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The “Save Saab” Gathering In Beijing, China

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Photo Credits: Saab Club of Beijing/em>

Wow, what a nice photo and most of those 50 Saabs are quite new! Great job and very nice signage!

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Saab Dealerships In Canada To Continue

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Saab History has covered the status of Saab dealerships in Canada earlier this fall, but now there seems to be a good resolution in place.

Evidently, according to the global and mail, the dealerships will continue by Saab Cars North America working directly with distributor, International Fleet Sales, Inc. of California to make it all happen.

While this is positive news, how is it that so many of these dealerships have been told that they are to close, and now many months later, they are asked to stay?

Saab’s history in Canada started in 1975 with a distributor, so continuing this plan will not be any different than it was since it began.

Here’s the story below.


Saab, one of four brands being jettisoned or sold by General Motors Co., will continue in Canada under new ownership and a smaller dealer network, Canadian dealers say.

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Saab History Learns That BAIC Plans To Continue Old Saab 9-5 Production In Beijing, China

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Saab History has learned at the recent 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show that BAIC, the ones that just signed a memorandum of understanding with Koenigsegg, plan on continuing the old Saab 9-5 production in Beijing, China once the all new Saab 9-5 production begins in Trollhattan, Sweden.

Although the old 9-5 Sedan ended production during the first week in July and it’s 9-5 SportCombi counterpart will cease production in March of 2010, that production has been indicated to be continuing on in China at some point.

While all of Saab Automobile’s new products will be built in Trollhättan, Sweden, their old 9-5 now in its 12th year, will continue on for presumably the Chinese only-market. Initially learning about this plan, I was not alarmed as much as the news that came recently from TTELA who spoke to BAIC’s CEO Wang Dazong, where he indicated that he not only wants production, but technology and intellectual property rights from Saab Automobile as well.

I think that recycling a good product is one thing and keeping it alive is a nice idea for a particular market, (I wish they could have done this with the old C900), but wanting Saab’s technology and intellectual rights sounds exactly like what hurt Saab with GM all of these years and I don’t want that repeated with BAIC.

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