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Saab Factory Expected To Ramp Up Production From 100 To 220 Cars Per Day Starting This Month

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

This week, just a few weeks ago since production restarted, Saab Automobile AB and the union, IF Metall, agreed to reduce employee vacations from 4-weeks to 3-weeks.

This agreement was made as production at the Saab factory is expected to ramp up from 100 vehicles per day to 220 vehicles per day beginning on April 12th.

Here is the rest of the article from Trollhattan, Sweden’s TTELA.

While production started again at Saab a couple weeks ago, it was announced that there could be overtime on Saturdays as the maximum speed on the production line is reached.

The union, IF Metall and the company agreed that there will only be three weeks vacation for employees.

Short holiday for Saab Employees

It will be a short holiday for all employees in the production of Saab. Earlier negotiations are no longer valid. Rather than stop at the factory shortened from four weeks to three.

– Given that there will be a tough autumn, we had had four weeks, but now we are in a particular location, “says IF Metall’s Chairman Hakan run.

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Saab Employees Rally At Saab Factory In Trollhättan

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Photo Credits: TTELA & GT

Thousands of Saab Automobile employees finally gather outside of the Saab Factory in Trollhättan, Sweden today according to TTELA & GT.

The protesters are carrying signs, including the “SAVE SAAB” logo I provided to some of them in an e-mail last night. Their sign however includes this but they added “SAVE SAAB from Ganster Motors, a play on GM”. Creative!

I’m glad our “SAVE SAAB” campaign in Detroit took off and inspired others around the world including Saab clubs and now Saab employees.

Good for them, send your message loud and clear!

Here’s TTELA’s story followed by GT’s below.





Thousands manifested outside Saab

TROLLHÄTTAN Save Saab, Saab save, save Saab!
Several thousand Saab employees gathered outside the main gate at noon to send a message to the owner of General Motors.
– Show us that you deliver what you promised!

For unions call down near 3 000 Saab employees up to a demonstration at 12 noon today. All left their jobs and marched out to the main gate. Banners reading “Saab has a soul, GM”, “Save Saab” and “General failure take” appeared in the crowds.
– We still believe in this and have constant contact with the bidders, “said Annette Hellgren, chairman of the Union, just before the demonstration started.

And people were furious at GM.

– It is pure torture from GM’s side, “said Rune Olsson, who worked 25 years at the factory.
The manifestation was short, but afterward sent the trade union representatives off a letter to GM’s CEO Ed Whitacre with an appeal to sell Saab


Banners outside the factory spoke for themselves: “SAVE Saab from GM – Gangster Motors”, “Saab has a soul, the GM?” And “save jobs at Saab.”

– All are here, all 3 500 workers, both factory workers and officials, “says Borje Andersson, GT’s reporter on the spot.

During the manifestation of the letter was read out, in which the staff addressed to GM’s chief executive, Ed Whitacre.

– The letter requires the employees to GM will take responsibility for their employees and sell Saab.

They are demanding that GM will demonstrate the confidence of the employees, being a good employer, “said GT’s Borje Andersson.

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Saab’s Union, IF Metall, Plans To Contact U.S. Government

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Swedish Radio & TTELA indicate that Saab Automobile’s union, IF Metall plans to contact the White House.

Someone at Saab should contact the U.S. government for reviving negotiations on Saab’s future.

Stefan Löfven, IF Metall Chairman

– We have decided to do all that is necessary. We want to know that when this is over, no matter how it ends, so we have done our very best, “said Stefan Löfven, president of IF Metall.

IF Metal, The Union of Sweden and engineers are trying to contact the U.S. government to influence negotiations on Saab’s future. The U.S. government since the financial crisis is the majority shareholder in GM.

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Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller In Trollhattan Today

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TTELA reports, that Spyker Cars CEO, Victor Muller is in Trollhattan, Sweden today.

Muller met with the folks for the Saab Automobile union, IF Metall and discussed the deal with them. Evidently, all that is needed are the contracts to be completed by December 31st according to Muller.

Here’s hoping all contracts are completed and the sale is finalized. I’m sure there will be more updates today.

In the meantime, here is the article below:

Spykers president in Trollhattan

IF Metall’s chairman Stefan Löfven met Spykers president and founder Victor Muller in Trollhättan, Sweden on Tuesday and discussed the possible deal between GM and Spyker. [updated 15:40]

The meeting took place with local Metall Chairman Paul Akerlund and Union Anette Hellgren.

– We met him for a good half hour and he reported thoughts about the business plan, including financing, and how they see the production and development in Sweden. It was a good conversation and we were clear to us that it is a most serious buyers who want to do business. And now it’s hurry, “says Löfven.

– GM needs to show that they want to do business, then it also depends on the government and the Debt Office makes what is for them.

Do you consider that Spyker is a good buyer?

– Yes, with the funding is available. We want the production and development in Sweden with the Swedish management and business plan is the same as the Koenigsegg and the Saab-developed. And it was tested on the length and breadth of both the Debt Office and the Bank and the Government’s own consultants, so it is sustainable.

There is much speculation about the financing. Muller gave no information about it?

– They have, after GM broke off last week, made on the parts that GM had questions about. With it may be considered that the funding is resolved enough.

Muller reported the people behind the funding?

– I will not go into details, but now it’s between the GM and Spyker. It is important to us that GM really wants to sell because there is speculation in another direction. If all parties are now working quickly and concentrated so it may look good, “
says Löfven.

Although the Union representative Anette Hellgren was cautiously optimistic after meeting with Victor Muller.

– My perception is that he seemed to be a very enthusiastic and committed person who is eager to buy Saab.

Anette Hellgren says he is confident that much will be ready before 31 December.

