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Saab’s Goteborg & Stockholm Offices Consolidated

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Photo Credit: Saab History

TTELA reports this morning that Saab Automobile’s Göteborg & Stockholm offices are to be consolidated.

The Göteborg office for Saab Automobile AB has 125 people in it and it is near Mölnlycke/Pixbo area close to the airport. In this office, the marketing, sales and design staff are located.

Saab Automobile AB Sales, Marketing & Design – Kvarnbacken 2, 43542 Mölnlycke, Sweden‎ – 031-354 00 00‎

The Stockholm, Sweden office is basically a GM Nordic office with about 25 peolpe in it, and so that will be rightfully consolidated to Trollhattan, Sweden as well.

General Motors Norden AB Årstaängsv. 17 11743 Stockholm, Sweden 08-632 85 00

These two offices will be relocated to Trollhättan, Sweden as a continued consolidation and centralization of everything Saab to where it all began.

It’ll be nice to hear that there will be a new separate design facility in Trollhattan. I wonder if this will be utilizing the existing former site of the “Saab Advanced Concept Center” that is located near the Saab Car Museum?

Here’s the piece from TTELA.

Saab Automobile in Trollhättan only

Trollhättan Saab Automobile concentrating all its activities to Trollhättan, reported Dagens Industri.

Offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg closed, but all the staff offered to move with. In total, 150 people.

Concerned departments in the Gothenburg area is the marketing department who had an office in Gothenburg and parts of the design department in Pixbo, Mölnlycke outside.

– We will include building a separate, new capacity Design in Trollhattan, “said Eric Geers, Communications Director at Saab Autommobile.

Saab has also taken on a new charge of sales in Sweden. Former Director Patrik Riese ended a few weeks ago and went to Volkswagen. Instead, many old Saab employee Kjell-Ake Eriksson, responsible for sales in Sweden.

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Saab Sighting Of The Week “Saab Automobile USA Communications Director’s 9-5 SportWagon”

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Photo Credit: Jan-Willem Vester/ Saab Automobile USA

Jan-Willem Vester, the Communications Director for Saab Automobile USA, since replacing Kevin Smith in 2004, has kindly provided Saab History a wonderful photo of his 2004 9-5 Wagon CPO for the Saab Sighting Of The Week.

He has also provided us a little insight into his background with Saab and how he acquired this beautiful 9-5!

Thank you Jan-Willem for your contribution!

First and foremost, my European background has provided us with many postive experiences with Stationwagons as they tend to offer plenty of useful extras – often including better looks — on the same “real estate” as a comperable sedan. Having started with a couple of C900 5-doors (’79 GLs and ’84 GLi), I’ve been looking forward to a true full-size Saab wagon for my growing family – so, when the 9-5 was announced with that beautifully extended body designed by Simon Padian, I sort of knew that over time, I had to have one.

This 2004 2.3T Arc was offered as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle in early 2007 by Saab of Lakeside in Macomb, Michigan. The records showed that this very car had started its life as a display vehicle for Saab Cars USA prior to my assignment here, and may have been shown at the 2003 Owners Convention and other publicity events. True its calling, this car has almost every available option including the 17-inch sport wheel package, giving it a sporty and unique appearance. The Laser Red paint is also rather rare on a 9-5, I believe, and almost litterally puts the Sport in this Wagon. Plus, absolutely ideal of course when presenting it to my wife and three kids on the occasion of Valentine’s day — love on first sight!

On the practical side, the car is always very visible even in Michigan’s most dreary weather, attributing to its safety appeal as daily transportation for my most precious cargo. In the past two years of ownership, our 9-5 quickly became a valued family member and hasn’t missed a beat under any of the circumstances it has been exposed to. Regular service at Saab of Troy as the 30,000 mile mark passed by uneventfully last summer, wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it as the car got fresh fluids all over and immediately felt ready for the next 30,000 miles — and then some… Clearly, this 9-5 still has lots of life left in it, and we look forward keeping it in our family as long as we can imagine. So if you happen to toy with a similar idea, we can certainly recommend it!

Jan-Willem Vester
Manager, Saab Automobile USA Corporate Communications

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