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The "Save Saab" Event In Chicago, Illinois

Posted on 24. Jan, 2010 by .


Saab owners in Chicago held their SAVE SAAB gathering today beginning at the local IKEA.

It’s looking like IKEA around the world continues to be one of the best meeting spots for Saab owners.

Please continue to send your comments, photos and videos if you attended this event.

Here’s a great article covering this event by the Chicago Tribune.


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Saab Enthusiast Calls For Diesels & Hatchbacks In U.S.

Posted on 13. Sep, 2009 by .


A Saab History frequenter has contacted me recently to tell me that he recently attempted to write an e-mail to the folks at Saab Cars North America, Inc. about suggestions about future products that should be introduced into the United States. Unfortunately, his e-mail attempt failed when he hit submit and was redirected to some GM site about legal disclaimers. I told him that if the Saab USA website did not accept his submission, I would gladly offer a venue in which to submit it as his submission to Saab History came through without a problem.

His suggestions are to introduce diesels as well as hatchbacks to the United States. The former are already available in most other markets, the latter is something many including myself have been advocating since the last hatchback left the product portfolio of Saab in 2002 with the 9-3.

Many of us may all know about Fred in Chicago (DZLSABE) that personally imported a 2003 Saab 9-3 (the first year without the hatch) that had a 2.2 TiD diesel engine and has celebrated 50+ miles per gallon since and continues to enjoy this ride, just think what it would have been like if these were officially available for everyone complete with a hatchback?

The last thing the writer suggested was that I put a poll below about what you think Saab Cars North America needs in United States, those being 1) A Hatch?, 2) A Diesel?, 3) Both being equally most important or 4) Neither (please describe in comments what is needed). I of course took this initiative and responded by placing a poll here, so please cast your votes!

What Do you Think Saab's U.S. Market Needs Right Now?

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Hi–this is what I intended to send to SAAB USA:

My first SAAB, a 1969 96, was way ahead of its time in terms of safety, comfort, utility and performance. 10 years later I purchased a 1978 99, a car which remains great to drive, the combination of a hatch and removable back shelf and back seats which fold almost flat adding station wagon-like capacity to the features I enjoyed when I had the 96. SAAB should once again offer a true hatchback. I also think that given the performance, mileage and reliability of today’s diesels, a 9-3 turbo diesel would be most welcome in the U.S. And while I appreciate new design, given the cost of low-speed impacts a return to 5 mph damage-free bumpers should be another consideration.

Perhaps you could add a quick poll such as SAAB 9-3s

should be offered with: (a) Hatch ( b) Turbo diesel (c) Both (d)

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