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GM’s Ed Whitacre Confirms Spyker Is Sole Saab Bidder

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TTELA & Detroit News report that GM’s new Chairman, Ed Whitacre has confirmed that Spyker is the remaining sole Saab bidder. When asked about his thoughts about the Saab sale, he said “We’ve got our fingers crossed,”.

Here’s the article below loosely translated by Google.

Spyker Saab alone buyer

Dutch Spyker is the only remaining speculator at Saab, said General Motors Chairman Ed Whitacre on Tuesday.

He also believes that it is possible to effect the sale of Saab Spyker prior to the deadline in late December to January, which GM has set up, according Reuters.Whitacre also found in a roundtable with reporters at GM’s headquarters in Detroit that if sales to Spyker put option is that Saab is down.

From Spykers side had on Tuesday night, absolutely no new information about a possible purchase of Saab.

– I can not say anything. We have no comment, said spokesman Mike Spykers of Stainton PR told TT.

Whatever the case, if there were new developments in the negotiations, the schedule or the future direction of Saab, so the response was the same.
– No comment.

Stainton did not go beyond what the company said December 2 when it admitted that it had held talks with General Motors on the Saab. Otherwise, it was also the time “no comment”.

– We can not comment on the task until we have received information from the company, “said union chairman of the Union Anette Hellgren.

– We know of course that the process is complete and we are waiting for a reply, and hope that it will be before Christmas.

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GM Announces The Resignation Of GM President & CEO Fritz Henderson, Replaced By Edward E. Whitacre Jr.

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Photo Credit: Saab History

At the recent GM Press Conference, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. announced that he would replace President & CEO Fritz Henderson who has just resigned. There is no indication that Fritz Henderson or Edward Whitacre will continue to be part of the 13-member GM board at this time.

The Saab community in the United States will remember hearing from Fritz Henderson back at the 2007 Saab Owners Convention where he spoke to us at the GM Heritage Center for dinner that he was a Saab guy and even his Wife was a Saab enthusiast.

There was no other new Saab news at all other than the resignation announcement other than the confirmation of what we already saw in the press statement earlier.

* Confirms outreach from several interested parties for Saab, but would not indicate which ones or how many

* Confirmed, if no viable buyer comes, closure of Saab would pursued at end of December

Here is a good piece from the Washington Post followed by GM’s statement on the resignation of Fritz Henderson.

GM’s Henderson Steps Down as CEO

General Motors chief executive Fritz Henderson, who took over the troubled automaker during its government-backed bankruptcy after former chief executive Rick Wagoner resigned at the urging of the White House, has stepped down, the company announced this afternoon.

Henderson will be replaced on a temporary basis by GM chairman Ed Whitacre, who became chairman in June, famously saying, “I don’t know anything about cars.” Whitacre is the former chief executive of AT&T.

Interestingly, it was Whiteacre, not Henderson, who appeared in the most recent GM television commercials.

— Frank Ahrens

GM Statement Attributed to To Chairman Ed Whitacre

At its monthly meeting in Detroit today, the General Motors Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Fritz Henderson as Director, President and CEO of the company.

Fritz has done a remarkable job in leading the company through an unprecedented period of challenge and change. While momentum has been building over the past several months, all involved agree that changes needed to be made. To this end, I have taken over the role of Chairman and CEO while an international search for a new president and CEO begins immediately. With these new duties, I will begin working in the Renaissance Center headquarters on a daily basis. The leadership team – many who are with me today – are united and committed to the task at hand.

I want to assure all of our employees, dealers, suppliers, union partners and most of all, our customers, that GM’s daily business operations will continue as normal. I remain more convinced than ever that our company is on the right path and that we will continue to be a leader in offering the worldwide buying public the highest quality, highest value cars and trucks. We now need to accelerate our progress toward that goal, which will also mean a return to profitability and repaying the American and Canadian tax payers as soon as possible.

In closing, I want to once again thank Fritz Henderson for his years of leadership and service to General Motors; we’re grateful for his many contributions. I look forward to working with the entire GM team as we now begin the next chapter of this great company.

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Koenigsegg Group Visiting Saab Automobile Today

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Photo Credit: TTELA

TTELA reports that Christian von Koenigsegg and Bard Eker are now visiting the Saab factory in Trollhattan, Sweden to discuss this deal that they withdrew from.

It seems, that they are fully willing to tell all about why exactly they pulled out. This is for business people, quite amazing. I really hope to hear more details from them here so we can learn what’s up and why this all went down like this.

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G.M. To Decide The Fate Of Saab Automobile Next Tuesday

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The New York Times & Bloomberg report that GM will be holding a board meeting next Tuesday, December 1st where they will ultimately decide the fate of Saab Automobile.

Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) — GM’s board will review the future of the bankrupt unit at a Dec. 1 meeting, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the talks aren’t public. Directors could opt to keep Saab, as they did earlier this month in scrapping the sale of the Opel division in Germany, the person said.

Today’s pullout by Koenigsegg, which said it ran out of time to complete a deal, is the third brand sale to falter since GM’s July 10 bankruptcy exit. GM backed out of the Opel sale to a group led by Magna International Inc., and Penske Automotive Group Inc. withdrew in September from a plan to buy Saturn.

“What this indicates is it’s a pretty tough car market,” said Jim Hall, a principal at consultant 2953 Analytics in Birmingham, Michigan. While Detroit-based GM cut liabilities in the U.S. while in Chapter 11, “in Europe it’s a whole other story because they didn’t get this similar cleansing.”

GM began getting indications of a possible snag over the weekend, and Koenigsegg’s board decided yesterday to back away, the person said.

The Swedish company had sought to obtain in advance all 400 million euros ($600 million) of financing approved by the European Investment Bank, while the lender planned to disburse the funds in tranches, said a second person who was familiar with those negotiations.

‘We Believed’

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