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Saab Dealerships In U.S. Tell GM To "SAVE SAAB" Or Else

Posted on 11. Jan, 2010 by .


The Wall Street Journal has recently published an article about the 218 Saab dealerships in the United States that are now sending their own message to GM.

The message from Saab dealerships to GM is to “Save Saab”, or else..

We knew that Saab owners were persistent in their efforts to save the car company from extinction, organizing protests in the U.S. and Europe and selling “Save Saab” stickers.

Here come the dealers.

GM has already hired AlixPartners, a restructuring firm, to begin winding down Saab, even as it considers offers to keep it alive.

In a letter sent last week to General Motors ’s general counsel and reviewed by Deal Journal , about 50 U.S. Saab dealers are lobbying GM to accept one of the bids reportedly on the table for the 60 year-old brand.

If Saab owners are trying to pull the Detroit automakers heart strings by emphasizing the emotional appeal of the Swedish car, the dealers are talking tough.

“Please take notice that General Motors shall be held accountable for any failure on its part to proceed in good faith and make a full and fair effort to sell the Saab brand,’’ writes Richard N. Sox, a Tallahassee lawyer, representing 51 of the nation’s approximately 200 Saab dealers.

Despite the company’s insistence that bidders have yet to come up with the requisite money for Saab, Sox says that bidders have met the purchase requirements.

“General Motors owes Saab dealers a duty of good faith and fair dealing in its efforts to market the Saab brand,’’ Sox writes. “As Saab dealers, our clients have relied upon General Motors to make a good faith effort to sell Saab, to enable the dealer body to continue in the business of selling and servicing Saab vehicles.”

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Electroengine, The Company Behind True Electric Saabs

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Photo Credit: Electro Engine

Here is some background on Electroengine, The Company Behind True Electric Saabs that launched their first test vehicles in June this year in Sweden.


The Swedish company Electroengine in Sweden AB has developed a new system that makes it possible to adapt standard cars with internal combustion engines to high performance electric cars. A demonstration vehicle was on public display at the annual Almedal week in Gotland, Sweden, and the official launch took place on 29th June at 9.00 am in Visby harbour.

The system, which is entitled True Electric™, can be used directly in the production of new cars. It can also be used to convert existing cars to be purely electrically operated cars. This can be done without compromising the safety and performance of the cars. Furthermore, the system has the potential to be considerably more cost-effective than the electric drive systems that are currently on the market. One of its key components is a revolutionary battery management system for which a patent is pending.

Electroengine’s Managing Director, Thomas Bergfjord, comments: “Many people still want to keep driving nice-looking, practical and safe cars with good performance and handling while they are also keen to choose a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative. True Electric™ now makes it possible to combine the environmentally friendliness and low running costs of electric cars with the functions and performance of existing petrol-driven cars. We can, for example, use our technology to achieve 0-100 km/h acceleration of 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 180 km/h in a SAAB 9-3, as well as being able to drive it 150-200 km purely on electricity without having to change the car’s interior or exterior – thus retaining the luggage space and tow bar.”

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