvency, serving clients across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His industry expertise includes textiles, manufacturing, retail, and real estate. He also has experience in various Asian markets.

Prior to joining AlixPartners, Stephen was the Eurofirm Business Recovery Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In that role, he assisted clients by analyzing their market positions and cost structures, determining appropriate benchmarks and milestones, negotiating debt and capital structures, and identifying both quick wins and longer-term strategies. He is well known for challenging orthodoxy in the search for better solutions, and strongly believes that the traditional approaches found in many European countries are sub-optimal for ailing companies and economies. He led some of the first corporate cases under the European Insolvency Regulation to arbitrage the differences in bankruptcy law between the countries of Europe. He has also advised international political and financial institutions on the development of best practices in the field of insolvency and business recovery, including The World Bank Group, The European Commission, the Commonwealth Development Corporation, and several governments.

A frequent speaker throughout the world, Stephen is the author of the chapter on international insolvency in the Handbook of Credit Management, and a contributing editor to both Kluwers International Corporate Rescue and the Global Restructuring Yearbook (Euromoney). He is also a consulting and contributing editor for the latest edition of the highly successful European Restructuring and Insolvency Guide (White & Page) published in 2005.

Stephen is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Fellow of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3), and is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, INSOL Europe, and INSOL International. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music with honors from the Royal Holloway College, London University.

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Spyker Cars Expects Response From GM Before Friday

Posted on 28. Dec, 2009 by .


Sweden’s SVD published a recent interview with Spyker Cars CEO, that indicates that he expects a response by GM with a decision before the end of the year, even if the author of this article doesn’t believe that December 31st is valid any longer.

In my correspondence with Mr. Muller of Spyker Cars tonight, he indicates that “things are moving along with GM.” This is good to hear and it’s the first news of the week about the status of Spyker Cars progress with GM since last week.

The end of the year is Friday, December 31st, so a decision would have to be made tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Spyker expect a decision this year

Last update: 28 December 2009, 19:07

Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller is expecting that General Motors, GM, to answer whether the new bid to be accepted before New Year’s day. But GM has already decided on the closure and the deadline for the New Year is no longer valid. It says Hakan Danielsson, Board of Saab, the Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv.

On Christmas Eve, leaving the last Saab speculator, sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars CEO Victor Muller, Sweden, Trollhättan, and returned to Holland. It was just before Christmas he last spoke with representatives from GM. Since then there has been silence from across the Atlantic.

– We expect a response from GM this week. Since the deadline is December 31 so I expect very much that they are of themselves very soon,
“said Victor Muller, but he believes that it is difficult to predict whether the deal will go through.

– I’m very hopeful, I have been since its inception. We have done everything we possibly can.

What reactions did you get in Sweden by Saab representatives?

– To date the response has been very encouraging. Everyone wants to of course make sure that Saab will survive and if it can happen thanks to Spyker, I believe that people can be very happy.

Have you been in contact with former speculator Koenigsegg Group?

– Yes, I know Christian very well, “said Victor Muller and admits that he and Christian von Koenigsegg has talked a lot with each other on the Saab.

– We have definitely, he has been very helpful. He did not give me the business plan but it’s the same business now as they worked on with Saab. So our business plan is basically the same.

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Saab Automobile Featured In Business Week’s 20 Most Important Innovations Over The Next 10 Years

Posted on 04. Jun, 2009 by .


Photo Credit: Saab History

Saab Automobile, the most innovative automobile company over the past century, has been featured in Business Week. The first pre-production Saab ever, the SAAB 92001, also known as “Ursaab” is the prominent featured photo of this article about innovation, a great start by a long and respected leader in its industry, Saab Automobile.

I encourage you to take a look at the article, although outside of the photo, no other Saab content was written. However, I do suggest taking a look at all of Saab Automobile’s legendary innovations over the years here on Saab History as well.

I am still mesmerized by the title “20 Most Important Innovations over the next 10 years”. Where do you think Saab Automobile will fall in those categories, will they have more than one? If so, what do you think they will be? Comments are open.

Innovation from Recession

BusinessWeek asked several futurists, including Futurist.com’s Glen Hiemstra, consultant David Zach, and author Howard Rheingold, to describe what they’d like to see arise from the current downturn. Notably, our experts didn’t think of innovation merely in terms of products or services. These ideas will change the way humans interact with the earth — and with each other.

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The Saab Automobile AB Reconstruction Team

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The Saab Automobile AB Reconstruction team was appointed by judge Cecilia Tiselle at the Vänersborgs court on February 20th, and include four people directly responsible for the future of the company.

It should be known that the details of this reconstruction process does not actually involve the Saab Automobile AB Management board nor the Swedish Government, it’s just the reconstruction team themselves.

I am hopeful that this team will pull it off, they’ve already met the April 6th milestone according to court documents, and so it seems there is a good chance that they will meet May 20th’s as well unless they feel they need an extension.

Here are some brief summaries of the team for our reference.

Jan Ã…ke Jonsson – Saab Automobile CEO.

Jan Ã…ke Jonsson, Saab Automobile AB President since 2005 continues to lead the company through reconstruction.

2005 – Managing Director of Saab Automobile
2002 – 2005 Sales & Marketing, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Saab Automobile
2002 – 2002 Executive Director and Vehicle Line Executive, Commercial vehicles, GM Europe
1997 – 2002 Vehicle Line Executive, Trucks/Vans/Mini-segment, GM Europe
1995 – 1997 Director, Business Unit 9000/9-5, Saab Automobile
1993 – 1995 Vice President, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Saab Automobile […]

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The Saab Turbo Gene Video

Posted on 16. Dec, 2008 by .


A Saab Enthusiast actually created one of the most visually appealing video as a take off from Saab Sweden’s “Turbo Gene” quiz website launched some months ago.

I found this video recently on youtube and asked the author and he said that he just created this as a hobby, and no Saab did not pay him for the work, so I was asking myself what?

My only thing about the video is that technically, the beginning section when he rolls the time back, it should have stopped in 1977 or 1978, the year when Saab launched the turbo motor? I guess he could be thinking about when Scania started using the Turbo, but maybe I’m just giving him too much credit at this point.

I think it is pretty well done visually though, what do you think?

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