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Saab History Looks Forward To The Week Ahead

Posted on 10. Jan, 2010 by .


This past weekend is our last weekend we have until we learn about the fate of Saab Automobile this coming week.

As the news over this weekend is pretty much a non-event so far, I did manage to visit Boston on Saturday. During this trip, I visited the old neighborhood where I bought my first Saab (Charlestown, Massachusetts)! and even took a photo of the street corner where I bought it! I almost feel like I’ve come around full circle, and ironically, just before the news that we’ll learn about this week!

In gaining a lot of information with all of the appropriate parties, I cannot expect anything other than good news this coming week. Opposed to all of the drama we’ve been experiencing over the year, especially the big bumps this past fall from the dealership closures on Nov 13th, the Koenigsegg termination on Nov 24th, the wind down notice on the 18th of December, and the liquidation notice this past Friday the 8th, are all part of the bumpy road to broader horizons for Saab Automobile’s future. I had tough time believing this statement too until learning more about the status of Saab Automobile’s sale process recently.

We have until January 15th until Saab Automobile would be liquidated and as of now, the management of Saab Automobile in Sweden no longer has any autonomy over their subsidiary of GM, so it’s up to a new buyer to save the company.

I must say that from all of the good news I’ve learned over the last 24-48 hours that I hope will become a reality soon, I would be extremely surprised that Saab Automobile does not end up on top with a new buyer this coming week!

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